LEC NEOM Partnership Caster Backlash

LEC NEOM Partnership Causes Caster Backlash

The LEC just announced their official summer partner NEOM. Neom is a Saudi based company currently working on their so-called ‘living laboratory’. NEOM is currently being built in north-west Saudi Arabia, and aims to create a model for sustainable living, working and prospering. However, this LEC NEOM partnership brought it with it quite the tide of backlash.

LEC NEOM Backlash

Just as we’re bringing an end to a pride week, the LEC decide to announce their partnership Twitter (which was earlier today). The sad part about all this is how the LEC was supposedly one of the most inclusive and welcoming esports scene. They even went ahead to change their logo colors to include those of the LGBTQi community, but people are speculating how this could have just been a public stunt to show how they can get on with the times.

The contradiction is rather a serious one, as suddenly they are rubbing elbows with one of the most exclusive countries in the world. They are dealing with a company who is based somewhere where same-sex marriage is illegal, and if you are found to be not a heterosexual, you will be prosecuted by the law.

LEC Caster started tweeting their discomfort and their discontent. They even went on to say that this is not what the LEC truly stand for. These casters include the likes of Sjokz, Medic, Drakos, Froskurinn. Quickshot on the other hand shared a shocking article on how the $500 bn megacity is being built on the Huwaitat’s tribe blood.

It’s quite a sad day for the LEC in general, as fans all across the globe expected better. Fans are expecting the LEC to remove the LGBTQi colors from their logo, as clearly this is not what they truly believe with this LEC NEOM Partnership.

The esports scene was shaken before with racism turmoil, but now we must also look into the LGBTQi inclusion.