Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 Betting Preview, Schedule & Format

Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 Betting Preview, Schedule & Format

Winter is coming and so is the next Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 event in Jonkoping, Sweden. Just like all the smaller Dreamhack Open events, it boasts a respectable 100,000$ prize purse for 8 teams. This Dreamhack event, in particular, offers some great squads from the tier 2 division of Counter-Strike. As a matter of fact, 100 Thieves were due to attend but were replaced by Godsent last minute. As always, we will inspect the teams in the event, look at the schedule and format and uncover some CSGO betting opportunities.

Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 Schedule and Format

The format is exactly the same from previous Dreamhack Open events. It is a 3 day event lasting from the 28th of November all the way to the 1st of December. The double-elimination GSL Groups are split into 2 with 4 teams in each. The opening and winner’s matches are played out as bo1’s and elimination and decider matches are bo3. Only 4 teams advance to the playoffs and in the single-elimination brackets, only 1 team can succeed and win the trophy.

Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 Group Distribution

Group A

  • ForZe
  • Furia
  • Tricked Esports

Group B

  • CR4ZY
  • Godsent
  • Heroic
  • SJ Gaming

Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 Betting Predictions


There is nothing on FURIAs’ front. The team remains to be a somewhat competitive squad, but aren’t near to their level of form from Summer. In the recent StarSeries i-League S8 event, there was a brief resurgence. The Brazilians won against some lesser squads, but it was surprising how they eliminated both Vitality and G2 from the event, with some very convincing performances. HEN1, in particular, seems to be a worthy asset and contributes as much, at times even more, than KSCERATO.

Heading to Dreamhack Masters Malmo, FURIA is the highest-rated team. It’s true they were underwhelming in the bo3’s of ESL Pro League, but in their group there really isn’t a team with the experience they have. There could be some more issues in the playoffs, especially if they meet CR4ZY or Heroic from the other side.


Heroic’s CS:GO roster is going through a turbulent period. They first lost their best player BlameF to Complexity. Afterward, they removed AWPer Natosaphix, who’s mantle has been taken over by Es3tag. Now with the addition of cadiaN, he can finally fulfill his role as the main AWPer. With the roles being switched-up, Heroic has finally begun their ascend to the top. They didn’t win Dreamhack Open Rotterdam by finishing 2nd, but successfully won the next Dreamhack event in Atlanta. They couldn’t succeed in StarSeries i-League S8, but booked a spot at EPICENTER, by defeating mousesports, North and GamerLegion along the way.

Alongside FURIA, it’s fair to say this team is expected to make an appearance in the grand final. After all, the team has begun to gel together and have shown convincing online results. But considering how tight this group is compared to group A, you should see how they play and perform on day 1, before placing your Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 Betting on them.


Next up is the European mixture of CR4ZY. After the departure of Hunter and nexa, the teams just hasn’t looked the same. Having the in-game leadership of nexa and firepower of hunter is a big loss, that there isn’t anyone to fill both gaps. In the case of CR4ZY, they did get the Bulgarian talent SHiPZ. However, as for in-game leadership, they’ve been using their coach emi. And even though they are still winning some games, they are always to the wire. In the case of Rotterdam, the event they’ve won, all the maps they won were on the double-digit territory and a lot of the maps had to go the distance of three. In Dreamhack Atlanta, they again played their opponents in a very tight manner, but their story ended sooner than anticipated here.

Betting on this CR4ZY team is a pretty big risk. Yes, there’s the odd chance both EspiranTo and SHiPZ will pop-off to win the game, but that’s a risk I wouldn’t encourage taking. Instead, you can use the fact, that their firepower isn’t that great and look for some handicap opportunities.


The Russian team ForZe had their biggest spike in popularity during the Major, especially considering their hot results. Even after the Major ended up not going their way, it looked like they will remain a relevant contender for the top 10. However, not so much. In their tier 2 level of Counter-Strike, their results have been up-and-down. They’ve remained a valiant opponent in the regular season of ESEA MDL, by finishing 2nd, however, have taken loses in the various online cups, when actual bo3’s are played out.

When it comes to choosing potential dark-horses for betting this is the type of team to look forward to. Their familiarity with facing such level of opponents will come-in-handy in the offline environment.

Tricked Esports

At first glance, it appeared like it is another fruitless endeavor for HUNDEN. He has built up a team of talented youngsters and it’s only a matter of time until a bigger organization comes to pick them up. Lucky for HUNDEN, and the squad in general, they’ve only lost one piece of the puzzle – BORUP. Meanwhile, the addition roej is somewhat of a downgrade, but it’s this roster that won their first real title in the V4 Future Sports Festival. Yet, they couldn’t achieve the same level of success in Ukraine and finished 2nd in WePlay’s Forge of Masters.

Speaking of another potential dark-horse, this is the roster to look for. The team has a solid base of teamwork and communication, that teams at this level seem to miss. They also have just the right map pool depth to win bo3’s and could achieve great things at Dreamhack Open Winter 2019.


Godsent return to Counter-Strike with thunder as in their first-ever appearance on lan when the team won the Forge of Masters event. The wins against GamerLegion and ForZe aren’t too surprising, but it’s the way they beat Tricked 2-0 that’s shocking. But apart from this one aspiration, this squad has been good at the best of times. They’ve remained as one of the more consistent teams in this level of Counter-Strike, but never being able to punch the weight above their weight. In Dreamhack Open Winter 2019 that will be a must if they want to win the finals.

Apart from that, Godsent is a useful team to wage some CSGO bets on. In their opening game, they will face CR4ZY, a team that hasn’t performed up-to-snuff. If there’s an opportunity for this team to deal damage, it’s definitely going to be in the group stage.

SJ Gaming

For many Counter-Strike viewers, this a team name that doesn’t appear too often. Apart from participating in various online cups and leagues and having some experience, this roster might surprise the most. Even if they don’t look like much, they come from a similar land of Counter-Strike. They’ve had opportunities to play against the teams here and they are far from being an unknown team.

Considering their position, it’s not a terrible idea at making some bets on these guys. Though going all-out is a big risk and it’s more preferable to make smaller bets on the opening game to see their form at the event.


This team is literally an unknown quantity. Due to the Swedish qualifier, this squad has secured the 8th spot. There’s really no valuable information on these guys and it’s hard not go against them. Considering the field of this Dreamhack Open, it’s fair to say that MARSKALK will remain to be a blip on the radar and won’t achieve anything significant here.

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