Modern Warfare Monetization -

Modern Warfare Monetization

Good news everyone! Season 1 of Modern Warfare launched on December 3. Most notable changes in this update are the battle pass, new maps, and new modes! With Modern Warfare Monetization, comes issues, as it does for Call of Duty every year.

This all sounds very good, doesn’t it?

Except, it’s not. Somewhere among the corporate chain of command, they forgot what the word “drop” means in regard to content release. Let me dust off my rusty (yet trusty) Microsoft Paint skills to show you a more accurate representation of what we got yesterday.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Monetization - Not Actually Free

Mmmm. Yes, that is slightly underwhelming. With the new changes they removed Gun Game and Shoothouse 24/7, so even then, it wasn’t exactly “more content” as much as it was a “content trade” (since this article was written, Activision has put Shoothouse 24/7 back in the game). Activision could have easily avoided any confusion about what was season launch content by simply putting “WHAT TO EXPECT OUT OF SEASON ONE” instead of “THE BIGGEST FREE CONTENT DROP”. I have never heard anyone use “drop” in the context of “either December 3rd or sometime in the 60 days afterwards”. That just doesn’t really make any sense to me.

My Issue With Monetization

In this update, they added a Store tab! For the most part, I have absolutely no issue with games selling cosmetics in an in-game store. With games becoming more and more expensive to make, cosmetics and DLC is realistically the only way to keep games from becoming even more expensive. I do agree that maps and weapons should be free, but there is wiggle room with cosmetics. My issue is that there are SIGNIFICANTLY more “bundles” than what they currently show on the store, and the only way to even SEE these bundles is to buy the ones that are currently there.

This move alone effectively doubles the amount that the bundle behind the bundle costs. It is abundantly clear to anyone who visits the in-game store that Activision is trying to take your wallet for a ride and beat it to death.

Battle Pass Hype

If you choose to buy the battlepass (10 USD) and get through every last tier, you will earn enough COD points to buy the next battlepass solely with the COD points that you earned from this battlepass. This system will definitely cut down on the number of people that complain they have to buy the battlepass every season. A battlepass is infinitely better than any sort of amalgamation of a paid crate system, then at least you know what you’re getting instead of trusting RNG to do you a favour.

Modern Warfare Monetization – The Good News

Now, I am not trying to say that anything that InfinityWard has added in the last few days isn’t GOOD stuff. It’s just pricey, and the free things are not in the magnitude that Activision had led on. We all knew that the Modern Warfare Monetization was coming, it was only just a matter of time. The cheapest bundle that I saw on the store was 5 US Dollars for a couple of blueprints and a blue watch. If you want to blow money on some in-game swag more power to you. You will catch me, however, grinding that sweet sweet battlepass.

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