Ex6TenZ The Brain Behind It All

Ex6TenZ; The Brain Behind It All.

Ex6TenZ , touted as one of the best minds for the game, finally announced his retirement from competitive play. He has played for 15 years between the various iterations of Counter-Strike. Source saw the peak of his career as an individual and for three years was part of the world’s best team. He would remain a competitive force at the start of Global Offensive, but as time passed his perseverance and mind for the game would be lost to the annals of time.

Ex6TenZ’s Forgotten legacy

If you look at Ex6TenZ, his achievements don’t seem to be incredible. Where are the Major Championships in Global Offensive? Apart from a top 4 finish at the first Major in Dreamhack Winter 2013, he has failed to make it out of the groups of 6 Majors in a row. What about top finishes on the podium? The trophy shelves are empty from 2014 onwards, as the most notable international victory was at 2014’s Dreamhack Summer. But even this victory is tainted by the fact that the infamous KQLY was part of the Titan’s success in the esport tournament.

The Transition Into G2 Esports

He wasn’t part of the French shuffle in 2016 and was cast away to the wayside. Ex6TenZ played in LDLC, a team far below EnvyUs and G2 Esports. However, Kévin did have one more chance to prove his worth on the big stage. Back in 2018 G2 has gone to bring back his leadership, but also to former teammate and at the time coach, Smithzz. A particularly weird set-up for that team to bring in Ex6TenZ who was inactive for five months and Smithzz who hadn’t even touched the game for a year. With just four months into the team, the project was canned.

Ex6TenZ with GamerLegion

Before eventually departing the scene, another lifeboat was thrown Ex6TenZ’s way in the form of GamerLegion. A European project consisting of some upcoming and old talents. This project didn’t survive too long, and
Kévin’s attempt to establish an English speaking team, just kept them relevant in the Top 40.

Ex6TenZ & Innovations

In the early day of Global Offensive, there wasn’t a de facto way on how to approach the game. It was still a young entity, and different playstyle were applicable. In the case of the dominant teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, combining great individuals with a looser playing style was their ticket to success. But other organisations had to work harder to provide that same level of play. One thing they could’ve improved upon were the tactics. This is were Ex6TenZ comes in with the French team of VeryGames.

Ex6TenZ’s Tactical Depth

Compared to some of the other squads, one could see the tactical depth this team possessed. He was more than willing to use smoke grenades and other utilities, compared to Source. In his eye, CSGO was a more tactical game, requiring incredible amounts of preparations for players. Speaking of which, Ex6TenZ had an unparalleled amount of preparation for the opponents he would face. His team would dry-run set-ups and executes and try to nail them in the official matchups.

This type of preparation and certainty on what to do when has been a problem for some of his teammates. In the French scene, Ex6TenZ had a notorious regiment to practice and how to execute things on the server. His biggest struggle would be adapting to a looser style of play and allowing his individuals to make plays on their own will.

What’s On The Table For Ex6TenZ

If you were to pick up Ex6tenZ, you will receive an individual with more than ten years of playing experience. His tactical mind is a great addition not just to create and new strategies but can help grow and nurture his players. After all the KennyS’s peak only occurred during the rule of
Kévin, where a whole system was based around one player.

Today’s level of CS shows that it’s impossible to stay as a fully tactical team or just a run-and-gun type team. A lot of organisations nowadays seem to lack the former part. To be the best in the world, you must combine the two styles. That’s why Ex6TenZ won’t say free for long; he is bound to be picked up by a team. This move has been long-time in the making, but we can finally see what Kévin can accomplish as the 6th.

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