Competitive League is in full swing, and here we will cover one of the major leagues, the North American LCS. It may not be the best League out there, but it still brings a lot of excitement and close games. In these series of articles, we aim to provide our insights on how the weeks’ games will play out, and hopefully, giving some of you the ability to earn some money in the meantime. Let’s get on with our LCS Summer 2020 Week 8 preview!

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LCS Week 8 Day 1 – Friday

  1. Team Liquid (Win @1.28) – Dignitas
  2. Evil Geniuses (Win @2.10) – TSM

Doubles – Bet 10 EUR – Potential Return 26.88 EUR

The first day of the LCS Summer 2020 Week 8 consists of two completely different games. Liquid are big favourites against Dignitas, especially after their win over C9. They showed off great macro, outmanoeuvring their opponents during the mid-game from a deficit. Even though Dignitas won against EG, the win was more based on the mistakes of their opponents. Liquid should definitely win this.

The other game of the day is more up for grabs. TSM comes from a 2-0 week, but against relatively weak teams. However, with Doublelift and Bjergsen on the same page, they have two players that can carry games by themselves. EG have gone through some changes in the last few weeks, bringing in Huni in the top lane as well as starting GoldenGlue over Jiizuke in the mid lane. Huni has already surpassed Kumo in kda and kill participation, giving EG another lane to carry through. Their last week was somewhat shaky, but we still really liked their direction and how they approached their games. We’re predicting a small upset here, with a win for EG, as long as GoldenGlue and Bang kan keep up with Bjergsen and Doublelift.

LCS Week 8 Day 2 – Saturday

  1. 100 Thieves – FlyQuest (Win @1.51)
  2. Cloud 9 (Win @1.20) – Golden Guardians
  3. Counter Logic Gaming – Team Liquid (Win @1.30)
  4. Dignitas (Win @1.77) – Immortals

Quads – Bet 10 EUR – Potential Return 41.69 EUR

FlyQuest comes from a 2-0 week as well, proving once again that they are a team that can be dangerous in the playoffs. Their biggest strength, their teamwork and coordination, also shows their biggest weakness. They lack a main carry to play through when the going gets rough. However, against a 100T team that is worse in every lane except for top, it should be enough for another win for FlyQuest in LCS Summer 2020 Week 8.

Golden Guardians are also in the fight for a playoff seed, and they have been playing well recently. The main guy behind this is undoubtedly Closer. Unfortunately, he is up against Blaber in this matchup, the best jungler in the LCS at the moment. C9 will also be out for revenge after their loss against TL last week, as they will be aiming to prove themselves in the LCS Summer 2020 Week 8. This will be an easy win for C9.

The game between CLG and TL should also be another one-sided one. CLG has for the last few weeks showed great skill in doing absolutely nothing. They don’t trade, and they don’t contest objectives. Against the greatest macro team in the League, they will have a hard time. We predict an easy win for TL and great performances from Broxah and CoreJJ.

The last game of the day is not a very exciting one. The two last-placed teams are facing off, and we wouldn’t blame anyone for turning off their stream. However, the odds should be pretty similar, which makes this a worthwhile LoL Bet. Immortals looked abysmal last week, not really putting up any resistance. Sure, they have some experience in Xmithie, but he cannot carry the whole team over the finish line. On the other hand, Dignitas has this. Their macro and shot-calling might not be very good, but they have talented players that can outplay their opponents. We believe this will be a rather tight game, but we see Dignitas emerging victorious in the end.

LCS Week 8 Day 3 – Sunday

  1. Golden Guardians (Win @1.51) – Counter Logic Gaming
  2. TSM – Cloud 9 (Win @1.36)
  3. FlyQuest – Evil Geniuses (Win @1.89)
  4. Immortals – 100 Thieves (Win @1.60)

Quads – Bet 10 EUR – Potential Return 62.10 EUR

Golden Guardians is a decent team at the moment, CLG, on the other hand, is not. We don’t think the equation is any harder than that for this game. Golden Guardians should win and keep their playoff hopes alive.

The next game should be a very fun one. The two most classic orgs in North American League of Legends, with good current rosters as well. With both teams at their peak, this would be a tough game to predict. However, Cloud 9 are very much closer to their peak right now, and therefore should be able to take the win. TSM has to rely on individual performances from mid and bot, for in the top side of the map, they are completely outclassed. We predict a win for C9.

Another fun game with two teams fighting to increase their playoff seed chances. EG, powered by individual carry potential, against FlyQuest, one of the best all-around teams in the League. With another week to train with Huni and GoldenGlue, we believe the individual talent of EG will prevail and net them a victory.

The last game of the day has minor implications for the playoff race, unless 100T actually beats FlyQuest during Saturday’s game. If they do, they should be well on their way for a much needed 2-0 week, since we don’t really see Immortals contesting anyone right now. Of course, they could win the draft so hard they shouldn’t be able to lose. But this is NA. Most teams are not clean enough to win in the way they should, least of all Immortals. 100T is better in all aspects, and because of that, we predict they’ll win.

Hope you enjoyed reading these predictions, and hopefully, they will be correct and net someone, somewhere, some prize money!

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