We have arrived at the LOL Worlds 2020 Finals Stage. We can see the end and the clash that awaits. Possibly the biggest match in esports this year. And that is not just for League of Legends, but for all other esports titles too. On one side we have DAMWON representing Korea. On the other side, we have Suning representing China. An LCK vs. LPL finals. To make this match even more hype, go check out our LOL betting guide.

LOL Worlds 2020 Finals – DAMWON Gaming Vs. Suning

Saturday 31 October 11.00 CET

The magnitude of this game is hard to grasp. It is a clash between the two most dominant regions ever. Korea dominated the scene for 5 years (2013-2017), during which time DAMWON as a team wasn’t even on the cards. Since 2017 it has been the LPL who has dominated, with two worlds wins in a row. Now, it has come down to one last match to decide which of these regions is the strongest. Remember that China didn’t beat the LCK in any of the two last finals. Also, the last time the LCK and LPL faced off in the finals was back in 2014, when Uzi faced off with the most dominant team ever in Samsung White.

The Domination Of DAMWON

DAMWON have looked extremely clean the whole tournament. Finishing their group first, they vanquished DRX in three quick games then crushed G2 in four games, with the last one ending in under 20 minutes. As soon as DAMWON gets a lead, it feels like the game is over. They remind me of the old SKT-teams, who only needed a small lead in one lane to be able to spread this to a win across the map. Also, when they are behind, they use smart macro and decision-making to slowly get closer. This will be a problem for Suning, who has shown a weakness in closing out games.

Flexibility In All Lanes Could Be What Crowns DAMWON LOL Worlds 2020 Finals Crown

DAMWON also win through multiple lanes. A trend that has been shown this tournament is that they always start off with a clear weak side. One game it can be Nuguri just farming it up on Lulu, and the next game he can bring out a hard carry. And here we arrive at the biggest difference between this team and last year’s iteration, the bot lane. They have showed great qualities this tournament. Beryl has created clutch fights with his engagements. Ghost has punished mistakes and carried games when ahead. There really is no weakness in this team.

It is then all woven together by the precise movements from Showmaker and Canyon. They move in ways so that they always find a way to match the play of the other team, either by countering their opponents play or just trading on the other side of the map.

The Charming Fearlessness Of Suning

Suning has not looked as dominant as DAMWON in terms of macro play and decision-making. One big criticism they received after their semi-finals win over TES, was that they didn’t close out the game cleanly. They are not the picture-perfect League of Legends team. But damn are they good. Beating both the LPL first and second seed 3-1 is no small feat, and that goes to show that they can take down any team in the world.

Right now, they are the best team fighters and skirmishers, lead by the madman Sofm in the jungle. And looking over at DAMWON, they might get an edge with their fighting. In the games that DAMWON actually have lost this tournament, it has been because the opponents didn’t stop forcing fights on them. I have a feeling that Suning will do the same. Let’s also hope for some spicy plays from Huanfeng, who made everyone scream with his insane Jhin ultimate against JDG.

The Perfect Meta

As is often the case at worlds, the meta really favours certain teams. And these teams go far. In 2017 you had the ardent censer meta, in which the best macro scaling team, Samsung Galaxy, won the tournament. In 2018 it was the solo lane kingdom meta where IG triumphed on the backs the extreme mechanical skills of Rookie, Ning and TheShy. And in 2019 it was the roam meta where Doinb in the mid lane managed to affect all parts of the map.

This year, it is the jungle carry meta, and Suning has the perfect carry jungler in Sofm. He is then enabled through extremely aggressive lanes, who create pressure which Sofm can use to invade and create leads. The top lane matchup between Bin and Nuguri will be especially interesting. Bin continues to tradition of mechanically skilled and hyper-aggressive LPL-tops. Nuguri on the other hand is the immovable object, rarely going even in lane and even more rarely losing. The top lane will be vital to lifting the trophy.

Finally, Swordart needs to step up big for Suning. He is the leader of the team, the player with the most experience. And also essential to Suning in starting fights and skirmishes. If Swordart can outperform and out-roam Beryl, Suning stands a chance.

LOL Worlds 2020 Finals – The Match Of The Year

In a year when most things around the world have been bad, the LOL Worlds 2020 Finals feels more than welcome. Nuguri against Bin. Sofm versus Canyon. Showmaker battling it out with Angel. Ghost and Beryl banging heads with Huanfeng and Swordart. It is impossible to not to be hyped about Saturday’s game.

The title of the world’s best LOL team is once again up for grabs. Will the pre-tournament favourites DAMWON bring the cup back to LCK where it belonged for so long? Or will the surprise team Suning continue to prove how far ahead the LPL are of the other regions?

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