BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 Betting Preview, Schedule & Format

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 Betting Preview, Schedule & Format

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 is the next event in the busy calendar for RFRSH entertainment. This is the 10th BLAST event and as the name suggests, it will take place in Copenhagens’ Royal Arena. The 3rd BLAST in Copenhagen holds significant importance. After BPS Moscow, BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen is the last event before the Global Finals at the beginning of December. Three out of six competing teams will hope to achieve victory in Copenhagen and fight for a spot in the Global Finals. For the other 3, getting a win is not as important, but they are looking forward to proving themselves after Septembers’ roster mania. Now without further ado, let’s get on with our BPS Copenhagen betting preview.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 Cover

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Format

For the 10th iteration of BPS, RFRSH Entertainment has gone back to the old format. Just like before, 6 teams will battle it out in a round-robin group stage and the top 2 teams will compete in the grand final.

Like the previous events, the round-robin groups give us a good opportunity for BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 betting. The maps are known beforehand and you can make a much better guess. Due to the flaws in this system, you can always expect some of the lesser teams to cause some upsets.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Prize Pool

This is how the prize pool is distributed amongst the competing teams in BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019.

  1. 125.000$
  2. 50.000$
  3. 25.000$
  4. 15.000$
  5. 10.000$
  6. 5.000$

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Betting Prediction


Let’s go through these teams in the order of ranking. Astralis have yet again claimed the #1 spot in HLTV’s rankings. So it is simple. Astralis is back. Well. Not necessarily. It is true that they have reclaimed their spot after a hiatus lasting 4 months. That was a hellish period for Astralis, considering their previous track record. They had a group stage exit in ECS Season 7 Finals to Furia, An exit in the quarter-finals of Cologne and semi-finals of ESL Pro League. For any other team, those would be considered as decent or even good results. But not for Astralis. And even their return to the number 1 slot comes under some criticism. They get one of the easiest playoff brackets in Major history to win the Major but they weren’t able to succeed in the subsequent events of ESL One New York and Dreamhack Masters Malmö.

But there are a couple of benefits looming for Astralis. BPS Copenhagen doesn’t have their kryptonite EG in attendance. The only real threat, Team Liquid, have been looking poor in recent months. Astralis might have a harder time against the assembled Na’vi roster but that’s about it. As for BPS betting, absolutely, Astralis shouldn’t have a difficult time securing a spot in the final.

Team Liquid

We mentioned the Astralis summer run was underwhelming, but the Team Liquid run of late could challenge it in terms of disappointment. With an early finish in the quarter-finals, the huge caveat is obviously the player break, right before the event. The players of Team Liquid, to be more precise Twistszz, swore the ESL ONE New York event would be their major. Suppose it was, considering they finished in the semi-finals and lost to the same opponent Astralis. In an attempt to get back their honor, Dreamhack Masters Malmö was just around the corner. But here, they lost early in the groups to OpTic Gaming, would win against North, but then lose another bo3 to Grayhound Gaming.

Team Liquid is definitely not having an easy time in Counter-Strike. However, it would be a mistake to try and split this roster apart. We’ve seen what the players are capable of and this is the best lineup of fragging individuals in CSGO’s history. Considering the opposition they’ll have to face in Copenhagen, they should be in good strides to reach the final. But considering the weakness we have seen from them against lesser competition, it makes sense to make a CSGO betting prediction in the handicap department.


It took Na’vi a while but they’ve finally done it. They removed Zeus from the active lineup and any addition would have been an instant upgrade. But instead of picking up some upcoming CIS talent, they’ve gone for Guardian. The same Guardian who said that FaZe Clan will be the last professional team he plays in. At the end of that team’s existant it looked like Guardian will just go into retirement, but it looks like he has some juice left in his tank. So much so, the team is looking swell and in their first-ever event, they reached the semi-finals of Dreamhack Masters Malmö.

In the competition of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019, they seem to be the best team to get some upsets in the round-robin. They have a very good composition, which provides good betting opportunities, even against the like of Astralis or Team Liquid. That’s some good news if you’re interested in esports betting for BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019.

FaZe Clan

The penny dropped for FaZe in Starladder Major Berlin. After their loss to Renegades in the Major, there’s no way they could keep Neo in the mix. Changes had to be made. Amidst these changes came the new additions of coldzera, the renowned Brazilian player from MiBR, and a rising Latvian talent broky. The team definitely has firepower, but it is Niko who has taken the duty of shot-caller and he is the one leading the team. In their first appearances, the team didn’t look great. They bombed out from New York and neither coldzera nor Niko, the 2 superstars of the team, had a good showing. As a matter of fact, coldzera had one of his worst career events with this international lineup. The craziest part, however, is olofmeister as with this team he has definitely turned the corner and can be regarded as the best player of the squad.

With the nature of BPS Copenhagen’s round-robin games, this is an opportunity for FaZe to win against the lesser teams. Then again, a victory isn’t a must for FaZe since they already have a slot in the Global Finals. And from what we can gather, this team still needs to put in the practice hours.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

The Ninjas, and the Swedish scene as a whole has been known for recycling old players. But the Ninjas have finally made a huge roster move for a brighter future. They replaced veteran GeT_RiGhT with Twist from Fnatic. It’s nice to see him play under the NiP banner, but maybe this is a move that could’ve turned NiP around a year or two prior. Either way, in the current team, leadership remains in the steady hands of Lekr0.

The recent results have been streaky, but this team shouldn’t be in a position to compete for the grand finals. However, if they end up winning just 1 game in BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019, that’s gonna be enough for them to secure a spot in the Global Finals. Are they capable of doing so? They absolutely are and the team they’ll probably win against is…


Cloud9. It’s been over 3 months since the lineups inception and their semi-final appearance against Liquid. Since then, it’s fair to say this team has been on a downward spiral. Losing to local NA competition like Evil Geniuses and Complexity isn’t a good sign. However, barely scrapping by wins and losing to local tier 2, tier 3 NA opposition is just embarrassing.  

It’s fair to expect the daps project to fail here at BPS. So far, there are yet some signs of improvement to be shown. It’s a tough field here at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019, especially if you are considering making some bets. It is wise to avoid cs:go betting on this roster, at least until they show any signs of improvement.

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