The CDL Championship weekend is finally with us. Come Sunday evening, we’ll be able to see who’s the going to take the trophy of the most anticipated event of the year! First off, this week we’ll be seeing the 3 win streak London Royal Ravens facing the Chicago Huntsmen for a chance to make it to the eliminations finals. On the other hand we’ll be seeing the Atlanta FaZe face off the Dallas Empire in the Winners Final for a chance to get into the Grand Final. We had a couple of upsets during playoffs, and yes, we’re not too proud of that, but we’re going safer in our CDL Champs Day 1 Betting Tips article.

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 1 – Outrights *Relatively Safe

Double! Play £25 – to win £107.88
  • London Royal Ravens Vs. Chicago Huntsmen (-1.5 Odds @ 2.32).
  • Atlanta FaZe (Win Odds @1.86) Vs. Dallas Empire.

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 1

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 2 – Exact Scores *Risky

Double! Play £10 – to win £148.13
  • London Royal Ravens Vs. Chicago Huntsmen (3-1 Odds @ 3.75).
  • Atlanta FaZe (3-2 Odds @3.95) Vs. Dallas Empire.

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 2 Exact Scores

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 3 – Map Winners

Double! Play £25 – to win £69.23
  • London Royal Ravens Vs. Chicago Huntsmen (Map 3 Winner Odds @1.53).
  • Atlanta FaZe (Map 2 Winner Odds @1.81) Vs. Dallas Empire.

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 3 Map Winners

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 4 – Outright *Very Risky

Single! Play £10 – to win £78.00
  • Chicago Huntsmen (To Win CDL Champs Outright @7.80).

CDL Champs Day 1 Bet 4 Outright

London Royal Ravens Vs. Chicago Huntsmen

Chicago Huntsmen event wins are 2 this year with a 70% win rate, while on the other hand, the Royal Ravens got 0 event wins, and their win rate is just at 46.15%.

The first time these teams played, the Huntsmen won 3-1 at their own home stand on LAN. They again faced off at Seattle’s event, where the Huntsmen won 3-1 once again. After that, they faced each other once again at the NY Subliners’ event, where they also won 3-1. Making it a 3-0 record against London with a 9-3 map count.

Overall, the maps are going to be close, however, we see the Huntsmen winning the series 3-1 based on the stats and previous head to head matches. We also have to mention that the Royal Ravens have upset us during Playoffs, as we bet almost every time against them, and every time they proved us wrong. However, now we do believe that the Huntsmen will put an end to their hot streak during the CDL Champs Day 1.

Chicago Huntsmen Map 3 Win Explained

Map 1 is always 50/50 especially lately when the Huntsmen are losing a lot of map 1s. This can be easily seen since they lost their first two first maps in Playoffs against the Subliners and FaZe. In Search and Destroy, London Royal Ravens are good with a 50% win rate with a record of 18-18. London Royal Raven’s worst game mode is Domination, with a 34.62% win rate, and having a record of 9-17. On the other hand, the Huntsmen got a 60% win rate on Domination, with 18-12 record. The safest map for the Chicago Huntsmen would be Domination.

Chicago Huntsmen To Win CDL Champs Outright Explained

During Playoffs, the Huntsmen are playing well, where they first beat Subliners 3-1 and then choked game 5 resulting in 6-4 against Atlanta FaZe. Then they have clutched up in round 11, game 5 against OpTic Gaming. On the other side of the table we have the Royal Ravens, who lost the first match vs Toronto, 3-1, and are currently on a 3 hot win streak, where they have beaten Paris, Subliners and Toronto. With all that said, we believe that the Hunstsmen have a really good chance to making it to the grand final, possibly against FaZe.

Needless to say, this is a very risky bet, but with those odds and with what the Huntsmen have been bringing to the table during playoffs, we think they can make it.

Atlanta FaZe Vs. Dallas Empire

FaZe is by far the best team this year with a win rate of 78.79%, having 26 wins and 7 loses, with 2 event wins. However, the Dallas Empire squad have 3 event wins with a 65.71% win rate where they have 23 wins and 12 loses.

FaZe are undoubtedly the best SnD team this year, where Empire is the best Domination team this year. We see them both taking a hardpoint map based on their map pick. With Faze’s SnD, we see them taking the win on map 5, and a further 3-2 overall scoreline.

Both teams have just played 1 game in Champs, where both teams won 3-2 against their opponents. FaZe have clutched up a game 5 against the Huntsmen, while on the other hand the  Dallas Empire have clutched up a game 5 vs the knocked out team Toronto.

Based on head to head matches, FaZe have won their first game 3-0 where they dominated the series at Minnesota’s event. In the second head to head match, Faze also won 3-0 against Dallas at Los Angeles event. In Chicago’s event, FaZe lost 3-1 in the finals against Dallas. In Minnesota’s event, FaZe reversed swept Dallas, making it their third win this season against Dallas. They have faced each other again at Paris’s event, where FaZe once again won 3-2. In a recent event, FaZe have beaten Dallas 3-0 at Toronto’s event. In total, Faze are 5 wins and 1 loss against Dallas with a 16-7 map count.

And that is why we’re going with FaZe, as based on statistics, they are most likely to make it to the finals.

Atlanta FaZe Map 2 Win Explained

Without any doubt, as previously stated, the best Search and Destroy team is FaZe with a 66.67% win rate where they won 30 games and lost 15. Dallas is not far behind, but FaZe dominate on Search and Destroy as Hardpoint is literally 50/50 and Dallas are the best team this year in Domination based on stats. The safest bet would be map 2. Hopefully, Map picks favour us as it also makes a huge difference.

In Conclusion

And that’s it for our CDL Champs Day 1 Betting Tips! There will be another game played on Saturday, but that depends on the two upcoming matches. We might have not had the best results during Playoffs, but we’re hoping of getting back on track with this one. These are our bets, and by no are we sure that they will come to fruition. So remember, bet responsibly!

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*Odds are subject to change.

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