China Produced Best Dota 2 Players in the World

China Produced Best Dota 2 Pro Players By Total Winnings

Competitive gaming has grown rapidly from merely a niche activity to be one of the most profitable industry in just more than a decade. People who see the potential of esports being the next big thing are inclined towards investing, not only financially but also physically. Here we’re talking about professional gamers. Players who have the potential to succeed in esports, in this case – Dota 2, are now willing to invest time and effort for a livelihood.

While the number of pro gamers continues to rise up – especially in Dota 2 where the massive amount of cash prizes are given away every year – there are still debates about which countries produce the best players in the game. Several legendary players can be named by loyal Dota fans: Fear, Puppey, Kuroky, ppd, etc. But what many people don’t know is that generally, China has actually the best Dota 2 players in the world.

China Produces The Best Dota 2 Players

There is no better way to judge a team or a player than by looking at their winnings from professional events. In Dota 2, tallied a total of $56.9 million of prize rewards gathered by 353 Chinese players. This amount is more than four times USA has received which is only $12.4 million by 154 players (half of China’s).

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Chinese teams are always considered a threat in every Dota 2 tournament by their opponents. The most notable Chinese team which released havoc towards their adversaries was Wings Gaming during The International 2016. They remained undefeated during the main event playoffs until the grand finals were they scored a 3-1victory against Digital Chaos. Wings Gaming was well-known to have a massive hero pool and unpredictable strategies that were never seen before in Dota 2 history.

While one could say they can mention a better Dota player than any of the Chinese, no one can argue that in general, China has produced better players than any other country in the world. Winnings or not, there is no country or region that is more stable than China.

USA Next to China

As what was mentioned above, USA showcases a total of $12.4 million in prize winnings by their 154 professional Dota 2 gamers. The most popular American players also happen to be the highest earners namely Universe, ppd, and Fear.

US may only be second in the Dota 2 earnings/players but in general esports, the US celebrates having the highest prize earnings in the world with $103 million in total from all esports games, whilst China has $90 million.