The inaugural season of the franchised Call of Duty League (CDL) is heading for its finale. Despite the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic which drastically changed for the league was run midway through, the Call of Duty League has continued to be a success and offered a fantastic viewing experience for those stuck in lockdown. Next up is the Call of Duty League Playoffs, followed by the CDL 2020 Championship.

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What is the Call of Duty League?

The franchised Call of Duty is a global, city-based league that features 12 professional teams. These teams are from 11 cities across North America and Europe. The most recent Call of Duty title is always played in the Call of Duty League, so the teams are competing on Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Investors and teams had to pay out $25 million USD in order to purchase a spot in the league, which is an incredible amount. The league was based on a “Home Series” event format, offering a unique way for the brands to reach and engage with new viewers and fans. These were extremely popular however since the pandemic, all Call of Duty League action has transitioned to an online format for the Home Series events.

The regular season recently came to an end. Before we break down each team and how things line up for the CDL 2020 Championship, here’s a quick look at how the standings finished.


Place Team CDL Points
1st Atlanta FaZe 280
2nd Dallas Empire 260
3rd Florida Mutineers 230
4th Chicago Huntsmen 230
5th New York Subliners 140
6th London Royal Ravens 120
7th Toronto Ultra 120
8th Minnesota ROKKR 120
9th OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 100
10th Paris Legion 100
11th Seattle Surge 50
12th Los Angeles Guerillas 50


Call Of Duty League Final Standings


CDL 2020 Championship Format

The 2020 Call of Duty League Playoffs and Championship Weekend are around the corner, marking the end of the Modern Warfare 2020 season. The CDL Playoffs officially kick off on Wednesday August 19th and over four days of action will play until four teams remain. The final four teams advance to compete during Championship Weekend on August 29th-30th.

The CDL 2020 Playoffs take place in a Winner’s Bracket and Elimination Bracket format. The top 8 seeds from the regular season standings start in the Winner’s Bracket. Meanwhile, the bottom 4 teams from the league will have to battle their way through the Elimination Bracket. Teams that lose in a Winner’s Bracket match will drop down to the Elimination Bracket. Once a team loses in the Elimination Bracket, that is their tournament over.


Match Format & Map Order

Here is everything you need to know about how the action will play out.


CDL Playoffs

All matches are best-of-5.


  • Map 1—Hardpoint
  • Map 2—Search and Destroy
  • Map 3—Domination
  • Map 4—Hardpoint
  • Map 5— Search and Destroy


CDL 2020 Championship Finals

Best-of-9 with the team from Winner’s Bracket starting match up 1-0.


  • Map 1—Hardpoint
  • Map 2—Search and Destroy
  • Map 3—Domination
  • Map 4—Hardpoint
  • Map 5— Search and Destroy
  • Map 6—Domination
  • Map 7—Hardpoint
  • Map 8—Search and Destroy


Prize Pool Split

After a collaboration with the teams and players, the league decided to redistribute the prize pool. The overall prize payout is $4,600,000 USD and here is how it gets broken down.


  • League Champion – $1.5 million
  • Runner Up – $900,000
  • 3rd – $600,000
  • 4th – $450,000
  • 5th / 6th – $300,000 (2 teams)
  • 7th / 8th – $175,000 (2 teams)
  • 9th / 10th – $100,000 (2 teams)

The teams that finish 11th and 12th will walk away with nothing. This will without a doubt create some insanely intense matches at the beginning of the Elimination Bracket.


Call of Duty League Challengers Finals

I wanted to quickly address how the amateur community will play a part during all of this. There is over $500,000 at stake during the Challengers Finals for North America, Europe, and APAC. The Challengers Finals take place on August 15-16th, acting as an undercard for the main event.


Atlanta FaZe

The Atlanta FaZe managed to finish the regular season in first place. If you were to look purely at Home Series victories, it would seem like Atlanta fell off near the end of the series. In fact, the Atlanta FaZe roster appeared in the most Home Series finals throughout the season; including the final Home Series of the event where they fell short.

Locking in 1st seed for the CDL 2020 Playoffs puts Atlanta in an incredible position. They are already in Winners Round 3 before the event even starts. Whilst we don’t know how they play yet, they have already confirmed a top 6 finish at the CDL 2020 Championship. This unique position means they will be able to follow the early action and make plans on how to defeat each team they could possibly face.


Dallas Empire

In a similar position to Atlanta, the Dallas Empire also find themselves in Winners Round 3 after finishing 2nd in the regular season. The Dallas Empire were the first team to win two Home Series events, creating a little bit of history in the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League.

They also do not know which team they will face first in the CDL Playoffs, and will have time to watch the early rounds in preparation. Dallas had a turbulent season, not looking overly convincing at the start despite high expectations being set. They won the second last Home Series event of the season, so they will run into the CDL 2020 Championship Weekend with a good chunk of momentum.


Florida Mutineers

Whilst Dallas were the first team to win two Home Series events, Florida blew that record out of the water. Florida were the first team to win three Home Series events and the only team to do so back to back. After a slow start to the season, Florida really turned things around and had a stellar mid season.

This success helped them to lock in 3rd place in the standings. However, they looked off during the final two events they attended. They failed to make it out of the group stage in Week 12 at the London Home Series. This was followed up by another failure to make it out of the group stage in the final Week of the league during the Toronto Home Series.

It’s important to note that they faced both Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe in their group at the final event. Dallas beat Florida twice to eliminate them. This could foreshadow how Champs will play out for Florida, but they will surely be eager for revenge on the biggest stage of the year.

Florida start the event in Winners Round 2 at the Call of Duty League Championship and will face the winner of London Royal Ravens and Toronto Ultra. These are two dangerous potential matchups. London defeated Florida in Week 12 and the Toronto Ultra won the Week 13 event, so neither will be an easy victory.


Chicago Huntsmen

Coming into the season, Chicago were paired alongside Dallas with the expectation to dominate the league. The Chicago team stemmed a lot from the old OpTic Gaming roster, including the management. It was because of this, they started the season with a heavy following, arguably the biggest in the league.

Chicago came out victorious at the opening Home Series in London and once more in Seattle. They haven’t looked as convincing as those above them, but the 4th place finish locked them into CDL 2020 Championship Winners Round 2.

The Huntsmen will have to face off against the winner from the New York Subliners and Minnesota ROKKR series. Based on recent performances, you can expect the Subliners to advance, creating a very difficult series for Chicago. Much like Florida, Chicago could go through an upset to start the event.


New York Subliners

New York had a woeful start to the CDL 2020 season, but after a desperately required roster change, have become a rejuvenated team. The addition of young gun Mack to the roster has offered a new aggressive and explosive play style. This combined with the veterans on the roster has created a unique dynamic which helped them find success in the later stages of the season.

New York came out during their own Home Series in Week 11, increasing their potential for the CDL Playoffs. They will likely head into their Winners Round 1 match against Minnesota filled with confidence and rightly so. They have looked much better as a team recently. The Subliners will be one of the few teams in a position to cause huge upsets and have an underdog run at the Call of Duty League Championship 2020.


London Royal Ravens

The Royal Ravens have received a tremendous amount of support since the franchise and roster was announced. Having a core team of British players, they are carrying the weight of not only the UK but Europe on the shoulders heading into the Call of Duty League Playoffs.

Whilst London only reached one final throughout the season, they were consistently the best of the mid-table teams. They play filled with passion and will be looking to improve on their 6th place regular-season finish at the CDL 2020 Championship. Alongside New York, they are one of the teams with the potential to cause upsets.

London will have a tough early game in Winners Round 1 against the Toronto Ultra. Regardless of the result, many still believe London will be able to make a deep run at the Call of Duty League Playoffs.


Toronto Ultra

After a spectacular ending to the regular season during their own Home Series event in the final week of action, the Toronto based team have raised many questions heading into the Call of Duty League Championship.

Toronto headed into the final event in 10th place and were desperate for a good result to improve their seed. They pulled off impressive victories over the Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe on their way to winning the Home Series. The victory boosted them up to 7th position in the standings.

As mentioned above, Toronto face Atlanta in Winners Round 1. After beating 3 of the top 4 teams in their last outing, Toronto will be overflowing with momentum in this opening series, making them a seriously threatening opponent throughout the CDL 2020 Playoffs..


Minnesota ROKKR

After maintaining a top 4 spot for so long, the Minnesota ROKKR roster will be beyond disappointed to have finished 8th. Whilst I would like to say they will be motivated to turn things around, their recent performances just don’t indicate this.

Unless they can drastically turn things around in the weeks leading up to the CDL 2020 Championship, they could swiftly find themselves in the Elimination Bracket following a loss to New York in Winners Round 1.


OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Now we head into the Elimination Bracket scenarios at the CDL 2020 Championship. Starting with OpTic Gaming who finished 9th in the regular season. The takeover of OpTic Gaming by Immortals prior to franchising did not go down well with the fans or the Call of Duty community. Since it was announced that they would play with the OpTic Gaming name in franchising, they have been targeted with hate.

To make things worse, they failed to live up to the OpTic Gaming names history and success. They kicked things off at the Call of Duty League Championship in Elimination Round 1 against the Los Angeles Guerillas.

We didn’t expect to see another battle for Los Angeles so early in Champs, but there’s no better way to kick things off. Overall OpTic Gaming have had the edge all season, so will likely be victorious here.


Paris Legion

Paris finished 10th in the regular season, actually tied in 9th with OpTic Gaming but had a worse map record. The Legion pulled off an incredible performance in Week 12 at the London Home Series. They made it to the finals and fell short, but the 2nd place finish gave them a well needed boost in points before the CDL Playoffs.

After this, it looked like they could somewhat comfortably finish in the top 8. The performances from Toronto and OpTic in the final week dropped Paris back into the bottom four. This means they start in Elimination Round 1 against the Seattle Surge.

Whilst both teams are in the lower rankings this season, this has the potential to be a fantastically entertaining series. Paris have had better performances recently, but Seattle have some veterans with Call of Duty Champs experience under their belts.


Seattle Surge

The 11th place finish really wasn’t expected from Seattle at the start of the season. With players like Octane, Slacked, Apathy and Karma on the roster, they had plenty of veteran experience and quality to find success.

Unfortunately the success was hard to come by and Karma ended up retiring. Karma is often referred to as the Call of Duty GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and “3 Rings”. This is because he is the only player to have ever won 3 World Championships. Overall he won 24 Major Championships, a truly staggering amount and will be missed at the CDL 2020 Championship.

Seattle definitely had the potential to make a deep run through the Elimination Bracket, they just have to figure out how to get things clicking in the couple of weeks run up to the CDL Playoffs.


Los Angeles Guerrillas

They may have finished last, but they are not forgotten. Both the Guerrillas and Seattle finished on 50 points each at the bottom of the standings. There is no other way to describe their inaugural Call of Duty League season, other than completely miserable.

The roster just hasn’t been able to mesh together at all. They started the season with Veteran and 19 time Major Championship winner Aches on the roster. It’s fair to say Aches and the team flopped, this eventually led to roster changes and Aches leaving the team.

They start in Elimination Round 1 against OpTic Gaming and if we’re being honest, the majority of people expect them to be dispatched immediately. They will need to go through a major overhaul before the next season if they don’t want the franchise to crash and burn.


CDL 2020 Championship Bracket

The CDL 2020 Championship bracket matchups were detailed throughout above, but here is a clear layout on how the action will be broken up throughout the Call of Duty League Playoffs.


CDL 2020 Playoffs Bracket

We should be in for an incredible two weekends of Call of Duty action in the finale of the first ever franchised season, so sit back and enjoy the games at the CDL 2020 Championship.


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