Overwatch League May Melee Reflections

Overwatch League May Melee Reflections

With the May Melee all wrapped up, the Overwatch League will be taking a two-week break before the regular season resumes again. With that in mind, I think now is a good time to take stock of where the teams stand at this point going forward. The San Francisco Shock and the Shanghai Dragons solidified themselves as the two best teams while others are better, or worse, than we thought.

The Shanghai Dragon comeback against Seoul was the greatest match in Overwatch League history

Rarely will find any scenario in esports where a team can pull off the reserve sweep in the ultimate scenario. Shanghai even pulled a C9 on Blizzard World, so they should not have been down 3-0 to start with. But the combination of Fleta, Fearless, and Lip was firing on all cylinders and Seoul running some odd Torbjorn-centric compositions had the Dynasty quickly lose their footing. I doubt that Shanghai will find themselves in another situation where they have to reverse sweep their way out, but it’s good to know they can.

Florida is the real deal

People were expecting better things from the Florida Mayhem this year after being bottom feeders the past two years and getting Kuki as their new head coach, but they are effectively one of the best North American teams now. What’s amazing about it is they have been able to do it largely without Sayaplayer, their star hitscan player from the past two seasons, with BQB taking over the role. Considering they were able to upset Philadelphia and put up a good showing against San Francisco, Florida will be a menace for the rest of the season. Or at least when Sideshow’s contract is up.

Boston is finally showing promise

With the addition of Australian off-tank Punk to the lineup, but Boston seems to finally have a spark of life to them. They lost in the first round of the bracket to Paris, but it was not a complete blowout like some people thought. They only lost their last map on a C9, so they were able to push a decent team to their limits. Coupled with their victory over the Los Angeles Gladiators, Boston may be able to pull some more upsets over more teams down the road.