ECS Season 8 Finals Recap -

ECS Season 8 Finals Recap

Astralis showed once again why they are the best team in the world, winning ECS Season 8 Finals.

The eighth season of Esports Championship Series was held at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas and took place on November 28 – December 1. After five weeks of competition, eight teams: four from Europe and four from North America went to battle for a $500,000 prize pool.

ECS Season 8 Finals Group Stage

The teams were divided into two groups, consisting of four teams each. The opening matches of the group stage were BO1, while the winners’, losers’ and deciders’ matches and the playoffs were BO3.

Group A

Group B

  • Liquid
  • Evil Geniuses
  • NiP

  • Astralis
  • fnatic
  • MIBR
  • Sharks

Group A

The opening match of ECS Season 8 Finals was between Evil Geniuses and AVANGAR. The No.2 team in the world were the CSGO betting favourites and won the first half on Dust2 10:5. The Kazakhstani team didn’t give up. They replied winning four rounds in a row of the second half, but that wasn’t enough. EG outclassed them and won six out of the seven remaining rounds to claim the win 16:10.

In the other opening match, Liquid faced NiP. The ninjas were destroyed, getting only four rounds on Mirage.

The winners’ match was expected to be a clash between the two best North American organizations. They had to determine who the best NA team is right now.

Liquid started pretty strong and won the first half with a 12:3 score. They only gave only more round until the end of the map, winning Inferno 16:4.
The second map was Dust2. It was far more interesting because both teams showed what they are capable of. Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov tried his best, dropping 32 kills, but his team lost again this time 14:16.

In the elimination match NiP didn’t have any trouble. They beat AVANGAR 2:0, winning Train 16:12 and Overpass 16:6.

Thus we had to see EG vs NiP in the decider. The Swedes won the first map Train 16:11 and were really close to winning Nuke, but Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte with his 33 kills stopped them and clinched the win for the Americans 16:14. The last map was Inferno. It was tied until the end, where EG have won five rounds in a row and knocked NiP out if the tournament.

Group B

Astralis vs Sharks was the first match of group B. It should have been a one-sided affair, but the Brazilians showed that they must not be underestimated. The South Americans first got to fifteen rounds, but Astralis managed to tie the score and win the overtime, closing Nuke 19:15.

In the other opening match, fnatic faced MIBR. Jesper “JW” Wecksell played out of his mind, scoring 32 kills and helped his team win Inferno 16:9.

The Swedish squad, who were ranked No.3 in the world during the tournament, had to meet the No.1 team in the world, to determine who will go to the semi-finals. Astralis picked Nuke as the first map and lost only six rounds. On the second – Inferno, there was a lot more action. fnatic tried their best and were really close to winning but in the end, the Danes clinched the win 16:14 and moved to the playoffs.

The Brazilian derby between Sharks and MIBR was highly expected to be very interesting. Vertigo started pretty strong for the MIRB side, winning the first half 12:3, but Sharks tried to make a comeback. They almost succeeded but Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe with his 33 kills, 1.41 rating crushed their dreams in the 29th round, ending the map with 16:13 score for MIBR.

Train was far more easy for Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his men. They didn’t give any chance to Sharks and closed the map 16:7.

We had to see a rematch between fnatic and MIBR in the decider. This time Ludvid “Brollan” Brolin with his 53 kills over the two maps (Vertigo 16:9, Inferno 16:13) sent MIBR packing.

ECS Season 8 Finals Semi-Finals

The top four teams in the world made their way through the group stage to meet in the playoffs.

Astralis put up such a strong performance on their opponents’ map pick, Inferno 16:8, that it was hard to believe we were watching a game between two teams separated by just one place in the rankings. EG fought valiantly on Nuke 16:13 – a map where the Danes once again showed some problems at this event, only to be completely outclassed on Overpass 6:16, where Astralis were in cruise control.

The other semi-final between Liquid and fnatic would be another three map series. The Swedes showed they are a team to be feared on Overpass winning it 16:5. Liquid, in the same way, achieved the same score on their map – Inferno and sent the match into a decider map. Mirage was by far the closest map but in the end, the North American organization shut down fnatic and won it 16:10.

ECS Season 8 Finals Grand Final

This match was the ninth time Astralis and Liquid had met each other in 2019. The latter picked Vertigo as the first map and won it in overtime 19:15. The Danes managed to roll back to win Nuke 16:11 and everything had to be decided in the last map of the tournament. Liquid had previously found their success against Astralis on Dust2, but this time Nicolai “device” Reedtz with his 29 kills helped his team to close the map 16:8.

Astralis are the ECS Season 8 Finals champions

Astralis took home the ECS Season 8 Finals championship title and the $225,000 grand prize. device has been named the MVP of the tournament.

ECS Season 8 Finals standings:

1st. Astralis – $225,000
2nd. Liquid – $100,000
3-4th. fnatic – $50,000
3-4th. Evil Geniuses – $50,000
5-6th. MIBR – $25,000
5-6th NiP – $25,000
7-8th AVANGAR – $12,500
7-8th Sharks – $12,500

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