We have arrived at the last week of the regular season, the LCS Summer 2020 Week 9, and pretty much everything is up for grasp. No seeds are locked just yet, which should make this last week of games very exciting. Last week didn’t turn out great for us, especially with the slumps of both EG and C9. This week will hopefully be better, as we both have some clear cut games and some more evenly contested ones. Here’s our LoL betting preview for the week!


LCS Week 9 Day 1 Banner

LCS Week 9 Day 1 – Friday


  • Dignitas – Cloud 9 (ML @1.15)
  • TSM (ML @1.51) – Golden Guardians


Dignitas vs. Cloud9

C9, who has been considered the best team throughout the year, is in a slump. They lost both games last week and seemed vulnerable. Their two biggest weaknesses right now are Nisqy in the mid lane as well as Blaber in the jungle (and his champion pool). Dignitas also lost both games last week, including a devastating loss against their bottom rival Immortals. Two teams on the down low, but one has to win. It’s hard to bet against C9 here even though they are slumping. They will win, but will probably not be as clean as it usually is.


TSM vs. Golden Guardians

TSM and Golden Guardians on the other hand, are two teams that are on an upwards trajectory. Both had good showings last week, and this should be an exciting game. I will give the edge to TSM, based only on one thing, the great form Bjergsen has shown recently. He carries, and he carries on different types of champions, making it very hard for other teams to draft against TSM. I think this will propel TSM to a win.


LCS Week 9 Day 2 Banner

LCS Week 9 Day 2 – Saturday


  • Immortals – Team Liquid (ML @1.17)
  • Golden Guardians (ML @1.77) – Evil Geniuses
  • Counter Logic Gaming – FlyQuest (ML @1.33)
  • 100 Thieves – Dignitas (ML @1.46)


Immortals vs. Team Liquid

In the first game of the day, we have TL who can secure first seed with a win, against Immortals who are chasing playoffs. They won their all-important game against Dignitas last week, giving them a solid chance for playoffs, especially if they can win this game. However, I don’t think they will. TL has played really well lately, and with their solid macro, this game should not be a problem. #TLWin.


Golden Guardians vs. Evil Geniuses

Last week I expressed great faith in the new line-up of EG. I was sorely disappointed. Huni looked out of sync with the rest of the team, getting caught out in bad situations. Another week of practice has hopefully helped some, but against a Golden Guardians team that is significantly in form, it will still be tough. GG has one of, if not the, best bot lanes right now, with both FBI and Huhi playing extremely well. If they can keep their play up, they will both be GGs win condition, as well as taking away EGs most prominent win condition, Bang. I believe they’ll manage to do it, giving the Golden Guardians a win.


Counter Logic Gaming vs. FlyQuest

About this game, there is not much to say. FlyQuest are reliable, and I have zero faith in this current CLG team. Easy win for the boys in green.


100 Thieves vs. Dignitas

Assuming CLG lose their final games, there is still a chance for Dignitas to get into the playoffs. First of all, this would require them to win at least one game this weekend. Against 100T, they have a slight chance. It will take a magnificent performance; however, since 100T have been very good against the teams below them this split. Since they want to make sure they make playoffs, I think 100T will be focused enough to get a win in this game, ending the split for Dignitas.


LCS Week 9 Day 3 Banner

LCS Week 9 Day 3 – Sunday


  • Cloud 9 (ML @1.17) – Counter Logic Gaming
  • Evil Geniuses (ML @1.71) – 100 Thieves
  • Team Liquid (ML @1.65) – TSM
  • FlyQuest  – Immortals (ML @3.45)


Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

If there is a time to panic, it is when there’s a chance that C9 doesn’t manage to beat CLG. Even though CLG are fighting for their playoff lives, C9 should be one step ahead across the whole map. I think C9 should see this as an opportunity to play a good game and get some momentum for them heading into playoffs. In case it wasn’t clear already, I have zero faith in CLG. #C9Win


Evil Geniuses vs. 100 Thieves

At this point, both 100T and EG probably have their seeds decided and can play without pressure. And I think this will benefit EG greatly. They get a game where their new line-up can mesh further, against a slightly weaker team. We will also get a fun matchup in the top lane, with two Korean stars battling it out. Hopefully, we get to see some fun picks and outplays. As a whole team, however, I hold EG a little bit higher. I’ll give them the edge in this one.


Team Liquid vs. TSM

This will be the main event of the weekend. The biggest game of the weekend, between the two best teams in the league at the moment. This will all be about sending a message before playoffs, showing who will be the team to beat. I predict a very close game, but also a game with less action and fewer kills than others. I think this will benefit TL the most, which will give them a narrow win.


FlyQuest vs. Immortals

Last game of the regular split should be a one-sided one. However, with FlyQuest already looking ahead to the playoffs, and Immortals fighting to get into them, I believe an upset could be on the cards. If Immortals can draft well and execute their game plan, I definitely see them having the talent to win this one. Combined with the fact that their motivation to win should be higher coming into the game, I think we will see the upset become a reality. I see an Immortals win.


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