CDL Chicago Home Series – Player of the Week

CDL Chicago Home Series – Player of the Week

Week 6 of the Call of Duty season took place online, for what would have been the CDL Chicago Home Series event. Due to everything going on in the world right now, all Home Series events have transitioned to an online format. There were some worries that this would impact the outcome, however, this time around it didn’t seem to change much.

CDL Chicago Results

The online upset worries were quickly settled after the first round of group stage matches has finalised. Other than New York Subliners upsetting Chicago Huntsmen in their 3-2 win, everything went as expected. The form we have witnessed from each respective team has continued and the final results won’t be much of a surprise for anyone.

  1. Dallas Empire
  2. Atlanta FaZe
  3. Seattle Surge
  4. Chicago Huntsmen
  5. New York Subliners
  6. Los Angeles Guerrillas
  7. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
  8. London Royal Ravens
CDL Chicago Home Series Results

CDL Chicago Home Series Player of the Week

This time out there were several impressive players, all showing off at different times. With only two of the 13 series heading to the final map, an argument could be made that there was a lack of close games this time around. Most series finished 3-1, so there was a bit of fight but nothing insane, which created a wide option of most valuable players.

An Abundance of Potential MVPs

Matthew Formal Piper - CDL Chicagp MVP #2

Formal had the Huntsmen in his backpack

Despite what will be seen as a disappointing 4th place finish for Chicago at their Home Series, Formal was in the running for MVP for how consistent he had been in each series. Whilst this wasn’t by any means a one-man job or hard carry from Formal, he always seemed a notch above his teammates.

Mcarthur Celliem Jovel - CDL Chicago MVP #3

Tiny terrors causing havoc

The entire Atlanta FaZe roster could have been thrown into the mix, as the young guns were all playing at a high level. It was Celium in particular that caught our eye overall. His in-game statistics just stood out above the rest of his teammates, but this wasn’t quite enough to take home the MVP bragging rights.

Sam Octane Larew - CDL Chicago MVP #4

Octane at his best once again

Octane has found himself in a turbulent form this past year. He had been oddly inconsistent compared to his two seasons prior, but things seemed to change this past weekend. Octane was beaming everything in sight, being the shining light of the Seattle Surge roster. Both his teammates Karma and Apathy had glimmers of their former selves, but Octane held an impressive K/D ratio throughout the Chicago Home Series.

Seattle locked in 3rd this weekend, their best performance so far this season. If these performances become standard, and the entire team pick things up a gear, they could prove to be a threat.

Our CDL Chicago MVP Goes to Shotzzy, from Dallas Empire

Dallas were hit with many questions after they announced the signing of former Halo professional Shotzzy, during pre-season. The combination of Shotzzy and the young star iLLey meant Dallas could take some time to come to fruition.

Dallas locked in their second Home Series victory of the season and Shotzzy was without a doubt the standout star. The stats he put on the board this weekend was insane, finishing some series with a K/D ratio over 1.70, a truly impressive feat considering the competition.

His strong performance was paired alongside teammate Clayster, who kept up with his young apprentice. Shotzzy has shown he can compete at the highest level of Call of Duty now, could this Dallas roster be out of reach from the rest of the pack?