LCS 2020 Summer Preview |

LCS 2020 Summer Preview

The LCS 2020 Spring Split has come and gone. With MSI being cancelled, the Summer Split is next up for the North American teams. Today we look at the ten LCS teams and how they should do in the Summer Split. We will put them into four categories for today, starting at the bottom and working up from there. Without further ado, let’s get started.

4. The Bottom Feeders Of The LCS 2020

LCS Spring 2020 CLG Worst Team |

The Teams: CLG

There’s really no way around this. CLG are in a league of their own, in the completely undesirable way. Pobelter was the best player on this team, and that is not a good sign. It is terrible because he is likely the second cheapest player on the roster after Wiggly, who is on a rookie deal.  

If it is any indication as to how bad this team is, they were four wins behind ninth place. At 3-13 they tied for the second-worst match score and second-worst game score in LCS history. They also made no offseason moves.

If there are two things you should take away from this article, one of them should be to never do LoL betting on CLG.

3. Outside Looking In

LCS Summer Hopefuls |

The Teams: Immortals, Dignitas, Golden Guardians

These teams are the ones that will try to reach playoffs but will likely miss them in the long run. Each has their own issues we will quickly talk about.

            Dignitas might be in the worst spot of the bunch come Summer. Unlike CLG, they have some talent on their roster in Johnsun and Froggen. The issue comes from the mediocrity of the roster as a unit. No player on Dignitas can be considered a true star. Akaadian and Aphromoo will need to revert to form of years past if they want to succeed. But we have been ignoring the elephant in the room. With the release of Huni, Lourlo will likely be the starting top laner come Summer. He’s no Solo, but he can be relied upon to not lose games in most cases. We still see this team in either eighth or ninth.

            Immortals are the oldest team in the league again, huzzah! That’s the problem though, they are old players all far past their prime. Having Apollo and Hakuho together for a whole split should make them a bit more consistent, but we don’t think it is enough. Overall this team just screams old dogs and mediocrity, who will struggle to beat the teams that emerged in Spring. With the expanded eight-team playoff, they have a 50/50 shot of making it.

            Golden Guardians are a hard team to measure. On paper, they are the second least talented roster in the league, but they pulled a playoff berth out of their asses in Spring. We don’t think they can pull a repeat miracle in Summer. Simply put, the star power isn’t there. Their team synergy and habit of pulling wins out of nowhere should net them the seventh or eighth seed in playoffs. The gap between GG and FlyQuest was incredibly apparent in that first round, so we expect this team to be a one and done.

2. LCS 2020 Worlds Hopefuls

2020 Worlds Hopeful Summer Split |

The Teams: Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest

We probably could have split this category into two, but we feel each of these teams has a chance to make it to Worlds.

Team Liquid might be the oddest in this bunch. They just traded their franchise player, but there is a caveat. Tactical looked good when he was on the rift and was a top ADC in Academy. He doesn’t carry the emotional baggage of Doublelift and has the potential of a top tier LCS ADC. The rest of the team, who reportedly had issues with Doublelift’s attitude, should be better off teaching the young gun than dealing with a stubborn old veteran. Broxah will be in NA for the entire split, meaning that the synergy issues and miscommunication shouldn’t exist this split. We expect TL to re-emerge as a top-three team.

100 Thieves are the team with the lowest point of the lot. The team has solid talent, but over relies on Ssumday to bail them out of sticky situations. When players like Solo, Licorice, BrokenBlade, and Impact are opposite him, this becomes much more difficult. This team will no doubt make playoffs again, but synergy combined with execution could make results vary. 100 Thieves can range from a sixth-place team or a second-place team.

Evil Geniuses are at worst a top-four team in the LCS. Their biggest issues are the tendency to coinflip in big games and having Kumo in the top lane. What was once a coveted top prospect has now been shown as a lesser top laner in the LCS 2020. Every other LCS team in the top six has a star top. If the meta favours them, they could go all the way to finals. However, with EG there is equal room for choking as there is success.

Team SoloMid are possibly the most talked about team in the mid-season, for the wrong reasons. But we am not a Thorin or Montecristo trying to blast TSM for alleged colluding. As a team, we don’t see massive improvement. Kobbe was among the best ADC in NA, consistently reliable and efficient. When accounting for gold investment versus return, Kobbe and Bio were among the best bottom lanes in NA. The real problem was Dardoch. Even during real Dardoch hours, it wasn’t a fun time. He consistently faltered in a utility role, preferring a carry style better fit for another team. Unless Dardoch can adapt, we don’t see TSM going to the World Championship.

FlyQuest are the lovable underdog that fought all the odds for the trees. If you just looked at the numbers, FlyQuest look like the fifth or sixth best team. But when Solo is in the game, something happens to the tree huggers. Without Solo, FlyQuest posted a record of 8-9. With him they went 12-9. Three of those losses were against Cloud9. So, when not facing the greatest team in NA history and playing Solo, FQ is 12-6. That would be good enough for second in Spring. If Turtle, PoE, IgNar, and Santorin can rally behind the comeback player of 2020, FlyQuest can make Worlds. 

1. Cloud9

LCS 2020 Summer Favourites Cloud9 | MyEsportsBettingOdds

The Teams: Cloud9, Cloud9, Cloud9

            Did you really expect anyone else at the top? C9 lost only two games in 2019, and one of those was in semifinals. The boys in blue are the greatest team North America has ever seen.

Blaber deserved MVP for being the jungle itself in North America. Vulcan achieved the god-like form we have been saying he has for two years. Zven had a renaissance of epic proportions, leading the LCS 2020 in KDA. Licorice and Nisqy are the one-two punch that generate leads by merely existing. Nisqy had the lowest kill and gold share among mids in the LCS 2020. He was still the best mid by a country mile. That’s how good this team is.

If they do not repeat, it will be the greatest upset in LCS history. Remember how we said earlier that there were two major takeaways? The second is to always bet on Cloud9. You won’t win much because of how overwhelmingly favoured they will be. But they won 93% of games they played this year, 27-2. You will win that almost every time.