OWL Player of the Week Week 28 Fleta

Overwatch League MVP – Week 28 – Fleta

Welcome back to the Overwatch League Player of the Week series! In Week 28, the League returned to more regular season matches as Season 3 nears its end. Last week, we covered the OWL Countdown Cup, in which the San Francisco Shock won with the help of several key players. This week of OWL action featured several shutouts from teams like the Seoul Dynasty, Shanghai Dragons, and Los Angeles Gladiators. Our pick for Player of the Week for Week 28 goes to a star DPS player on the Shanghai Dragons, and that is none other than Fleta.

Player of the Week – Fleta

The OWL Player of the Week is Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim. Fleta, a household name in the OWL, is the starting DPS player for the Shanghai Dragons. He played a variety of heroes against the London Spitfire, but stuck mainly to Ashe and Pharah. In their series, he scored 53 eliminations, 29 final blows, and 35k hero damage dealt. Thanks to the explosive nature of Pharah, he far undamaged his Dragons teammates.

Shanghai Dragons - Fleta MVP Week 28

Alternating between hitscan and long range bombardment, Fleta was able to keep the Spitfire guessing every match. Renowned for his Tracer and Widowmaker gameplay, he is less known for his Pharah prowess. With both Tracer and popular diver hero Genji out of weekly rotation, the Dragons got creative with their team compositions. On Pharah, Fleta was able to out-range the spitfire and deal heavy burst damage. And when the situation arose, he could safely switch to Ashe and fulfill the hitscan role.

Dragons Rising

Prior to this season, the Shanghai Dragons had long been considered one of the worst teams in the entire OWL. After significant rebuilding efforts following a monumental loss streak, the Dragons have now emerged as one of the most dominant teams in the League. Fleta was one of several titan players that the Dragons added to their roster as part of their rebuilding. The success of their rebuild is more than evident; the Dragons now boast the best record in the League.

MVP Candidate

The Overwatch League itself has taken note of Fleta’s contribution as well. He was the latest to be featured in their new series “MVP Finalist”. In their video, Fleta is described as being a player capable of carrying the team at any given moment. Given he has an entire stat named after him, the “fleta deadlift”, we would have to agree that this a fair assessment. With an outstanding team built around players like Fleta, expect the Dragons to remain a strong Overwatch bet through the season end.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to next week, teams will continue regular season competition in Week 29. Several teams will be looking to improve their records as the season approaches its close. The Vancouver Titans and London Spitfire both play 2 matches and gain a chance to improve their ranking. As always, check back here next week for our choice for Overwatch League Player of the Week!