CDL Paris Home Series - Player of the Week: Skyz

CDL Paris Home Series – Player of the Week: Skyz

Week 10 of the Call of Duty League has come to an end, and we have to say, the CDL Paris Home Series was yet another fantastic weekend of nail-biting action. Despite the Home Series event being online the past couple of months, the production quality for viewers has still been top notch and the competition has just continued to heat up. The battle for 1st place in the standing is still ongoing, with new contenders coming to light. This gives us great opportunities for some thrilling COD Betting action.

CDL Paris Home Series Results

Full attention was placed on three teams coming into this event; Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, and the Florida Mutineers. Both Atlanta and Dallas have been huge talking points and contenders for best in the league since it kicked off. However, recent roster changes and a string of good results has thrown Florida Mutineers into the mix once again.

There was also a lot to play for in the lower end of the standings. With playoffs looming, everyone is fighting to get the best seed possible. There is a whopping amount of prize money on the line during playoffs, but if you finish in the bottom two, you get nothing.

No one can complain about the games not being entertaining at the Paris Home Series, we got to watch several game fives in close and tense series. However, the grand final was an unfortunate, but impressive blowout.

Below are the final results from the CDL Paris Home Series:

  1. Florida Mutineers
  2. Atlanta FaZe
  3. New York Subliners
  4. Dallas Empire
  5. Toronto Ultra
  6. London Royal Ravens
  7. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
  8. Paris Legion
CDL Paris Home Series Results
CDL Paris Home Series Brackets

CDL Paris Home Series Player of the Week

Although Florida came out on top during the Dallas Home Series in Week 5, they had a turbulent couple of weeks. Florida also went through roster changes during this period which continued to support people writing them off for the season.

The past two Home Series have changed everyone’s attitude, the Mutineers has been stellar. They are the first time to win three Home Series events this season, and are also the first team to win back-to-back Home Series events. Truly record breaking stuff from the Florida Mutineers.

Skyz is our CDL Florida MVP

Last week at the Minnesota Home Series, the Florida rookie Owakening was our MVP. Despite yet another great performance from Owakening, his teammate Skyz was above and beyond everyone on this team at the Paris Home Series this past weekend. This is an impressive feat when you consider the caliber of Florida right now. Skyz finished the event off with a staggering 1.42 overall K/D ratio, he played a crucial part towards Florida’s success.

Honourable Mentions

It seems that at each Home Series event we see at least one breakout performance, and this trend continued during the Paris Home Series. We’ve picked out two of the standout performances that just didn’t quite cut it for MVP.

New York’s latest star

Since Mack joined the New York Subliner roster, the team has improved drastically. This past weekend he led the way for his team, having both the best K/D ratio and slayer rating for New York. This helped New York finish 3rd, earning some valuable CDL points.

London’s Hard Carry

Everyone loves the London Royal Ravens twins; Wuskin and Skrapz. Coming into the season, most of the attention was on the latter. Skrapz was coming off the back of a great season and had high expectations. However, it was the other twin, Wuskin that put the whole of London in his backpack in Paris. It was a lackluster event for London but Wuskin has a 1.26 K/D, with the next best being 0.96, which simply isn’t good enough.

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