Maintaining Your CSGO Legacy

Avoiding The Stalemate

There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you had enough. Both choices are fine, but the latter shows a personal mental fortitude. Here one understands that they’ve haven’t reached the peek they were hoping for. Instead, they’ve reached a certain waypoint and understand that moving forward to maintain your CSGO Legacy will require changes. It’s best to pack your bags and try to discover a new path.

Where Your CSGO Legacy Begins

Whenever your performance dips for a certain period of time, it is called a slump. That happened to a lot of pros in CS. Shox, Get_Right and Dosia are just a few names that come to mind. They’ve had some bad years like 2015 for Shox’s. His rating was 1.02 but he recovered in 2016 with a rating of 1.12. A player should be able to bounce back from a slump. But what happens when a player can’t recover? When the skill level seems to be getting worse and worse? No signs of improvement, or at the very least, a return to the previous form. What can be done then?

A Need To Evolve

Counter-Strike is an always evolving game. There are always going to be changes in the economy, game mechanics and more. That’s why a role or a playstyle will have to change accordingly. In 2015 Counter-Strike had a massive change for AWP’ers. The movement speed was reduced and that was a big hit for aggressive AWP’ers like JW and KennyS. Especially in the case for Kenny. His team did not have a lot of fragging power. The team consisted of the newly recruited source veteran RpK, Maniac and apEX. But Kenny was an important piece in the leadership of Ex6tenZ. He was given the freedom to make aggressive plays on both ct and t sides.

If KennyS had a good game, chances are, Titan could win a match. When the AWP nerf kicked in, he had a difficult time in 2015. He had his 2nd lowest career rating with 1.12. The years after the nerf saw gradual improvements. At the start of 2019 Kenny seemed to bounce back and has been as good as his prime back in 2014. Looks like the teachings of Bear Grylls have their own place in Counter-Strike.

Redemption Arc

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? To see a team battle it out against the odds and proving their worth against the best. That is a great achievement for a team, but it can mean much more on an individual basis. Especially, if you used to play in the top echelon and now you’ve gone down a tier or two. What comes to mind, is the story of Zeus.

He was previously part of Na’vi, but in 2016 he was replaced by s1mple. His new home was another CIS team by the name of Gambit. And they had some moderate success. They consistently stayed in the top 15 world rankings and at times broke it through to the top 10. But the team’s biggest claim to fame was the PGL Krakow Major. In the final, they won a thrilling bo3 against Immortals. With this victory, Zeus was invited back to Na’vi, as the team was lacking an in-game leadership.

Time To Hang The Mouse

You try out various roles, change teams and still, there aren’t any substantial changes in performance. The career seems to be going on a downward spiral. One of the ways some pros cope with this harsh reality is to simply continue playing. One of the sadder stories in the Franco-Belgian includes the player Scream. During his time in 2012 and 2013, he was part of VeryGames.

This roster always finished second due to their rivalry with NiP. But amidst this rivalry, Scream has made a name for himself. Chances are you’ve seen the clips of his one-taps. They look absolutely stunning, that’s for sure. But he hasn’t accomplished a single top finish for over 3 years now. Instead, the French scene avoids him like the plague and he is left to play in various tier 2 & tier 3 European mixtures. It doesn’t help that his individual performance hasn’t improved throughout the years. It keeps getting worse and worse.


Before letting go of your career, it’s always important to make one last attempt. Changing a role can be a good way to reinvent yourself. If you’re faced with a departure from a top team, you can still prove your worth in a lesser lineup. When you run out of options, and you end up in an infinite loop of tragedy, maybe it’s time to stop. Because rolling your metaphorical boulder to the top can be a waste of time. Sysiphus can attest to that.