BLAST Pro Series Global Finals Betting Preview Schedule Format

BLAST Pro Series Global Finals Betting Preview, Schedule & Format

Blast Pro Series Global Finals is the last event in the busy calendar for RFRSH entertainment. This is the 11th Blast event and it will take place in the capital of Bahrain, Riffa. The Global Finals are a culmination of all the BLAST events this year. 7 teams that had a contract with the BLAST, acquired points to potentially secure the finals in Bahrain. Of course, not all teams could get these points. Even though Avangar and ENCE received invites and even won BLAST events (Moscow and Madrid respectfully), they were not contracted by RFRSH entertainment. Thus, of the seven contracted teams, only 4 could triumph. Those teams were: FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas. With the biggest BPS prize pool yet and a new format this event is sure to bring a lot of attention.

BPS Global Finals Teams

BLAST Pro Series Global Finals Format

Because this is event is the diamond in the crown for RFRSH entertainment, no wonder they changed the format. No bo1’s. No round-robin group stage. Just bo3 games with a four-team double-elimination playoff bracket. To spice things up, we know the matches in advanced. Round 1 will have the top seed FaZe (with 30 points), play the Ninjas in Pyjamas (24 points) and Astralis will play Team Liquid. The grand final will be a bo3 match and the runners up should play in the BLAST Pro Series stand-off.

BLAST Pro Series Global Finals Prize Pool

The BPS Global Finals offer the biggest prize pool in the history of RFRSH entertainment. 500,000$ are laid out and this first-place winner will walk away with 350,00$ in their pockets.

BLAST Pro Series Global Finals Betting Predictions


BPS Global Finals 2019 Astralis

At this point in time, it’s fair to call this 3-month period one of resurgence for Astralis. It is true that they are not as dominant as they were back in 2018, but they still maintain a high level of form. Let‘s look at the maps. Nuke has become another stellar map for them, winning 15 out of 18 encounters. Train and Inferno remain great maps, as they’ve only lost 1 each and in overtime affairs.

The only weak links, if you can call them that, are Overpass and Dust2 with a 60% win-rate for each. Because of this and their tactical depth, they remain a scary opponent. The ECS S8 finals in Texas showed us why Astralis remains to be the best. Even in a rough start on Vertigo’s t side, being down 11-4, the Danes bounced back to achieve overtime. Albeit overtime wasn’t won, but in a convincing manner, they won the remaining two maps against Liquid (16:11 Nuke and 16:8 Dust2).

Just before their semi-final finish in Odense, the team looked great. They manage to cruise their way to semis by beating 100 Thieves, G2 and their arch-rivals Liquid. But it was the match against mousesports that must’ve shocked this team to its core. Especially gla1ve was extremely displeased with his performance during the final map of Dust2. It was a great game of Counter-Strike, but it goes to show that this version of Astralis isn‘t near the level of 2018. This well-oiled machine can still tumble and lose to lesser opposition.

From the-get-go, in this level of competition, Astralis is truly a level above the rest of the teams. Liquid could pose a real threat, but the other rosters? Hardly. Back in IEM Beijing 2019, Astralis embarrassed FaZe in the semi’s winning 16-2 and 16-0. Before the Ninjas won against them in Copenhagen, they were on a 12 map losing streak against the Danes. Without a doubt, the Danes are the hottest team in the event for some CSGO betting.

Team Liquid

BPS Global Finals 2019 Team Liquid

Whereas Astralis has been fighting to remain the number one team in the world, Liquid’s fight is different. It feels like they are fighting for relevancy at this point. They can’t even boast as the best team in North-America, as EG takes that spot. As a matter of fact, the last time Liquid won an event was back in July. However, an empty trophy shelf for the last quarter of the year hasn’t stopped them from playing good CS. Not only that, it seems like in every event they must face their nemesis Astralis in a bo3. And yes, they’ve now lost 4 bo3’s in a row against the Danish powerhouse.

Nitr0 did state in an interview with HLTV that “It feels like we are gaining our confidence back”. But in the ECS S8 finals, it was the combined effort of NAF and Stewie2k that allowed Liquid to remain relevant in the Astralis series, even though it wasn’t enough. In ESL Pro League it was another very close game, but it yet again wasn’t enough. A much bigger surprise happened during the quarter-finals versus Fnatic. It was a stellar 8-1 lead by Fnatic and no wonder they closed out Overpass. The second map went 16:8 for the Swedes and that was the end of that.

With that said, Liquid remains a solid contender. A contender for the 2nd place. But even that doesn’t mean Liquid will have it easy. In their first bo3, they are likely to lose to Astralis. If that happens, they must fight through the lower-bracket. This is where some CSGO Gambling opportunities come in. As solid as this team is, they’ve shown signs of weakness. If someone like NiP or FaZe are on their A-game it could be a tough game for Liquid.

FaZe Clan

BPS Global Finals 2019 FaZe Clan

It’s becoming very apparent that FaZe has a long road ahead of them if they want to replicate the greatness they had with Karrigan. Even before the bad patch results, FaZe wouldn’t lose to Virtus.Pro or other mid-tier teams. Nowadays, they’ve been plagued with inconsistency. Maybe it’s because the roster is still in its experimental stage. For example, it’s olofmeister who is now AWPing for the team. Another issue is with in-game calling. You have a very aggressive player like NiKo as the main caller and the secondary caller is the opposite. Coldzera is a lot more passive than NiKo, thus creating problems & inconsistencies for the team.

Let‘s look at some of the past results of their 3 events. In BPS Copenhagen, the team had an extraordinary performance on Inferno and beat Astralis 16-2. In the grand final of the same event, they pulled off a miracle of a comeback on Nuke. Whilst being down 15-8 on the t side of all places! In Beijing, things looked promising too as the team won two times against the North-American star-studded roster of EG. Eventually, they lost to Astralis in the semi-final in a very embarrassing manner. Right after, in ESL Pro League, they again bombed out. The only series they won was against Tyoloo and even there they dropped a map.

Betting on FaZe is a pretty big risk. But of the two available underdogs, this one’s a better choice. Yes, they are extremely up-and-down, but unlike the Swedes, FaZe reaches those heights. They are able to surpass expectations and excel. The question is, which FaZe Clan will turn up.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

At the time of writing this article, the Ninjas are 10th in the World. That’s a very fair assessment with their position in competitive Counter-Strike. There’s no denying it, with the removal of GeT_RiGhT the team has been improving. As much as BLAST Pro series is considered to be a random event, winning maps against the best teams in the World is still worth something. That’s exactly what the Ninjas did by beating Liquid and Astralis. The caveat being, that the two maps, Mirage and Overpass, are some of the best for NiP.

Apart from that one aberration in Copenhagen, the results just haven’t looked good. They are capable of beating the teams below them (most of the time), which is always a good start for a team. But they barely beat the teams that are above them. The last time NiP won against such a team, happened all the way back in October against EG.

It’s really hard to expect the Ninjas to punch above their weight. As much as they’ve shown improvement, this is a difficult field. They do know their opponents week in advance. Maybe with the right preparation, they can cause a ruckus. But I would just avoid betting on them and skip the heartache.

*Odds are subject to change