CDL Seattle Home Series – Player of the Week

CDL Seattle Home Series – Player of the Week

Week 8 of the Call of Duty League took place online for the CDL Seattle Home Series. As we continue to take steps closer to the end of the regular season, the competition keeps stepping up another level. There were several roster changes for teams heading into this event, which made predictions and storylines a lot more interesting.

CDL Seattle Home Series Results

This Home Series event was essentially the opportunity for Chicago Huntsmen to make a statement. With neither Atlanta FaZe or Dallas Empire in attendance, who are both battling Chicago for top spot, it meant Chicago needed to win to solidify that they are well and truly in the battle.

The need to win was heightened even more with the roster change, which seen them add Prestinni to the team. Meaning Prestinni was once paired up with his twin brother, Arcitys. The move was seen as something that could make or break their season.

In other storylines, the London Royal Ravens benched Jurd and replaced him with Zer0 from the New York Subliners. To replace Zer0, New York acquired a young gun called Mack who put in some impressive performances. The hosts of the event, Seattle Surge, have had turbulent roster issues for a couple weeks now and this become horribly evident in their performances this past weekend, taking them from a safe to a shady COD bet.

Whilst we have seen improvements from the likes of OpTic Gaming Los Angeles recently, it seems like the overall outcomes from the Seattle Home Series was a bit of a surprise:

  1. Chicago Huntsmen
  2. London Royal Ravens
  3. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
  4. New York Subliners
  5. Los Angeles Guerrillas
  6. Minnesota ROKKR
  7. Seattle Surge
  8. Paris Legion

CDL Seattle Home Series Player of the Week

As mentioned, there were a couple of big roster changes prior to this Home Series, which meant certain teams and players had extra sets of eyes paying attention to performances. Following from this, there were a couple of honourable mentions for MVP at the CDL Seattle Home Series.

Honourable Mentions

Royal Ravens close to bringing success to London

The hope of majority of UK Call of Duty fans has been resting on the shoulders of this roster since the franchise and team were announced. Before the Seattle Home Series there had been sparks of success but nothing concrete. The addition of Zer0 seems to have breathed new life into the roster and that’s why he is an honourable mention. He seems to be comfortable once again and has the potential to back to his impressive peak quality. However, they must be weary that it isn’t just a honeymoon period.

Chicago acquired a natural Huntsmen

I think it’s fair to say the acquisition of Prestinni from the Florida Mutineers has been deemed as a huge success for Chicago. Many couldn’t believe that they managed to obtain him, what seemed to be, so easily. Prestinni gets an honourable mention, as much like Zer0, he appears to have brought a new element to the Chicago roster that will help them as the season progresses.

Formal is our CDL Seattle Home Series Player of the Week

Formal has been one of the best Call of Duty players in the world for a few years now, since his transition from Halo. Whilst he has been good this season, he had reached that flashy quality fans were used to. That was until this past weekend.

He lead the team with an impressive 1.22 K/D ratio overall for the weekend and the new team set up appeared to help him gain that calmness and composure he needed to get back to this level of performance.

*Formal was also an honourable mention in our CDL Chicago Player Of The Week