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OWL Player of the Week – Week 15 – Libero

Welcome back to the Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 15! This week, the Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock continued their win streaks with dominant 3-0 wins against their opponents. Surprising to some, the Florida Mayhem also defeated the Washington Justice in convincing fashion, continuing their undefeated streak this month. Last week, our choice for best player in the OWL went to an integral support main with the Guangzhou Charge. This week, we give the award to Libero, a player who was essential in leading the New York Excelsior to victory. 

Libero – Player of the Week

The Overwatch League Player of the Week is Hae-Song “Libero” Kim. A veteran DPS player for the New York Excelsior, Libero achieved 81 eliminations, 38 final blows, and 43k hero damage. A mainstay of his NY roster, Libero has been part of the Excelsior since the inaugural season of the OWL. Having long been part of the OWL, Libero has adapted to the many meta changes that occurred as Overwatch evolves. Because of this, it’s no surprise to see Libero already becoming proficient on the newly-introduced hero Echo.

Week 15 LIBERO Player Of The Week

Libero’s Flex

Across his Overwatch League career, Libero has long been labelled a flex DPS player, responsible for playing whatever hero is necessary given the current game meta. His player profile lists 5 different heroes under his “signature hero” category, and this isn’t including Echo. In a time where most teams rotate out speciality players depending on their preferred composition, players like Libero are rare. In basic terms, this is simply because it is extremely difficult to consistently perform at the highest level of play on a wide variety of diverse heroes. 

OWL 2020 Atlantic Conference North Division New York Excelsior -

Despite this, Libero has consistently defied this norm by excelling at whatever hero he chooses. This week, Echo was no exception. Libero played a crucial role in turning the tide of many of the Excelsior’s teamfights against the Spark. This fact did not go unnoticed during the Overwatch League’s “Film Room” series, in which they credit Libero with securing a key team fight victory on Watchpoint Gibraltar versus the Spark. Using Echo’s ultimate ability to prolong his life and Focus Fire to deal huge damage against the Spark’s tanks, Libero masterfully utilized Echo to secure the teamfight. With Libero leading the Excelsior, expect them to remain a solid Overwatch bet in upcoming weeks.

Looking Ahead – May Melee

Looking ahead to next week, competition will look a little different from a typical week. This is because the OWL is hosting the May Melee tournament, with top teams from both Asia and NA competing in seeded brackets over the weekend. Seeding for this tournament is based on a team’s record for only Ma rather than for the entire season. Because of this, we already know that the Guangzhou Charge have already locked in to the semifinals of the Asia bracket because they went undefeated in May, despite the Shanghai Dragons having a much better record.

In the NA region, the San Francisco Shock, Florida Mayhem, and Philadelphia Fusion have all went undefeated in the month of May. Next week, expect these top teams to be battling it out with other teams working their way through the bracket for a top spot in the OWL May Melee tournament. As always, check back here next week for our pick for OWL Player of the Week!