CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most successful esports titles out there. The game itself, Counter-Strike, has been around for 20 years and is famous throughout the world. Given the frequency of CSGO events, gaining an in-depth understanding of CSGO gambling and CSGO betting sites is almost necessary for those who enjoy watching tournaments regularly and perhaps even placing CSGO bets to increase the thrill. So without further ado, here’s all you need to know about CSGO betting.

Best CSGO Betting Sites List

We’ve been around for quite some time, and during this time, we’ve been looking at the best Counter Strike betting sites out there. After testing the sites ourselves and considering multiple aspects, such as odd value, security, portal user-friendliness, CSGO betting bonuses, and customer support, we curated the following list of the Top CSGO Betting Sites!


Choosing The Best CSGO Betting Site For You

Choosing the best CSGO betting site might sound a bit daunting at first; however, rest assured that it’s a relatively easy thing. There are some fundamental criteria that you should look out for when choosing a site. As a CSGO betting enthusiast, your CSGO betting site is your office. And what you want is a place where you can feel comfortable and have lots of options. Ideally, this is what you’re looking for:

Make sure that the site is legal.

When it comes to the legality of it all, you can check which Gambling License the CSGO betting site boasts. This Gambling License is usually offered by either the Malta Gaming Authority or the Curacao Gaming Association, but this depends on your country. We always advise checking that the CSGO betting site you opt for can legally operate within your country.

The User Interface Is Something That You Feel Comfortable Using.

This all comes down to preference – some CSGO betting sites such as GG.Bet and Midnite have a darker colour scheme, while others such as Cyber.Bet and Pinnacle have a lighter colour scheme. The betting site layout also plays a role, as some might have different navigation styles, user account management, and cashier options. In the end, there is no right or wrong answer on this one; you just need to find the CSGO Betting sites that attract you the most visually and feel right.

Great CSGO Betting Odds

CSGO betting odds could be one of the more critical aspects when choosing a CSGO betting site. Who wouldn’t want to bet on a site that gives him/her a better return when compared to others? To get a better idea of who offers the best odds, have a look at our CSGO Betting Odds page.

A Functional & Responsive Customer Support

We’ve all dealt with bad customer reps, and we know. IT. IS. FRUSTRATING. You never know when you might need to ask for help from your CSGO betting operator. Maybe a match got cancelled, and you want a refund on your placed bets. Perhaps a bet got settled incorrectly. Or you can also have trouble with depositing or withdrawing. Ensure that the CSGO betting site you’re opting for offers excellent CSGO betting support on multiple channels. It will save you the frustration down the line.

Variety Of CSGO Betting Markets

The depth of a CSGO betting market resides in the number of betting options you get for every match. When you start betting on CSGO, you want to be able to do a lot more than just predict the winner of a particular game. First of all, you want to have the option to bet on each map. Because that way, you can research the win rates of each of the two opponents on the following map of the match and know exactly who the favourite is. Another excellent option to have is the ability to bet on the CSGO pistol rounds. Some teams are good with pistols, and you can find statistics for that on the web.

The width of a CSGO betting market has to do with the number of tournaments you can bet on. Some CSGO bookmakers cover every tournament and qualification, down to the most obscure competitions you could imagine. Others only get involved in big events. It’s up to you to decide how deep your knowledge of the CSGO pro scene is and what would give you a decent amount of flexibility.

Variety is essential, both for casual and more professional CSGO bettors. Having options will give you a better experience, as it’s more fun to try new stuff, but apart from that, it could also mean that you have the chance to make some great profit. Truth be told, a few sites have a limited CSGO betting market offering, and we can safely say that any CSGO betting site listed above offers diverse markets.

Live CSGO Betting Options

This is probably the most thrilling Counter Strike betting experience you could ask for. You will realise that CSGO live betting and streaming is vital when you start betting more seriously. This is particularly true if you have excellent knowledge of the game and its professional scene. In such a case, you would tell from the first 5-10 rounds of a match what the balance of power is. You could also use the poor start of a clear favourite to make more money by placing an apparently risky bet, knowing fully well that they will soon start to adjust to their opponent’s strategy and catch up.

Having the possibility to bet on games in real-time can help you make some good profits. Counter Strike: Global Offensive betting sites that offer live betting options offer lower CSGO betting odds, but this is understandable as everyone can determine if the game is one-sided or still up for grabs by both teams.

Criteria We Use To Choose CSGO Betting Sites

When we embark on the journey of finding the perfect CSGO betting site, we tend to keep a couple of things in mind. Especially when you’re starting out, you need a CSGO betting site that will allow you to develop your skills rapidly, place bets with ease, have all the suitable options at your disposal. More importantly, you must be at ease that the CSGO bets you’re placing are a protected environment where you can’t get scammed.

The best CSGO betting sites provide security and an intuitive interface, and an excellent welcome bonus (which you receive upon signing up and making your first deposit). CSGO betting sites should also give you the reigns and provide you with maximum flexibility. This flexibility will allow you to transition from betting on CSGO casually to betting more thoughtfully, thus increasing your profits.

All in all, here’s our checklist when picking a new CSGO betting site:

  • License – We make sure that it is a legal CSGO betting site
  • Customer Support – We make sure that there are multiple ways to contact support, and ideally, support would be available 24/7
  • Test Deposits – We test deposits to ensure that the site is safe and does not take more money than we want to deposit.
  • Design & Usability – We’re not in the 2010s anymore. The CSGO betting sites we use must have an intuitive user interface and impeccable design.
  • Games List – We don’t solely bet on CSGO. We also look at other games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. So whenever choosing a site, we make sure that the games offered are varied.
  • Payouts – The last item on our checklist is payouts. We test the CSGO betting site to ensure that they return the money and that it’s not a scam.

How To Bet On CSGO?

For a lot of people, CSGO gambling is just another form of entertainment. You know that you’re about to see a good match with a lot of close rounds. You love watching the action, but you also know, perhaps from direct experience, that by betting on the result, you will undoubtedly watch it with even greater interest. And if you get it right, which is largely a matter of having esports and CSGO gambling knowledge, the feeling you will get will be exhilarating.

CSGO Match Betting

When it comes to CSGO Betting, there are primarily two types of betting options. These are pre-match betting and live (in-play) betting. These betting options vary slightly from one another, so let’s see what the main differences are:

CSGO Pre-Match Betting

CSGO Pre-Match is the most famous one. Here you will be able to place CSGO bets on specific matches before they start. The odds for these matches can be made available up to weeks before the event, and they change over time.

Multi Bets

With Pre-Match betting, most bettors take advantage of what we call multi bets. Multi bets are grouped bets, so you will get the return if and only if all your bets are won. This highly increases the risk of winning, but it also highly increases the profits. Let’s say you place a double bet, one with an odd value of 1.5 and the other with an odd value of 1.8. By multiplying the odds, you can get your potential winnings. So the total odds for this multiple bet would be 2.7. Furthermore, there is practically no limit to how many bets you can have a multiple.

Multi bets work great at the initial stages of significant events, as you can place a multi bet on several favourites against lower-tiered teams. A lot of low odds add up if you multiply them.

Outright Betting

Outright betting is something that’s been in the world of traditional betting for a very long time. CSGO Outrights are offered typically on larger events, and here one would be able to place broader bets. These types of outright bets would include:

  1. Who will make it out of a group
  2. Who will win the whole event
  3. Who will get to the final
  4. Who will get to the semifinals

Instead of placing your money on a team for a match, you are putting your money on an entire CSGO tournament outcome with outrights.

CSGO Live/In-Play Betting

As briefly described above, CSGO In-Play betting is made available by serious CS betting sites while a match is being played, thus In-Play betting. With live betting, players have the facility to see how the first couple of rounds for a given match are going and, therefore, place bets on whoever is playing the best.

There are mainly two drawbacks when it comes to Live CSGO betting;

  1. Odds have lower value
  2. There are fewer betting markets available

When a CSGO betting website offers In-Play betting, they usually also show the live Counter Strike twitch stream on their website, so you would be able to watch and play and the same time.

Different Types Of CSGO Betting

People tend to get the different types of CSGO betting confused and with every right. There is a vast difference between CSGO skin betting (AKA as CSGO Gambling) and CSGO Betting (Real Money Betting). And to top it all off, there’s also CSGO Cases, which are also referred to as betting sometimes. So to clear any misconception, let’s what the differences are between all these.

Skin Betting

Skin betting can be subcategorised into four subsections; Match Betting, Jackpots, Roulette and Coinflip.

Skin Match Betting

Skin match betting is very similar to real money betting. You place a bet using your CSGO skins instead of a real currency.

Skin Jackpots

Jackpots, on the other hand, are more of a gamble. Here a crowd of people come together, and everyone gives up a skin. These pots can be pretty big, and the lucky winner can get away with quite a hefty profit.

Skin Roulette

CSGO roulette skin gambling is very similar to traditional roulette. One can bet on red (CT-side), black (T-side), or green (defuse kit).

Skin Coinflips

And then there was the coinflip. As the name implies, it is literally a coin flip, with a 50/50 win chance. You find another player, and both put skins on the table and whoever gets heads takes all.

Opening CSGO Cases

CSGO cases can be either dropped in-game, traded via Steam, or bought on third party websites. The thing with cases is that you never know what you’re going to get, so in itself, opening a case is quite a gamble. However, there are case classifications, so one would know what a case might drop.

CSGO Real Money Betting

CSGO real money betting is the one we’re primarily talking about in this CSGO betting guide. Online CSGO betting sites offer multiple real money deposit options and third-party wallets such as PayPal and Skrill.

Some sites are considered as CSGO Crypto betting sites. These sites allow users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies instead of traditional money. This is still regarded as real money betting. We suggest being careful, though, as the exchange rate might bite you in the behind from time to time.

CSGO Betting Bonus & Promotions

CSGO Betting bonuses come in many shapes and forms, and these vary from one CSGO betting site to the other. These bonuses and promotions aim to incentivise potential players to place bets on a given betting site; however, if used wisely, CSGO bonuses can give you the edge you need. After all, it’s a freebie, and who doesn’t like free stuff?

Different Types Of CSGO Bonuses

If you come from a more traditional betting background, then you probably know all about the different types of betting bonuses and how to make use of them. But if you’re new, let’s go over the different kinds of CSGO betting bonuses so that you know what to keep an eye out for.

Deposit Bonus

The most common CSGO bonus is the Deposit Bonus. Here any CSGO betting site will give the exact deposit amount that you place in return.

Example: Cyber.Bet gives their customers a €10 deposit bonus when depositing €10 in their account. This means that you practically start with €20 in your wallet when depositing only €10.

No-Deposit Bonus

A No-Deposit is, on the other hand, the most sought after CSGO betting bonus. Here the betting site will credit real money to your account without needing to do anything. These bonuses are one of the most difficult ones to find. With No-Deposit bonuses, users are tied to do some sort of action before they can withdraw any winnings made off from the No-Deposit bonus, such as verifying their CSGO betting account.

Example: Certain sites credit €5 to your account just for creating one, as a No-Deposit CSGO Bonus.

Free Bets

A Free CSGO Bets bonus is sometimes misinterpreted as a No-Deposit CSGO Bonus, but there are differences between them. With a Free Bets bonus, you need to do something in return, such as successfully depositing funds in your account.

Example: Betway offers €30 in Free Bets when you deposit a minimum amount of €10. As a condition, this money must be deposited using a specific payment method.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses allow players to place bets while keeping their mind at rest that if they lose the bet, they get their money back. That’s right, with cashback bonuses, you’re practically placing a safe CSGO bet.

Example: €25 Cashback bonus. You play €25 on a single or multiple bet, and if you lose the bet, the bet money will get refunded in your account.

Exclusive Bonus

Certain sites offer exclusive CSGO Bonuses. This means that the bonus is not available for everyone but for the select few that can get their hand on the CSGO bonus code. Every exclusive bonus varies, so it all depends on the bonus’s description.

Our CSGO Exclusive Bonuses
  1. Lootbet currently offers 100% up to €200 when using the code MEBO100. So if you deposit €200, your account will have €400 in total.
  2. We also have an exclusive bonus with GGBET – you just need to use the code MEBO.
  3. ArcaneBet offers a 100% Match Up To $100 when using the code MEBO100

How To Claim A CSGO Betting Bonus Code

CSGO Bonuses can be claimed relatively easily. Some bonuses are applied automatically without the need to do anything special, like the Deposit Bonus. As soon as you successfully make a deposit, the bonus will be used.

When it comes to Exclusive CSGO Bonuses, it’s a bit different. You will get more out of the bonus, but there are some additional steps.

For both scenarios above, the usual flow is as follows:

  1. Select one of our recommended CSGO betting sites by clicking on the ‘Bet Now’ button.
  2. Create an account with that site while providing all the required information.
  3. Verify your account – sites usually send you a verification email. Be sure also to check your junk folder to be safe.
  4. If you have a CSGO Promo Code that you can use, go to the account section and click on ‘Bonuses’.
  5. Select your preferred deposit method, and make a deposit.
  6. If you’re opting for a Free Bets, No-Deposit Bonus, or a regular Deposit Bonus, your bonus will be applied as soon as you deposit money. If, on the other hand, you have a Cashback bonus, you will not see any additional money in your account, as these will be returned when you lose a bet.

How To Step Up Your CSGO Betting

CSGO betting sites provide you with excellent opportunities to put your CSGO knowledge to use. But to gain an edge at CSGO betting, you need to learn as much as you can about the pro scene, the game itself, the betting process, and abusing the markets. The better you under these things, the better you will do.

The best CSGO betting sites offer a wide variety of CSGO betting odds and markets. As an experienced esports bettor, your task is to find the right opportunities and take advantage of them. And it’s quite a thrilling process. It’s similar to poker in a way, but even better. Because on the one hand, you aren’t forced to bet on anything since you’re not entering each round by default with a certain amount. And on the other hand, you’re being offered every option imaginable and the chance to specialise in taking only certain types of bets.

For example, let’s say that you have good knowledge of Counterstrike and understand the playstyle, composition and level of skill that specific teams might have. Armed with that knowledge, you could potentially always bet on or against those teams, knowing full well what their range is and devising a CSGO betting strategy that brings you money.

Finding Good CSGO Betting Tipsters

CSGO Betting is quite a common thing. And there are some people out there that are very good at it. We recommend looking online to see what CSGO tipsters you can find that offer valuable betting picks. Professional CSGO tipsters show their win ratios, so be sure to find someone that stands above the rest.


If you’re looking for the motherload of CSGO betting predictions and CSGO betting tips, have a look at the /r/csgobetting subreddit. It’s a relatively active community, with daily CSGO bet threads in which users post their daily CSGO predictions. We must also point out, though, to keep an eye out for scammers. Some users might invite you to discord servers for a complete list of betting picks, only to bombard you with CSGO betting bonus links.

Don’t Let Odds Fool You

We’ve all been there. We get baited into playing CSGO bets in hopes that there is an upset. It is ok, as upsets do happen, especially in CSGO. However, when chasing very high odds, keep your foot on the brakes pedal, and bet in tiny amounts.

Study CSGO Betting

Finding one of the best CSGO betting sites and engaging in CSGO betting more seriously than the casual esports enthusiast requires you to have a plan and decent knowledge of the game you’re betting on. Just like with everything else, if you take this seriously enough and become a student of CSGO gambling, in time, you will master:

  • the pro scene (gaining deep knowledge of its teams)
  • your emotions (learning how to place intelligent CSGO bets)
  • the process of CSGO betting itself, devising a system that maximises gains and minimises losses.

Such a system would have you know ahead of time how much you should bet on a game based on the level of assessed risk, how you would act during a CSGO live betting session, how you would do damage control and so on. The deeper you go into this, and the more systematic you are, the more you will learn that you can make money from CSGO betting.

If you want to become good at it, you should take notes, experiment, build your system and why not, maybe even read some books on the subject of betting. It will all be worthwhile.

CS:GO Gambling And Event

Top CSGO Events To Check If You Want To Bet

We like to bet on CSGO due to the sheer number of events that happen regularly. This year in 2021, we already had the BLAST Premier Global Final, cs_summit, IEM XV World Championship, and ESL Pro League Season 13. And that’s just the S-Tier events for the first three months of the year (2021).

CSGO is a vast game, and you can rest assured that you’ll be entertained every weekend, if not every day. If you’re looking to find what events we’ll be happening this year, have a look at our esports events calendar for 2021.

Mobile CSGO Betting. Can I Bet From My Phone?

The answer to this question can be twofold. As a general rule, all CSGO betting sites can be accessed from a mobile device. However, this does not mean that every CSGO betting site has a native Android or iOS mobile application.

Android CSGO Betting Sites

With the recent changes made to Google’s Play store, it should be legal now for CSGO betting sites to have their native application on the Play store. Before all this, sites could not simply add their application on the play store, and to install their application, you would need to download it directly and install it yourself on your phone. In other words, it was a bit of a hassle. But long gone are those days for Android users, as the best CSGO betting sites are now adding their Play Store apps.

iOS CSGO Betting Sites

Unfortunately, it’s not the same when it comes to Apple’s App Store. For Apple devices, you will need to download the application and install it yourself directly. We highly recommend that you make sure that you’re downloading a legit version of the application from the official website, as we have seen scams in the past in which the applications would be spoofed, just there to take your information.

CSGO Betting FAQ

Yes, it is perfectly legal to place bets on CSGO. As long as you use a licenced CSGO betting site (check our list above, they’re all licenced), you can rest assured that you’re not breaking any laws. Also, make sure that you are not underage to bet on CSGO. The majority of countries in Europe have an 18+ age restriction, while states in the US have a 21+ age restriction.
Yes, CSGO Cryptocurrency betting is possible. As mentioned briefly above, this depends on the CSGO betting site you opt to go for, but most websites offer cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals.
CSGO betting sites are safe. If you use one of our recommendations, you can rest assured that the site is 100% secure. We did our research on the sites listed above so that you don’t have to.

On the other hand, there might be some illegal CSGO betting sites out there, ones that are not on our list, so be careful and do your research before signing it.

If you’re looking for the best CSGO betting odds, check out our CSGO Odds page. Here you can make use of a table that compares pre-match odds from different sites. The table is updated automatically, so whenever new odds are made available, you’ll be able to find them there.
Several sites show stats on teams and players before CSGO Events. Our recommendations would be to check out /r/csgo, the best CSGO betting community out there, HLTV, as well as GosuGamers. If there are any updates or changes before an event, these sites will be the first to report them.