CDL Florida Home Series – Player of the Week

CDL Florida Home Series – Player of the Week

Week 7 of the Call of Duty League once again seen the action take place in an online format. As the league and teams now seem to have transitioned nicely into this format, the competition continues to heat up. There was the potential for teams to leapfrog into 1st place in the standings and opportunities for others to crawl out of the bottom ranking teams.

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CDL Florida Home Series Results

Coming into the event, it is fair to say most people had their eyes on Atlanta FaZe, Minnesota ROKKR and the Florida Mutineers. These teams had more attention this weekend as the battle for 1st place continues. With both Dallas and Chicago not competing this past weekend, it gave these three teams a chance to put on a dominate performance and jump up the standings. We were all in for a bit of a shock with how things played out.

Heading into the CDL Florida Home Series, very few people would have believed you if you told them that three teams from the bottom end of the standings would make their way out of groups. OpTic Gaming LA, New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra all pulled out surprise performances.

Below are the final results from the CDL Florida Home Series:

  1. Atlanta FaZe
  2. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
  3. Toronto Ultra
  4. New York Subliners
  5. Minnesota ROKKR
  6. London Royal Ravens
  7. Paris Legion
  8. Florida Mutineers

CDL Florida Home Series Player of the Week

As you can usually expect, there were a few names thrown into the mix for most valuable player. Whilst some players made drastic impacts, allowing their teams to advance further, this time around the Player of the Week goes to a member of the winning team, Atlanta FaZe.

Our CDL Florida MVP goes to Simp

The entire Atlanta roster looked impressive throughout this weekend, with each member having a flashy performance to be proud of. Despite the flashy performances from his teammates, Simp was consistently strong in each series and acted as the core member of the team to allow the others to exceed when needed.

MVP Honourable Mentions

As we mentioned, there were a number of players that put their name up for contention with their performances at the CDL Florida Home Series. Surprisingly, the honourable mentions are players from teams that many didn’t expect to make it through group stage.

OpTic Gaming LA Roster Change Rebound

The OpTic Gaming LA franchise has been subject to some abuse this season, following the shaky business transition it has taken the past couple of years. The players were part of this abuse and stress, and their performances continually fell flat. Heading into the Florida Home Series, they replaced JKap with Chino and this appeared to make a considerable impact.

Both Slasher and Dashy were in contention for MVP, due to their phenomenal performances in each series. It could be argued at times they were carrying the team, but as long as they were finding a way to win, that’s all that matters.

We wanted to give a special mention to Chino. It’s never easy coming in to replace someone in a situation like this, and whilst his statistics lacked behind at times, we must acknowledge the overall positive impact he has made to the team.

Toronto Ultra may have found the recipe

There is the potential some performances and finishes may be questioned with the Dallas Empire & Chicago Huntsmen not competing and making it an “easier” run than normal. However, that doesn’t take away from the exceptional performances Methodz put in for the Toronto Ultra and they managed to reach the semi-finals at the CDL Florida Home Series.