It is time for Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals. We can look back at eight days of the group stage, which kind of left me wanting more. It was only one group (A) where the last games actually mattered in terms of who was moving on. The other groups were decided early on, with the only tense games being the ones for first. On one hand, we can look back at a dull group stage, far worse than last years edition. On the other hand, we can look forward to extremely competitive playoffs. It has clearly been shown that these eight teams are the best in the world.

LoL Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Teams

In this article, we will provide you with insights about the teams’ recent performance as well as predictions for the respective matchups. If you would like to place some bets, this will be a perfect time, since the options to choose from increase greatly in best of 5s. Go check out our LoL betting guide for the best tips and tricks. And with that, let’s get into the top half of the bracket.

LoL Worlds 2020 DAMWON Gaming Versus DRX


Worlds 2020 Quarterfinal 4
Thursday 15 October – 12.00 CET

We have a rematch of the LCK finals taking place at Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals stage. If you heard that sentence a couple of years ago, you would prepare for the best match of the tournament. This will not be the case this time. The LCK Summer final was an extremely one-sided and dull affair, with DAMWON showing how extremely far ahead they are of all other Korean teams. Considering their performance so far in the tournament, this match should be similar to the LCK finals.

The thing I look forward to most though is the matchup in the mid lane. Both Chovy and Showmaker are mid laners that can stand up to and beat all other mid laners in the world. For the sake of us neutral fans, let’s hope that they don’t get put on Galio duty or something like that.

Deft’s Will To Win Worlds 2020 Could Be A Game Changer

If there is one aspect of DRX that I believe can swing the pendulum in this match, it is the pure will to win from Deft. Deft is a player who has been on top for an extremely long time, and is one of the most experienced and ambitious players around. The thing that has kept him going the last few years is his drive for an international title. And now, when the stakes are at its highest, I believe that he can step up and perform.

Other than the mental capability of Deft and the mechanical ability of Chovy, DRX are outclassed in every way. DAMWON looked stable and confident in the group stage, and I don’t think that they will slip up against DRX. Especially not since they have a potential rematch against G2 in the semis, where they can enact vengeance after last years worlds.

This is an opportunity that they won’t miss. 3-0 to DAMWON Gaming.

Suning Vs JD Gaming Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals

Suning Vs. JD Gaming

Worlds 2020 Quarterfinal 2
Friday 16 October – 12.00 CET

The battle of China is going to be one of the best quarterfinals I think, in terms of tight games going to the wire. JDG dominated Suning during the LPL season, but Suning has shown better form during Worlds 2020. This is on paper one of the more closely contested quarterfinals.

Suning won group A after beating G2 in two straight games to end the day. That is no small feat. They showed how capable they are of competing with the best teams in the world, and should be filled to the brim with confidence. Two players stood out during the group stage, Sofm and Bin. Bin is a very similar player to The Shy, always playing in the edge between genius and inting. An example of this was in the last game against G2, where he after some bad plays got a double kill as Gangplank to end the game. Sofm is the perfect jungler for the current meta. Always looking to get up in the face of the opposition, he creates a lot of pressure that the team can play around. Kanavi will have a tough job, and his performances so far have left everyone wanting more.

Will The JDG Rampage Pick Up Speed?

JDG on the other hand started out the group stage shaky, being completely blown out against Damwon. They also lost in an upset against PSG Talon. However, they did manage to beat Damwon in the last game of groups, showing how good they can be. Hopefully, they will bring the same performance to the playoffs as they showed in that last game. If they do, I don’t think anyone can stand in their way. When JDG are on a roll, they just steam-roll over the opposition. If they can use this week to get the rampage going, I feel bad for Suning.

Their main focus should be on acquiring good drafts, since this is a place with them that can be exploited. Their other focus should be to help Kanavi get going. In LPL Spring, Kanavi was the best jungler in the world. Now he is a husk of his former self. If JDG wants to beat Suning, and beat teams further down the line, Kanavi needs to step up.

This will be the best quarterfinals in terms of how even it is. I think it will go five games, and in the end, the stability and higher peak of JDG will let them prevail. 3-2 for JDG.

TOP Esports Fnatic Lol Worlds

TOP Esports Vs. Fnatic

Worlds 2020 Quarterfinal 1
Saturday 17 October – 12.00 CET

Fnatic Versus The LPL

Fnatic could not have gotten a more unfortunate draw. They are facing the first seed from China, the tournament favourites and the best mechanical team in the world. Sure, TES lost a game in groups to FlyQuest, but this is typical of Chinese teams, underestimating weaker teams. Now that it is time for the best of 5s, I believe a new monster will emerge.

It is hard to find areas where Fnatic can punish TES on a frequent basis. The Chinese are stronger on paper in all roles, especially in mid and top. I do believe that Selfmade can go even with Karsa if he gets a favourable draft. I also believe that Rekkles can avoid losing lane to JackeyLove. But Fnatic will have a huge problem in containing Knight and 369. A lot of pressure is on the shoulders of Nemesis and Bwipo, to not lose the game in lane. The only way I can see Fnatic take games are in the most volatile way possible, to follow Hylissang’s every move. The unpredictable playstyle of Hyli might be the only way Fnatic can threaten TES. Rekkles showed in groups that he can be willing to follow his lane partner, and Chinese teams are notorious for not avoiding fights even when behind. This might be the only chance Fnatic has.

Can TES avoid underestimating their opposition?

For TES, it is all about performing to their standard. If they don’t underperform, they will beat Fnatic. It has happened before in 2018, when RNG, the big tournament favourites from the LPL, lost to G2, mainly by underestimating them. I believe there are two keys factors for TES to avoid the upset. One is to draft for Karsa. If Karsa can match Selfmade and limit him, Fnatic loses their main win condition. The other is to pick a safe lane in bot. I believe that Senna will be an important pick in this series, due to her power as well as JackeyLoves extreme prowess on the champion.

Fnatic has the possibility to damage TES. However, this is still one of the more one-sided quarterfinals. I believe that the Europeans will get one game, but no more. 3-1 for TOP Esports.

Gen.G Vs G2 Esports Lol Worlds Quarterfinals

Gen.G Vs. G2 Esports

Worlds 2020 Quarterfinal 3
Sunday 18 October – 12.00 CET

G2 Esports Versus The LCK

Now for the bottom half of the bracket, containing three LCK teams and G2. G2 who under 2019 got the reputation of LCK-killers, should feel fortunate to not draw the Chinese powerhouses. They should also be grateful that they avoided Damwon in Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals. Gen G is by no means a weak team. However, compared to the other potential opponents of G2, they definitely won the lottery.

G2 did not look the same in groups, not being as well versed with the meta as we are used to seeing them. But that is all in the past. We have arrived at the best of 5s, and this is where G2 show their full strength. You can find proof of this both from last years worlds as well as LEC Summer. I see G2 as big favourites in this matchup, and I think players like Caps and Mikyx will step up and play big roles.

Let’s Hope Ruler Prepared For A Lot Of Heavy Lifting

Gen G won group C, but it was not convincing at all. They have an absolutely stacked roster, with both their jungle, mid and ADC players being complete superstars. However, something seems to not mesh. Their plays are not clean at all, and more often than not they win games based on mistakes from the other teams or just sheer brilliance from their individual players. Unfortunately for Gen G though, G2 sport the same brilliance in a lot of their positions.

The only hope for Gen G is Ruler. I don’t want to downplay how extremely good of a player Perkz is. However, as an ADC, he is not as good as Ruler. Not many in the world are or have ever been. The bot lane is where Gen G’s only advantage in terms of player power is, and if they want to win it should be through there.

Unfortunately for Gen G and Ruler, I don’t think that they will be able to keep up with G2 across the whole map. They will get one game, maybe two, but in the end, G2 should prevail. 3-1 to G2.

LoL Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Predictions

After looking at and analyzing all the remaining teams, here are our overall predictions for Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals!

  • DAMWON Gaming (Win, 3-0) Vs. DRX
  • Suning Vs. JD Gaming (Win, 3-2)
  • TOP Esports (Win, 3-1) Vs. Fnatic
  • Gen.G Vs. G2 Esports (Win, 3-1)

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