DPC 2021 Roster Changes

2021 DPC Roster Changes; Dendi, Lil, Mushi

The start of any new competitive season for Dota 2 tends to come with some changes, but the 2021 DPC season is going to be something special, and that’s not just because of the 2021 DPC Roster Changes. There have been controversial changes to the way the Dota Pro Circuit will be handled, we’ve seen Newbee banned from Valve and Perfect World Events, and now we have a host of roster changes and transfers coming in to kick off the year.

Here are some of the most important new teams to look out for in the 2021 season:

B8 Brings in Brazilian Talent For Their 2021 DPC Roster Changes

Dendi has a new roster for his self-established organisation ‘B8’. After producing fairly underwhelming results since its inception last year –the team’s highest recent placement was a 3rd place in the CIS qualifiers for Beyond the Summit– Dendi has decided to shake up the roster quite significantly. Crystalis, Fishman and Lasthero have all left the team and have been replaced by 3 Brazilian players from the old Midas Club roster: RDO, Sexyfat and Duster.

MeTTpuM, from Vanskor’s old team FlipSid3 Tactics, has also come on as a coach along with the CEO of Midas Club Astini. B8 having placed 9th, 13th-14th and 9th-10th in their previous 3 tournaments, we can only assume that Dendi is hoping that all of these changes will give his team some stronger results in the 2021 DPC season.

Hellraisers Sign VANSKOR

This new Hellraisers roster is a strong team of tested Russian and Ukrainian players. Reolut1on has always been considered a highly talented player, having played with teams like OG, VGJ Storm and, most recently, Virtus.pro. His incredible run to the grand finals of the 2016 International with Digital Chaos all the way from the Open Qualifiers is one of the great underdog stories of the Dota 2 competitive scene.

Despite his own personal skill, Reolut1on has had mostly middling results since leaving VGJ. Storm after The International 2018, and a transfer to a team of Ukrainian and Russian veteran players such as Lil and Vanskor might be just what he needs to get back on track.

Having said that, Lil’s more recent tournament results have perhaps not been reflective of his skill either. Lots of movement between tier 2 and 3 teams has likely impacted his ability for consistent results since leaving Virtus.pro in 2018 —a team that was possibly the strongest that the CIS region has seen.

Regardless of results, CIS stacks of talented players are always a joy to watch. There is a certain level of ferocity that the region produces that makes for amazing Dota, even if the quality of play can be sporadic in the early days of a team’s inception.

Team SMG Join The Dota 2 Scene

Mushi is likely the most notable player on the roster, having played for several iconic line-ups over the years: Team Orange with Yamateh in 2011-2013 and Team DK (the iteration featuring BurNIng, iceiceice, LaNm and MMY) being the two most high-profile teams.

Ninjaboogie and Mushi played together on Mineski throughout the 2017 to 2018 season and helped bring the team to a 10th place finish at The International 8. Mushi continued with Mineski as a coach for TI9, where the team unfortunately met Team Secret early in the lower bracket and was knocked out of the tournament, giving them the 12th place spot. 

People should be sure not to sleep on vtFaded, whose 11k MMR puts him in a high echelon of Dota 2 players, regardless of his reasonably average tournament results. Sometimes a player with talent like his simply needs a veteran like Mushi to help push him over the edge. I’m hoping for exciting things from this team, having been a Mushi fan since his Orange days, and wish them the best for the competitive season.

Chicken Fighters’ 2021 DPC Roster Changes

The old Chicken Fighters roster was just a relabelled Ninjas in Pyjamas squad, consisting of Era, Saberlight, Sonneiko, Supream^ and CharlieDota.

This new team has taken Sonneiko and Saberlight out of the equation and replaced them with Xibbe and Chessie. Xibbe and Chessie have played together on a number of teams, including Misery’s stack 5Men, OG.Seed and before that, The Final Tribe.

Something of note about this Chicken Fighters squadron is that, sans Supream^, it is an entirely Swedish team. This could potentially raise questions as to whether communication issues were present within the old roster.

One could make parallels with Alliance in 2013, who famously kicked Eternal Envy in order to have an entirely Swedish roster. It worked out for them fairly well, so perhaps there is something to it!

As for the other members of the old Chicken Fighters squad, Sonneiko is now playing for Live to Win and Saberlight is currently without a team for the 2021 DPC season. 

It’s great to see that a lot of veteran players like Dendi, Mushi and Era are still in the Dota 2 scene. What’s even better to see is that their teams all have the talent to push for strong results. If I had to pick a team from these rosters to watch specifically, it would have to be Hellraisers. They not only look like a real contender in the CIS Regional League, but a force to be reckoned with against top teams in Europe such as Team Secret and OG.