2020 Overwatch League Champions - San Francisco Shock

2020 Overwatch League Champions – San Francisco Shock

Congratulations to the San Francisco Shock, the 2020 Overwatch League Grand Champions. Over the weekend, the Shock battled it out through the Championship Bracket and emerged victorious, putting the capstone on an already legendary season. Across numerous tense matches and close sets, the Shock proved once and for all why they deserve to be called the best of the Overwatch League. Join us as we break down the action from Championship weekend.

2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals Recap

Beginning the weekend, four OWL teams remained in contention. The San Francisco Shock sent the Seoul Dynasty to the losers bracket first, and the Shanghai Dragons surprisingly swept the Philadelphia Fusion. From there the Shock defeated the Dragons in 3-2 fashion to secure a spot in Grand Finals. In the losers bracket, the Seoul Dynasty made an epic run to knock out both the Fusion and Dragons from contention.

Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals Bracket

This set up a Grand Finals match between the winner’s side San Francisco Shock and the loser’s side Seoul Dynasty. In their best of seven series, the Shock came out strong and took the first two maps against the Dynasty. However, Seoul fired back, winning the next two maps in dominant fashion to tie the score. But ultimately, the Shock closed out the series with back to back map wins for a final score of 4-2.

Close Competition

The road to the Shock’s victory was not anywhere near as easy as it may have seemed. Although they never lost a series in Grand Finals, they faced several close matches against the likes of the Dragons and the Dynasty that could have gone the other direction had the Shock faltered. But the Shock stayed strong throughout the duration of the weekend, with every player on the roster truly performing like champions. 

MVP – Striker

Out of all of the talented players on the Shock’s roster, one players stood out above the rest. The player would of course be the T-Mobile Overwatch League Grand Finals MVP, Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon. Playing both Hanzo and Tracer, he racked up 333 eliminations, 195 final blows, and 148k hero damage across all games. Just like in the regular season, he provided consistent and critical DPS for his team. Whether he was blinking into the backline to rush down supports, or sniping from afar, fans and the OWL alike recognized Striker as the most talented DPS of the Finals.

OWL 2020 Grand Finals MVP - Striker

Next Season!

With their dynasty securely cemented as back to back champions of the Overwatch League, expect the Shock to remain a strong Overwatch bet for the far future. With a roster full of talent and experience to match, the Shock have proved themselves without a doubt as the best of the OWL. Until next season, stay tuned for more info and updates about the OWL. We hope to see you again next season!