BLAST Pro Series Moscow Betting Preview, Schedule & Format -

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Betting Preview, Schedule & Format

BLAST Pro Series Moscow is the next stop for RFRSH Entertainment. As the name suggests it will take place in Moscow, Russia from the 13th -14th of September. As previous BLAST events, it will offer 250.000$ in prize money for the 6 competing teams. Due to the event taking place in Russia, the 6th slot will be taken by either Avangar or ForZe in the bo3 play-in.

This is the 9th BLAST event and the first of its kind in Russia. Unlike BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles, RFRSH Entertainment has returned to the old format. As always, we shall take a look at BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting opportunities and what to expect from the competing teams.

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Format

For the 9th iteration of BPS, RFRSH Entertainment has gone back to the old format. Just like before, 6 teams will battle it out in a round-robin group stage and the top 2 teams will compete in the grand final.

The round-robin groups will give us a good opportunity for BPS betting. The maps are known beforehand and you can make a much better guess. Due to the flaws in this system, you can always expect some of the lesser teams to cause some upsets.

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BLAST Pro Series Moscow Prize Pool

This is how the prize pool is distributed amongst the competing teams.

1st place $ 125.000
2nd place $ 50.000
3rd place $ 25.000
4th place $ 15.000
5th place $ 10.000
6th place $ 5.000

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Betting Prediction

Ninjas in Pyjamas

The Ninjas have had a slew of problems these past months. For starters, no one really knows what’s the final roster supposed to look like. It is known that Plopski is their latest 5th player. However, the organization and members of the community have been pondering about the idea of GeT_RiGhT’s retirement.

It’s no secret, that the MVP of CS:GO in 2013 and 2014 has had a difficult time in 2019. So far it can be considered as his career’s worst year with an average rating of 0.88 in offline and online competition. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder the team has had a lackluster run of results. Their only biggest highlight was being a top 8 in the previous major, which happened more than 5 months ago.

As far as BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting is concerned, the Ninjas are not looking like they will get up to any upsets in this tournament. It’s questionable whether they can even acquire a single map knowing the issues with the current roster. It doesn’t help that other players, like f0rest, have also shown a dip in form.


MiBR is another team in a horrible state of affairs. They are another team with no notable wins under their belt since the last Katowice Major. The Brazilians are in absolute turmoil with their current roster. After bringing in Lucas1 from Luminosity for just one event, the star player, coldzera, announced his departure from the team.

In this state, the team was considering acquiring players from FURIA, but due to enormous buy-outs, this idea was dropped. This meant the team had to play their last two events with coach zews. In IEM Chicago, MiBR won a surprising game against G2 in a bo3 and clawed their way to the top 4 just to get destroyed by ENCE 2-0. As for the Berlin Major, the team didn’t finish dead last due to their victory against another struggling team – NiP. But this result is a far cry of what the old SK or MiBR would do.

It’s hard to suggest betting on MiBR in BPS Moscow. The team is really lacking in the firepower department, evident by TACO being the highest-rated player of MiBR with just a 0.88 rating. The one saving grace of this team could be the rumored pick-up of kng. If he will be the one playing instead of zews, the odds will definitely increase in their favor.


Natus Vincere has always been a top team in the Counter-Strike scene. Just like any other team, prominence comes from the team’s ability to compete. In the case of Na’vi, we haven’t seen them play many events. As a matter of fact, the jokes about Astralis can also be attributed to this CIS team. For instance, they’ve only played 7 S-tier LAN events this year and the heavily criticized Danes played 8. Because of this and the somewhat recent addition of Boombl4, it’s hard to say what slot of the world ranking they deserve. One thing that is true is that the team has had a lot of time to practice for BPS Moscow. As their major results suggest, they are definitely in a position to fight for the trophy.

One thing that’s never favoring Na’vi are the bo1 group stages of BPS. Even though the team has great fragging potential and a decent map pool, it’s a common thing for them to struggle early in a tournament.


The Finns have taken the world of Counter-Strike by storm at the start of 2019. Their result at the major proves they are not just a fluke team but a consistent contender. But as successful as this roster has been, they haven’t garnered a lot of trophies. As far as the trophy cabinet is concerned, they’ve won a BPS event in Madrid and StarSeries Season 6.

In order for this team to reach its fullest potential, they’ve gone for a drastic move. The team removed IGL AleksiB for their newest player – sunny. This seems like a good move on paper, but it’s unknown whether this is truly the upgrade ENCE needed. It’s been rumored that the Finnish sniper allu will take over leadership duties and call for this team.

This is one team you cannot underestimate when it comes to CSGO betting. Even their performance as a “dead team” in the major has been sublime. Coming into BPS Moscow, it’s questionable if they had any practice with sunny and how seriously will the team take this event in general. But knowing them, to perform with the current lineup, whilst also having sunny onboard, shouldn’t be a hindrance.


The Frenchmen are still clinging on the #2 spot in the world and for good reason. They are capable of winning events and seems to be one of the few teams that can actually challenge Liquid. With that said, the Major has proven that the team has chinks in their armor. That could be attributed to the player break, but the reliance on Zywoo is a double-edged sword. Without a doubt, he is a capable player, but if he doesn’t perform to his level and if there’s no one from his team chipping in, the team can be in deep trouble.

However, the teams of BPS Moscow are not of the highest caliber and Vitality are definitely in contention to secure a spot in the grand final. This team is looking good to make safe CSGO bets.

ForZe vs Avangar Play-In

For the 6th team, BPS is allowing one of the CIS teams to secure that slot. Before the Major, many might have regarded ForZe as the clear favorites, however, that’s no longer the case. Avangar has proven themselves to be a capable team, taking down the likes of G2, Renegades and even Liquid. Memes aside, Jame has proven to be an impactful player for this team, making more aggressive plays and putting the team in an advantageous position.

ForZe on the other hand, were hyped up in this major and many thought they will be one of the 8 teams to make through the New Challengers stage. But the squad wasn’t capable of winning against G2 and even local opponents DreamEaters.

With all of that said, this could be one of the most exciting games, apart from the grand final. Both teams have a lot to prove and whoever makes it through, can cause a lot of ruckus in the bo1 group stage. Keep that in mind for BPS Moscow betting.