Minnesota Home Series - CDL Player of the Week

Minnesota Home Series – CDL Player of the Week

Week 9 of the Call of Duty League took place at the Minnesota Home Series, which was once again held online due to the current lockdown and social distancing in place. Normally the Call of Duty League Home Series events operate on a fortnightly basis, however, CDL Minnesota was delayed by a week due to the ongoing issues in Minnesota. This means that we will have back to back weekends of CDL action to watch.

CDL Minnesota Home Series Results

There were some incredibly high expectations heading in the Minnesota Home Series. The three teams battling for top spot in the league were attending, so many expected to get some clarification on who’s actually top dog in the league between Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe.

The results caught most people by surprise. Despite Atlanta FaZe reaching the grand final, which wasn’t too surprising and a relatively safe Call of Duty bet, not many people would have predicted the overall outcome and results. You can see the CDL Minnesota Home Series results below.

  1. Florida Mutineers
  2. Atlanta FaZe
  3. Los Angeles Guerrillas
  4. Dallas empire
  5. Seattle Surge
  6. Chicago Huntsmen
  7. Minnesota ROKKR
  8. Toronto Ultra
CDL Minnesota Rokkr Home Series Table

CDL Minnesota Home Series Player of the Week

This past weekend was arguably the best and most exciting action we have witnessed in the league this year. Atlanta Faze were making insane comebacks in series to keep their tournament dreams alive. On the flip side, we had break out performances from members of Flordia Mutineers and LA Guerrillas. Chicago fans will be disappointed with the performance from the Huntsmen, this was their real test and opportunity to separate themselves from the rest.

Honourable Mentions

Like we mention, there were some fantastic performances across the board this past weekend. We wanted to highlight some of those that made it on the list for MVP, but didn’t quite cut it.

Los Angeles Guerillas found the formula

Despite coming into the Minnesota Home Series sitting bottom of the overall league standings, the LA Guerillas put on an impressive performance. Knocking out Chicago in a 3-2 victory in group stage was probably the highlight of their event. They fell short against FaZe to be eliminated but it was an incredibly close series.

We want to highlight the performances from both Vivid and Blazt from the LA Guerillas this weekend. Both players didn’t have overall insane statistics, however, from watching the games it seemed like they were doing a lot of work that could go unnoticed for the team. Despite not consistently popping off, they both have strong individual performances throughout the Home Series event.

Drastic improvements from Shotzzy

The Dallas Empire young gun Shotzzy came under a lot of fire earlier in the season. He joined the team after being primarily known as a Search and Destroy star, which led to the majority of people doubting his ability in a top team. The pressure seemed to affect him through the early stages of the season, but he has since found his form.

Although Dallas fell short in the semi-final, the performances Shotzzy put in throughout the entire Minnesota Home Series weekend were stellar. He finished with an overall K/D of 1.23, leading the way for the Empire.

Owakening is our CDL Minnesota Home Series MVP

This was without a doubt the biggest surprise of the weekend. Despite Flordia Mutineers winning a Home Series event earlier in the season, they have since been plagued with roster changes and issues. After losing Prestinni to the Huntsmen and Maux moving to the bench, it was time for Owakening to step up.

The pressure clearly didn’t get into his head, maybe that was a benefit of the event still being online. Owakening helped the Mutineers to defeat all three top teams this past weekend; Chicago (3-2), Dallas (3-2), and Atlanta (3-1). He finished with a 1.12 K/D and was incremental towards the Flordia Mutineers success.