CDL Toronto Home Series MVP

CDL Toronto Home Series MVP

The final week of action in the Call of Duty League regular season took place this past weekend. The CDL Toronto Home Series was the focal point of action, with teams battling it out for playoffs seeding. Whilst the biggest focus was on the top four teams fighting it out, there was also a battle to escape the bottom four in the standings.

During the Toronto Home Series weekend we had extensive predictions coverage, as can be seen below:

CDL Toronto Home Series Results

I think it’s fair to say that absolutely no one would have predicted this outcome prior to the event. As mentioned, the top four teams in the league made up half of the attendees. Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire and Florida Mutineers are the teams in question, and all eyes were focused on them to see who would lock in the highest seeds before playoffs.

On the other end of the standings, Toronto Ultra and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles had the opportunity to slip into the top eight on the standings. Managing to jump the standings would be huge as it gives you an extra head start at the annual Call of Duty Championship.

A Home Based Surprise

Toronto Ultra shocked everyone with a spectacular run. They had a tight battle with OpTIc in the opening round, almost foreshadowing the playoff scenario. A 3-2 victory here gave them the confidence to upset Chicago Huntsmen and lock their place in the semi finals.

At this point, the majority put the Chicago upset down as a one off. With many believing Dallas would win comfortably in the semi finals. Out of nowhere, the Toronto Ultra pulled off a convincing 3-1 victory, locking themselves into the grand final. This locked them into the top eight of the standings.

To top it all off, Toronto pushed the Atlanta FaZe to a game five in the CDL Toronto Home Series grand final. After being 5-4 down in the last map, Toronto pulled off the unbelieve and defeated Atlanta to win their Home Series.

CDL Toronto Home Series Results

  1. Toronto Ultra
  2. Atlanta FaZe
  3. Dallas Empire
  4. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
  5. Chicago Huntsmen
  6. Florida Mutineers
  7. Seattle Surge
  8. Minnesota ROKKR

CDL Toronto Home Series MVP / Player of the Week

It’s pretty obvious which team the MVP comes from, but it was hard to pick exactly who. Going from a disappointing season shuffling their 10 man roster, Toronto Ultra seem to have found a core five that click successfully.

Wins over Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta are shockingly impressive. Each player on the roster had their moments of brilliance, the two young guns Cammy and CleanX were exceptional. With this being said, our MVP for the Toronto Home Series is Methodz.

With his teammates having clutch, flashy moments, Methodz just tied everything together with strong performances this weekend. He also pulled off the impressive 1 versus 2 in the final round to win the event. He finished the event with a 1.18 K/D ratio and an 89.70 Slayer Rating.

Honourable Mentions

We’ve already touched on Cammy and CleanX but they are definitely honourable mentions. An eye should be kept on them moving forward, they could prove to be a vital asset at the Call of Duty Championship.

Our other honourable mentions go to the duo that joined OpTic Gaming Los Angeles in recent weeks. Both Drazah and Hollow have come from the amateur/semi-professional level this season and been promoted to the starting roster. They have made a noticeable impact to the struggling OpTic team, being the highest-rated players on the team this weekend.