Evil Geniuses Introduce Mixed-Gender Team For Valorant

Esports organisation Evil Geniuses has created quite a splash by introducing their new mixed-gender team for competitive Valorant this season. Veteran Counter Strike player, Christine “Potter” Chi, will be captaining the new team.

She had a strong career in the CS1.6 and CS:GO scenes, with 7 world title wins under her belt on a variety of teams, including SK Gaming Ladies, UBINITED and CLG Red. She has been an analyst since early 2019, after stepping out of the competitive scene, but seems well and truly ready to compete again:   

The Mixed-Gender Team

Chi will be leading Aleksandar “Aleksandar” Hinojosa and Nolan “Temperature” Pepper, two players from Moon Racoons, which recently split up after losses to NRG and Spacestation Gaming in the NSG Winter Championship placed them 8th in the tournament.

Claudia “Clawdia” Che played with Potter previously on GX3. The pair made it to the finals of the FTW Summer Showdown without dropping a game, but were taken out of the tournament by their opposition, MAJKL, giving them a second-place finish. The team is rounded out with Ronan “Osias” Javelona who has played for Mamba Mode Gaming and more recently, Teal Seam.   

Evil Geniuses Making Waves

A mixed-gender team is a unique step for any organisation, especially in a developing competitive scene, but as Evil Geniuses are a well-established Esports company, it is an even more surprising development. While most people would expect a larger organisation to pick up only top players, EG have decided to take on mostly tier 2 players and hope to mould them into a strong unit.

EG told Dot Esports that they have specifically built the roster around Potter after hearing she had expressed interest in competitive Valorant —playing with Clawdia in the FTW Summer Showdown had caused her to “want to compete again”. They were also quick to suggest that this new mixed-gender roster was not created simply for diversity’s sake and is instead about the organisation doing it their own way, as opposed to “purchasing a team and bringing in five folks from another roster.”

This seems in-keeping with the words on the Evil Geniuses website, where they state that they “set new bars by consistently choosing what’s right, not just what’s typical.”

Era of the Mixed-Gender Team

While this new EG team isn’t necessarily typical, their first game was a win. A 2-0 victory over MROrgless in the Champions Tour North America. They were, however, knocked out of the qualifiers in their next series.

Regardless of initial results, it will be interesting to see not only how this new Evil Geniuses roster develops as a squad, but also how other organisations react to the concept of mixed-gender teams.