Furia Esports And Their Path To Top Counter-Strike

Furia Esports And Their Path To Top Counter-Strike

It’s no secret. Brazilian Counter-Strike has had a rough time. Since 2018, from the rebirth of the MiBR brand, the roster has been underwhelming. The additions of Stewie2k and Tarik allowed the roster to float around the Top 10 teams. But it never reached its full potential. Half-a-year later they dropped the North-Americans in pursuit of a full Brazilian team. Though it seems that the move has brought even more instability to the roster.

As MiBR is having its own issues to deal with, there is a new Brazilian team on the horizon. A team that the fans of Brazilian Counter-Strike can get behind.

Furia’s Early Competitive Journey

When you think about Furia, many will remember their showing in Dreamhack Masters Dallas and the IEM Katowice minors. However, the 4-man core of this roster has been competing for over a year now. On May 2018, they began their journey in their local scene of Brazil. It wasn’t too long until they began dominating the local scene. They won the 20,000$ GG.Bet Ascao Invitational, ESL Premier League Brazil and others. Most notably, their first international experience would be in America’s minors, because Furia secured the slot for Brazil.

In said minor, Furia wasn’t able to succeed. They lost the opening match 16-7 to Complexity on Cache and the elimination match to Dignitas 2-0. But the players from Furia wouldn’t return back home after the minor. They would stay in the North-American region as it allowed more exposure and possibilities to compete.

Furia’s Next Step

Furia began their next step in North-America with a roster change. AbleJ joined the roster for long time player spacca. This was a good move by Furia. With their newest player in the team, they secured a slot in the North-American minor for the Katowice major, by beating Swole Patrol and the Brazilian rivals of Luminosity. In the minor, the team qualified for the next stage of the qualifier, by eliminating teams like Envy and INTZ in their path.

Whilst on their stay in Europe, Furia took part in a 50,000$ online tournament called WePlay! Lock and Load. The Brazilians would continue to turn head in their group. They secured 2-1 victories over the likes of Heroic as well as Winstrike, but couldn’t get pass Hellraisers in the quarter-finals.

With the experience they acquired in Europe, the team was able to breeze through the regular season of MDL. They didn’t lose a single map in the groups and went on to win MDL with 23 maps won and only 1 map lost in the quarter-finals.

The Pieces Which Make The Picture

By this point, teams have begun taking a closer look on the Brazilian roster of Furia. What made them tick? The first thing to note, is the map pool of this team. Primarily, it consists of a lot of tactical maps. Overpass, Inferno, and Nuke are 3 of the maps with the highest win-rate in the past 3 months. The latter one was played 19 times with a win rate of 89%.

In terms of talents, this team is a treath. When discussing Furia you have to mention the individuals. Because the team prefers to play in a more aggressive play-style, that allows some of the players to have very good performances. One of the names which stand out is the 19-year-old KSCERATO. Considered as the new coldzera, he is one of the sought-out players in the csgo market. It was even reported, that MiBR tried to buy him out from Furia. He has surprisingly good aim and that’s why in a lot of bombsite hits on the t side, he goes out first to find the entries. More often than not, it’s a death sentence to be in such a hard role, but not for KSCERATO as he is able to excel under the circumstances.

Furia’s Dreamhack Dallas Run

The culmination of this teams trials and tribulations were in Dreamhack Masters Dallas. Early on in group A, the team secured their first victory against the likes of NRG in a bo1. Later on, they faced the Swedes Fnatic. Yet again Furia had great early starts on both maps which allowed to secure pretty quick victories in a 2-0 fashion.

Furia went on to face ENCE to determine who will go to the semis and the quarter-finals. The Map veto worked out really well for the Brazilians because the maps were Overpass, Train and Nuke, all in that order. However, Furia picked up Train and the series went in favor of ENCE.

In the playoffs, the Furia storyline didn’t stop. They went on to beat the Frenchmen of Vitality 2-0 (both maps 16-8). But their biggest challenge came against the eventual winners of Liquid. Furia had a good showing on the first map Nuke, but it was still a 2-0 victory for Liquid.


All in all, we are expecting great things from this team. Their consistent improvement and great showing, especially their current run at ECS S7 Finals, shows that they are on their way to the top. They just beat Astralis 2-1 in a decider match and just also won versus north in a 2-0 fashion in the playoffs.