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OWL Player of the Week – Week 24 – Super

Welcome back to Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 24! After a short hiatus following the Summer Showdown tournament, the OWL returned in full force. As the season nears its ends, teams are pushing to secure their rankings and records in remaining weeks. This week, the Paris Eternal made quick work of their opponents while the Vancouver Titans struggled to secure a map victory. During the Summer Showdown, our Player of the Week was instrumental in leading the Paris Eternal to victory. This week, the award goes to a player on the San Francisco Shock who flexed his ability to excel in any role, and that is none other than Super.

Player of the Week – Super

The Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 24 is Matthew “Super” DeLisi. Normally a tank player for the San Francisco Shock, Super surprisingly played the DPS role for the Shock. Playing exclusively Genji, Super scored 85 eliminations, 34 final blows and 26k hero damage. With Genji unbanned for this week of competition, the Shock wanted to take full advantage of the strengths offered by this hero. However, no one expected that Super would step up to fill this role.

SF Shock Super

Super’s Role Switch

In the Overwatch League, it is extremely rare for players to diverge outside of their designated role. On the rare occasions it does happen, players don’t typically perform well. Much of this has to do with the fact that players invest huge amounts of time and money to perfect their playstyle for their given role. This means they don’t have enough time to hone their skills on heroes that fall outside of their role.

This makes Super’s outstanding performance on Genji all the more impressive. To hold his own against the top players of the OWL, Super had to exhibit full mastery of his hero. Against the Boston Uprising, Super did just that. He showed off why the Shock rely on him to be their Genji specialist, expertly diving the Uprising as if he was always a DPS player. His Genji continued to improve over the course of the set, and his eliminations helped push the shock to victory. This contribution was not missed by the OWL, who highlighted him in their “In My Sights” series.

Super & His Adaptability

Another key component of Super’s success was the coordination of the San Francisco Shock. Over the course of the season, the Shock’s dominant roster has undergone few changes. However, the overall meta during the season has changed drastically, much due to the system of rotating hero bans. The Shock have shown time and time again their ability to adapt to fit various metas, and this week was no exception. If the Shock can continue this trend, expect them to remain a strong Overwatch bet in upcoming weeks.

Looking Forward

Next week, the OWL continues regular season play with Week 25. Next week, the Boston Uprising get a chance at redemption in their matches against the Dallas Fuel and Atlanta Reign. Additionally, the Philadelphia Fusion have a chance to recover from their disappointing performance in the Summer Showdown with a match against the Los Angeles Gladiators. As always, make sure to check back here for our pick for Overwatch League Player of the Week.