Basics of Counter:Strike Global Offensive Utility

Basics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Utility

Utility is synonymous with Counter-Strike. Their usefulness and importance can only be challenged with the in-game weaponry. Grenades have been present across all iterations of Counter-Strike. It can change the course of a game, allow strategic play and impact a vital round. In competitive play, utility separates the wheat from the shaft, the professionals from the amateurs. Those who know the correct usage of grenades can elevate their level of play to unforeseen heights. However, one might wonder, what is the practical usage of utility in Counter-Strike


Flashbangs are the bread and butter of the starting utility. They are the cheapest grenade on offer at just 200$. This price tag makes them the most sought out grenade when making a full-buy in CS:GO. However, their effectiveness comes to fruition when playing on the offense.

Whenever a team is fighting over map presence, trying to take 1vs1 engagement is never the best option. With flashbangs in play, members of a team have a better time winning gun-fights. Once the grenade is thrown a bright flash of light will blind the opponents temporary, thus giving you the upper hand.

During different iterations of Counter-Strike, pro players identified new ways to use flashbangs. A “pop-flash” is a flashbang which explodes in just seconds after the opponent is able to see it. Without quick reactions, it’s extremely hard to avoid the grenade. In maps with open spaces, players tend to throw the flashes over walls and other debris making them hard to spot.

Smoke Grenade

Another cornerstone of competitive play in Counter-strike. Different versions of Counter-Strike had a different outlook on how smoke grenades should work. In 1.6 they’d last the longest of all Counter-Strike versions at 25 seconds but you could still see through the smoke. For Global Offensive the duration of the smoke has been cut down, however, the smoke prevents any vision for the majority of their duration.

Smokes are useful for both defensive and offensive play. When defending the bombsites, the CT’s want to keep their smokes grenades for as long as possible. The smokes are practically a wall in CS:GO and trespassing them makes you an easy target.

The T side have got other uses for smoke grenades. Because the smoke blocks off the vision of your opponents, it is extremely useful when approaching the bombsites or taking over map presence. When the T side decides to attack a bombsite, you will see players throwing utility on the bombsites, which is called an execute. Smokes are also useful to prompt fake attacks and forcing the CT’s to react by rotating players across the map.

Incendiary Grenade/Molotov

The newest member in the Global Offensive utility belt. In it’s earliest stage, the molotovs where a fresh new spin on how to approach the CT and T sides. However, the earliest form of molotovs and incendiary grenades was too powerful. It came to the point the duration of the smoke that professional players signed petitions to ban their usage in competitive play.

After the overhaul, incendiary grenades and molotovs became a prominent sight in high-level Counter-Strike. On the CT side, players would use them as smoke grenades, to block of a pathway. The difference being that molotovs take away hp whilst you walk on them.

The terrorists have found other ways to use molotovs. The fact that molotovs take away damage, can be used to flush players out of certain areas of the map, like corners. Obviously, the player can’t stand in the flames forever, as he will lose his life. Another way the T’s found use for molotovs was during post-plant. When the bomb is about to explode, is a good opportunity as any, to throw a molotov to stop a defuse from happening.

In comparison to other grenades, molotovs and incendiniarie’s have one big counter – smoke grenades. Smokes are able to extinguish molotovs, thus rendering them obsolete.

High Explosive Grenades

HE’s aren’t as integral as previously mentioned grenades, but they serve a purpose nonetheless. For once, they are capable of doing damage, just like their molotov counter-part. The difference being is that the grenades inflict damage upon explosion, not during some duration of time. With the right precision, HE’s can be as deadly if not more than your average molotov or incendiary.

Because of their usage, nades are an exceptional item for T’s and CT’s alike. HE’s are devastating when thrown in a group of enemies. They can be very easily overwhelmed, without having any time to escape the incoming bombardment. These grenades can inflict early damage in the round and the rifles will have an easier time securing kills.

There are more impromptu ways of using high explosive grenades. For once, in Global Offensive, it can be used as a budget smoke grenade because of the dust from the explosion. It can also help retrieve hard to reach weaponry as the explosion can scatter weapons on the ground.