And we’re into the final part of our CDL 2021 Week 2/3 (Superweek) betting tips series. We’ve been seeing upsets, and at this stage, we can safely say that the teams are still finding their footing. FaZe, LA Thieves, OpTic and Empire are heading the table as expected. One of the most exciting matches for the following days is Dallas Empire Vs. Los Angeles Thieves, as both teams are looking strong, and the match could go either way.

CDL 2021 Week 2/3 Bet 8

Mixed Bet

Multiple! Play £25 – to win £51.57
  • Altanlta FaZe (-1.5 Odds @1.27) Vs. Paris Legion.
  • Minnesota RØKKR (Map 2 Win Odds @1.24) Vs. London Royal Ravens.
  • Toronto Ultra Vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas. (Total Maps Over 3.5 Odds @1.31)

CDL 2021 Week 2-3 Bet 8 Mixed

Atlanta FaZe Vs. Paris Legion

Atlanta FaZe have won all their 4 matches so far and currently undefeated in the CDL, not dropping a single series in the CDL 2021 Week 2/3 (Super Week), going to map 5 only once against OpTic. On the other hand, the Paris Legion are in good form as they are on 2 game win streak. This week they manage to upset and beat the Florida Mutineers and Toronto Ultra. However, they are still at a 2-2 record and we believe that FaZe should easily win this match 3-1 or 3-0.

Minnesota RØKKR Vs. London Royal Ravens

RØKKR are the SnD team to beat in the Call Of Duty League 2021. Yes, they did lose their first SnD in their last match against the Subliners 6-0 but that does not take away their 4-1 record, 80.00% win rate. On the other hand, London hasn’t yet won a single SnD, and are currently on a 0-6 record, and that’s a 00.00% win rate. It’s safe to say, that the RØKKR should easily take this SnD.

Toronto Ultra Vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas

The Ultra finished all their games either 3-1 or 3-2, and against all the Call Of Duty Odds, they are not in their great form. The LAG only finished 3-0 once against FaZe (the best team in the league) but for their other 3 games, they ended the series 3-1 or 3-2. This will be a close game and should easily finish either 3-1 or 3-2 to either team.

CDL 2021 Week 2/3 Bet 9

Mixed Bet

Multiple! Play £25 – to win £173.39
  • New York Subliners (-1.5 Odds @1.52) Vs. Seattle Surge.
  • OpTic Chicago (-1.5 Odds @1.87) Vs. Florida Mutineers.
  • Dallas Empire Vs. Los Angeles Thieves (Match Winner Odds @2.44).

CDL 2021 Week 2-3 Bet 9 Mixed Bet

New York Subliners Vs. Seattle Surge

The NYS are in a good form. Yes, they are 2-2 currently in the league, but one got to realise that they lost to Dallas and the LAT with very very close games. On the other hand, the Surge are in poor form, dropping 3 games, winning only to London 3-2. They lost twice 3-0 to Dallas and ROKKR. NYS should win this match 3-0 or 3-1 and keep their top 3 spot.

OpTic Chicago Vs. Florida Mutineers

OpTic currently got a 3-1 record and the Mutineers got a 1-3 record. OpTic’s recent performances were quite good, whilst Florida’s weren’t. The Florida Mutineers lost three out of their four matches either 3-0 or 3-1, beating only the LA Guerillas 3-1. OpTic won their games in stellar fashion, 3-1 or 3-0, and only lost to FaZe 3-2. This match should easily go to Optic either 3-1 or 3-0.

Dallas Empire Vs. Los Angeles Thieves

This is a tough one, as Dallas vs Thieves is a 50/50. The game will go to whoever shows up on the day. LAT are currently undefeated, where Dallas are struggling to win matches. If the Los Angeles Thieves keep up their current form, this match should be a 3-1 for the LAT.

And that brings an end to our CDL 2021 Week 2/3 (Super Week) Betting Tips series! We really hope we can make up for our losses this week, but that’s CoD betting, you win some and you lose some. As always, only place CDL bets if you can afford it and if it’s fun for you. Once the fun stops, stop!

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