CSGO Asia Championships 2019 Betting Preview, Schedule, And Format

CSGO Asia Championships 2019 Betting Preview, Schedule, And Format

CSGO Asia Championships returns to the Counter-Strike landscape. Tournament organizers Perfect World brings us a second iteration of the Asia Championships. This time around, the prize pool has been bumped to 500,000$. The 8 team event will begin on the 20th of November and ends on the 24th of November. The team list is very reminiscent of IEM Beijing with a few exceptions.

CSGO Asia 2019 Schedule & Format

CSGO Asia Championships starts on the 20th of November up until the 24th of November. There will be two double-elimination (GSL) groups with 4 teams in each. The top team qualifies for the semifinal and the 2nd and 3rd teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals. The playoffs will have a single-elimination bracket. All the matches in the groups will be bo3’s.

CSGO Asia Championships 2019 Prize Pool Distribution

With a new and improved prize-pool of 500,000$ (300,000$ in 2018), more higher-tier teams were attracted to accept invitations to this event. The price distribution for CSGO Asia Championships 2019 is as follows:

  1. 250,000$
  2. 100,000$
  3. 50,000$
  4. 50,000$
  5. 16,500$
  6. 16,500$
  7. 8,500$
  8. 8,500$

CSGO Asia Championships 2019 Betting Predictions


The troubles for ENCE continue. At the start of November, the Finns played at IEM Beijing. And once again, its another group stage ending. Of the 2 teams they played, they lost twice to 100 Thieves, who finished 2nd in the event. That loss isn’t as embarrassing as the almost loss to ViCi in two maps. The only two maps ENCE won were against ViCi. This team is struggling in many ways. Without a proper IGL, they are having difficulties on the T side. Not to mention, one of the biggest accomplishments for this roster was their CT side. But they are loosing on this side as well, for example in the 100 Thieves game they couldn’t hold their own against executes. Not to mention, Ariel and xseveN are having an incredibly difficult time in the team. The later is the 2nd lowest rated player in the event. Dropping AleksiB could come down as the worst roster move in CS history.


Three months after their Cinderella run in the Counter-Strike Major, the Avangar roster has begun to drop off in rankings. But that is to be expected. They’ve been playing a lot of online CS where upsets are very prominent. However, they still get to play in offline competitions. Apart from their victory in BLAST Pro Series Moscow, there haven’t been any results of a similar caliber. Amidst those, they had a 3rd-4th finish at Dreamhack Open Rotterdam just behind CR4ZY and Heroic. In a tournament where the big teams played, StarSeries i-League Season 8, there was a good bo3 win against Heroic, followed by 2 two-to-zero losses.

Considering the betting opportunities, you can be sure that Avangar is a team more than capable of making it out of the groups. They shouldn’t struggle with the lower-ranked Chinese teams and even the EU opposition, which we’ll get to.


It took MiBR some time to make the big move, but they’ve done it. The team finally added kNgV into the roster. But the trophy cabinet is still empty and the results are some of the most underwhelming ones in the cores’ existence. They even went on to lose the V4 Future Sports Festival in Hungary, dropping maps and series to lower-tier NA opposition. The only really relevant appearance has been in Starseries i-League Season 8, where they finished 5th-6th. It’s not like the players are struggling poorly in the server. As a matter of fact, the 2 new additions to the team and fer played on-par with fellow playoff teams.

The odds of MiBR succeeding seem to be low in this event. Just like previously, they haven’t shown a great run of form thus far. But you should be able to snatch some good betting odds in CSGO Asia Championships because they are not expected to succeed. If they meet against another struggling squad, like ENCE or Mousesports they could really make it work.


Before the start of IEM Beijing 2019, EG was at the top of the world. After all, they were 1st on the HLTV rankings after a successful showing in Starseries. Yet, they couldn’t appear for another grand-final appearance due to an exit in the groups. This was surprising as it happened against FaZe. Albeit these are two heavy fragging rosters and the deciding game was relatively close between the 2 teams.

Heading into CSGO Asia Championships EG is looking by far the best. If they can maintain even a fraction of their form from Starseries, they should even win the event. The level of competition is low and they should be more than capable of winning this event.

G2 Esports

Compared to some of the other rosters here, G2 has been showing signs of growth. In the Starseries tournament, the squad was able to win the early group stage games. Those victories weren’t too convincing as you could have seen them still needing time to adjust. In the semi-finals, however, they were just a few rounds away from defeating either Furia or Fnatic and just couldn’t get the job done. In ESL Pro League Group A, they faltered against NiP who had a stellar performance on the second and third maps of the bo3. Afterward, they had no issues dealing with BIG and North two-zeroing both.

The team is still adapting to their new playstyle, plus players like JaCkz are still learning English to properly communicate with his teammates. With all that said, this roster has the best potential to be the dark-horse of the tournament. We look forward to some potential CSGO betting opportunities.


One of the teams that have been struggling in Counter-Strike is this mousesports roster. But even calling them a struggling team can be dishonest. They’ve been competitive enough to receive invites to the big events or they could qualify to them. This team has a difficult time whenever it comes to reaching playoffs or succeeding in said playoff matches. That’s why they’ve remained relevant but don’t have S-tier trophies in their cabinet.

What does that mean for CSGO Asia Championships 2019? Well, even if past results have been sketchy this team should have no difficulties reaching the playoffs in Shanghai. I wouldn’t edge them out against better opposition, like EG or G2, but mousesports is another potential team to secure the semifinals.

Tyloo and Vici

Just like in the last event preview of IEM Beijing, it’s somewhat fair to put these teams in a similar boat. Even though Tyloo can be regarded as the better team (beating them 16-3 and 16-9 in the finals of eXTREMESLAND 2019) they just can’t match their western counterparts. Their aggressive playstyle has now been adopted by better teams with greater players, plus they don’t have the tactical depth to deal with the opponents. The only thing you can look for is to snatch betting handicap odds in their favor of one of the Chinese teams. But even that is a risky endeavor.

CSGO Asia Championships 2019 Potential Winner

As far as potential winners are concerned, the best team in that regard is obviously EG. But because they are such a huge favorite it also makes sense to look at the potential dark-horses. The other 2 teams to most-likely secure a grand-final appearance should be G2 and mousesports. From that point, they’d have to be 1 bo3 away from winning a bo3 against EG. That’s a difficult task, but EG has been prone to losses in the past against high fragging teams, i.e FaZe.