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Overwatch League Player Of The Week – Week 29 – Birdring

Welcome back to our Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 29! This week marked the final week of regular season play before Playoffs and Grand Finals. In other words, this was the final chance for teams to better their regular season records and possibly improve their seeding. This led to several intense matches between competing teams.

This weekend, the Paris Eternal improved their record with a surprising win over the San Francisco Shock, while the Atlanta Reign unfortunately added two losses to their record. Last week, we named a veteran DPS from the Shanghai Dragons as the Player of the Week. This week, the honor goes to another outstanding DPS who stayed consistent during all 3 games played by the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Player of the Week – Birdring

The Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 29 is Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim. Across 3 games, he scored a monumental 245 eliminations, 130 final blows, and 112k hero damage. A long-time OWL player, birdring moved to the Valiant after spending two season with the London Spitfire. This week, he more than proved why the Gladiators made the right choice in acquiring him as a starting DPS.

Busy Schedule

The Gladiators’ schedule this week pitted them against 3 different opponents, when typically teams could only face a maximum of 2 opponents a week. For the Gladiators roster, this meant increased fatigue from consecutive matches. Throughout it all, birdring continued to frag at an incredibly high calibre. His slaying prowess was a huge contributor in the Gladiators’ match wins against the Los Angeles Valiant and Vancouver Titans, but unfortunately wasn’t enough to defeat the Florida Mayhem. 

Birdring – The Flex Master

This week, birdring’s DPS potential was made more impressive by the huge range of characters he played. In his 2 hours and 16 minutes of playtime, birdring played 6 different heroes for significant time. Not only did he play his regular hitscan heroes like Ashe and Widowmaker, he also switched to more specialty heroes like Sombra and Junkrat. 

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Many teams in the OWL sign niche players solely for their ability to play speciality heroes such as Sombra. Birdring’s ability to perform at the highest level with both hitscan and niche heroes is extremely valuable for the Gladiators as a team. Although the Gladiators have an average record, performances from players like birdring show they still have much potential heading into the playoffs. Watch to see if they can become a stronger Overwatch bet as the playoffs begin.

Looking Ahead

As previously mentioned, the third season of the Overwatch League is nearing its end. Beginning next week, the playoff and finals portion of the OWL will commence. Round one of the playoffs takes place on September 3rd through 6th, and round 2 is on September 11th through 13th. Finally Grand Finals weekend takes place on October 8th to the 10th. We will be covering all the action , so check back here for our pick of OWL Player of the Week!