COD MW Issues Beyond Fixing

COD MW Issues. Beyond Fixing?

No. Absolutely not. Are there obvious issues with the game in its current state? Yes, of course there are COD MW issues. Only a fool would deny that the game is currently flawed. But to say a month into its life cycle that its the worst COD of all time, that it is garbage, is lunacy. Activision and Infinity Ward could have spoon-fed fans some stale, safe, Infinite Warfare type garbage. They didn’t. Not only did they say that there will be NO crate system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, they offered a completely new way to play with 32v32 Ground War. Even the attachment system has a lot to offer, with guns having millions of different combinations, adapting to fit every play style. This game is refreshing, it is new, and it is exactly what Activision needed to put a new face on the franchise.

COD MW Issues – Dark Times Indeed

Now, the bad. Server stability is an issue, along with hit registration. The current meta favors corner camping and shotguns. Claymores are almost impossible to deal with. Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) is a problem for casual players. Hell, some players can’t even get into the game because they keep experiencing DEV errors. Perks need to be switched around and reworked (ahem, Battle Hardened buff?). Footsteps are too loud. M4/725 combo is still too powerful.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Slowly, fixes have been coming in for these COD MW issues. What I think that a lot of fans don’t realize is simply how complicated a seemingly simple fix can be. Saying “nerf the 725” is just the beginning of the issue. In what area do they nerf it? Damage? Range? Recoil? Reload speed? How much? Values have to be played with, tweaked, and tested. Then patch notes have to be produced, ad a patch has to be put out to the millions of people that bought the game. Good patches with good fixes take time. If they rushed out a patch to fix issues, it would end up becoming even more of a tangled mess than it already is.

Alpha, Beta, Whateva

I think a large part of the reason why the game is in its current state is that game betas are largely commercialized. The beta was polished, and not indicative of problems that could be seen in the full game. Reality is, is that we are now currently playing the beta. Was it right for Infinity Ward to essentially sell us an incomplete game for $60? No, not exactly. But regardless of the ethics involved, it is reality. IW can’t un-release the game and make it whole before releasing it again.

Just Relax, Man. We’ll Get There With These COD MW Issues.

If you are repeatedly getting frustrated, experiencing poor games, I would advise that you either relax and stop caring because its a video game, or that you play something else in the meantime until the game is in a good enough place (I would imagine that this should all be tidied up before the Call of Duty League starts on January 24th. I hope.).

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