Mid-Season in South Korea

The skies of South Korea shook as the sky lit with the signs of battle. Seoul quaked with the meetings of the two great opposing forces. On one side were the old gods of SKT, revitalized and angry that the common people thought them no longer worthy of praise. On the other side were the heroes of prophecy that would usher in a new age in the LCK, Griffin. But as the battle raged….the heroes faltered.  

Chovy crawled on the ground as the battle continued behind him. He was the first to be knocked out of the fight, and couldn’t keep battling. They had greatly underestimated the old gods.

I don’t understand. They haven’t shown powers like this in years. Where did it come from?


He slid down a small hill as an explosion of light and an earth-shattering roar came from the midst of battle. Mata and Teddy. Chovy knew his brothers in arms stood no chance. There was no time to dwell, as he knew what came for him. He returned to crawling… before the world around him turned black. He looked around. This was not normal darkness. Even the light of the Enlightened One wasn’t visible. He shook as he knew he was found.

The next god of Korea.

Hooded Figure

The voice came from all directions.

The hero of prophecy that would end the age of the old gods. Yet here you are, crawling in the dirt.

Hooded Figure

Where did this power come from? You didn’t have that kind of power the last time we fought.

Chovy coughed out

The dark voice laughed. A hooded figure walked out of the darkness.

Why show our full power before the time is right?

Hooded Figure

Chovy stared at the figure with fear filled eyes.

The prophecy said we would win! We were to be victorious!


The god threw his head back and his laughter boomed all around. His hood slid back, and the Demon King stared at his prey.

Funny thing about prophecy. The gods write it. The gods can erase it. You thought that story made you the new rulers of this land?

Hooded Figure

Faker kneeled to stare straight into Chovy’s eyes.

You might be the MVP…..but I am the king. Goodbye Choky.

God King Faker

The darkness receded, and Chovy was gone. Faker stood on a now empty battlefield. They had won. He turned to see his four comrades approaching. He floated in the air so all his brothers could see.

You may be thinking, what do we do now? We are the gods of Korea. Now we fight the kings of the world.

God King Faker

He looked in the far off sky, where a symbol of black and white shone like the sun. Faker smiled,

Rookie. I’m coming for you.

God King Faker