OWL Player of the Week - Week 20 - Danteh

OWL Player of the Week – Week 20 – Danteh

Welcome back to our Overwatch League Player of the Week series! Entering Week 20, the OWL got back into full swing with plenty of matches across several regions. The Guangzhou Charge narrowly defeated both the Seoul Dynasty and the Hangzhou Spark. On the other side of things, both the Philadelphia Fusion and the San Francisco Shock swept their opponents continuing their winning streaks. Back in Week 15, we gave our Player of the Week award to an outstanding DPS from the Philadelphia Fusion. This week, the honour goes to a veteran DPS star Danteh from the Houston Outlaws.

Player of the Week – Danteh

The OWL Week 20 Player of the Week award goes to Dante “Danteh” Cruz. Over the course of his match against the Los Angeles Gladiators, Danteh scored 116 eliminations, 50 final blows, and 35k hero damage dealt. Playing almost entirely Tracer for the 4-game series, he was an absolute menace to the Gladiators. For comparison, the best DPS player on the Gladiators side had only 81 eliminations with 38 final blows. 

Danteh has arguably been a household name in the OWL since its inception. A large part of this is simply the result of consistently quality play over a long period of time. After playing with the San Francisco Shock during the inaugural season, he joined the Houston Outlaws where he has remained since then. A flex DPS player, Danteh is willing an able to play a plethora of heroes depending on the meta.

OWL Week 20 MVP Danteh

Tracer Advantage

With Echo and Sombra both banned, many off-meta DPS heroes were played over the weekend. Hanzo, Tracer, Doomfist, and Symmetra all made appearances in various matches. In particular, Tracer was able to take the spotlight with many heroes that counter her removed for Week 20. Under other circumstances, Tracer likely wouldn’t have been a dominating piece of many team compositions like she was this week.

Danteh took full advantage of this opportunity to punish the Gladiators using Tracer. As an extremely mobile hero, Tracer is typically used to rapidly dive support characters and retreat safely. Danteh executed this to perfection, and more. Not only did Danteh harass the Gladiator’s backline relentlessly, he made wiping the tank and DPS players seem routine as well. His Tracer prowess was duly noted by the Overwatch League, highlighting a stellar play to be the #1 play of the week for Week 20.

Houston Outlaws

For fans of the Houston Outlaws, this performance comes as a welcome relief following the May Melee Tournament. After qualifying, the Outlaws quickly fell in the knockout round of the tournament while the Gladiators made to the Quarterfinals round. Danteh and the Outlaws’ performance this weekend proves that the Outlaws are still improving. If Danteh continues this caliber of performance, expect the Outlaws to be a strong Overwatch bet in upcoming weeks.

Looking Ahead

Next week, the Houston Outlaws have a chance to continue their streak against the Florida Mayhem. Additionally, the Seoul Dynasty and Hangzhou Spark both play 2 matches in the Asian Conference. Most notable of all, the Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock will face off in OWL Week 21. Considered by many to be two of the best NA teams, this match will be an interesting indicator for their future standings. As always, check back here next week for our pick for Overwatch League Player of the Week!