Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 Betting Preview

Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 Betting Preview

Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 is the second stop for Dreamhack this year. Just two weeks ago, we saw the conclusion in Dreamhack Leipzig. The winners, BIG, received a direct invite to Dreamhack Masters Jönköping in June. The stakes remain the same for Anaheim as the winner here also gets an invite to the Masters event. With the tournament circuit finally picking up pace, it’s time to inspect these lower calibre teams. The knowledge here could come in handy for the more significant events in CSGO betting.

Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 Schedule and Format

The 3-day event will last from the 21st of February to the 23rd of February. The double-elimination GSL Groups are split into two (2) with four (4) teams in each. The opening and winner’s matches are played out as best of one’s (bo1’s) and elimination and decider matches are best of three (bo3). Only four (4) teams advance to the playoffs and in the single-elimination brackets. It takes two (2) bo3 victories in the playoffs to secure the trophy and a spot in Dreamhack Masters Jönköping.

Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 Teams
Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 Teams

Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 Group Distribution

Group A

  • ForZe
  • Endpoint
  • North

Group B

  • Complexity
  • ENCE
  • Gen.G
  • MIBR

Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 Betting Predictions


Heading into the tournament, ENCE is the highest-ranked squad sitting at #13 in the world. But the number is incredibly deceiving. It is hard to put into words how underwhelming this team has become. From thrilling finals, one of which was a major, to now barely scraping their way out of groups.

And in some cases, like in the GG.Bet Ice Challenge, getting demolished in the group stage without securing a single map. It’s a tough field for ENCE even in a tournament environment as simple as this one.

The only team that might tremble against ENCE is the Gen.G squad which hasn’t shown much apart performing in online North-American Counter-Strike. In their current state, it’s tough to consider ENCE as a contender for this tournament.


The Russian ForZe team is yet again riding a wave of good performances. After their success at BLAST Pro Series Moscow, there’s been a dip in form. That could be attributed to the various online leagues they’ve been playing in. As far as LAN is concerned, the team ended December with a win in Dreamhack Open Winter and a respectable finish in EPICENTER, beating their old rivals Virtus.Pro (The Avangar roster) and Evil Geniuses in a bo3. Unsurprisingly, the confidence they’ve built up on LAN has transferred to online play, and they got to the Dreamhack Open Anaheim by beating out Europeans teams like Winstrike, CR4ZY and, most importantly, Heroic.

Being the #2 team in terms of ranking has allowed them to evade Group B. Even though they have a good chance at making out of the groups, I see them struggling in the playoffs. The calibre of opponents on the other side of the bracket will be the biggest challenge for this team.


It’s incredibly dissatisfying seeing this team at this level of competition. Not a single organisation can compare to MIBR in terms of experience and past glories. But in the present, this is another underwhelming project. They are barely clinging on to stay relevant as a top team right now. They struggle to make it out of groups at significant events. The only sign of life we’ve seen was at BLAST Premier, by having some-what of a close game against Team Liquid.

If there ever was a time for MIBR to turn the corner it needs to be done here at Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020. They can not justify just a spot at the playoffs let alone a group stage exit. Fallen must meticulously study these teams and adapt to their looser style of play.


It’s hard to comprehend that six months ago, FURIA was the number 5 team in the world. Their explosive style caught many teams off-guard. Not to mention the usage of old-school tactics of 2014-2015 surprised a lot of teams. Just like many teams that play the gimmicky style, it simply runs out of fashion. They need to adapt, change and overcome. FURIA has done step 2 by changing out AbleJ for HEN1. It hasn’t been a fruitful endeavour as the team still seems to struggle even in North-America.

Just like for MIBR, this could be a redemption arc for this team. Leave 2019 behind come into the year fresh and prepared. Ready to rock the world.


North has made headlines for their most recent branding, looking back at Norse mythos, where they found inspiration for their new logo. Time and effort have been spent on the new looks. It’s a shame that the same effort (or money) wasn’t used to improve the CS:GO roster. By this point, the roster has become a joke. With the amount backing the results are just unacceptable. They have decided to stir things up a bit. In an unprecedented manner, they somehow brought back veteran IGL MSL after kicking him. For context, the kick happened when this team beat Astralis twice in Dreamhack Masters Stockholm.

Even though it’s a recent addition, it’s hard to think this team will reach the grand-final. MSL is more than capable of providing the plans, but he doesn’t have proper tools at his disposal.


Finally, we can switch to a team that has been rising and not just falling down the rankings. The European Complexity squad has a lot of hype behind. This Juggernaut team, apparently, receives some of the highest salaries in Global Offensive. Apart from losing in some online qualifiers, we haven’t seen that much of this squad. However, they made a significant mark in the BLAST Premier. In their very first bo3, they faced the #1 team in the world Astralis. Shockingly, they toppled Astralis 2-0, decimating the squad. Later, the same punishment was dealt to Vitality. Even though they eventually lost to Na’vi and came #2 in the group, they have been an enormous surprise.

That’s why heading into Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 they seem to be the team that can win the trophy here. It is a very skilled individual team, still lacking in teamwork, but in this competition, they shouldn’t be punished too severely.


Just like for Complexity, there are interesting storylines behind this one. Gen.G has primarily played in various qualifiers in North America. In that environment, the players you expect to perform are doing a great job in the server. BnTeT is out there destroying the opposition, with the help of another strong rifler – autimatic. It’s important to note that Gen.G consists of the 3-man core of Cloud9 which had no success last year. Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020 will be their first LAN together. No pressure.


By far the weakest team in attendance. Yet, they are just one rank below Gen.G, who are #48th in the world. Like a lot of times in Dreamhack Open’s, there’s always a team that’s a cloth below the rest. But even if they seem to be the weakest, I wouldn’t count them out entirely. They are in a more manageable group of the two (Group A). Other teams might simply prepare poorly against Endpoint. That could cost rounds, allowing for easy cash-ins with high odds.