Congratulations to the Overwatch League Summer Showdown Champions! Come and see our take on how the Paris Eternal surprised the competition!

Overwatch League Summer Showdown Champions – Paris Eternal

Last weekend, the Overwatch League took a break from traditional matches to host the Overwatch League Summer Showdown. Similar to the previous May Melee, teams battled it out as they worked their way up a single-elimination bracket. Teams competed for a $50k grand prize, with $25k and $10k prizes awarded to 2nd and 3rd place teams respectively. Coming into the tournament, all eyes were on teams like the Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock to see if they could continue their dominant performances they were both accustomed to throughout the season. However, the champion of this tourney was someone few expected.

The Paris Eternal

The Grand Champions of the Overwatch League Summer Showdown are the Paris Eternal! Seeded 8th in the North American bracket, the Eternal started their championship run in the knockout pool. After defeating the Houston Outlaws, they then eliminated the Vancouver Titans in the Quarterfinals. In the Semifinals round, they had their first major upset, defeating the San Francisco Shock 3-2. Finally, it was down to just the Paris Eternal and Philadelphia Fusion left in the Grand Finals matchup.

Paris Eternal Take The Win At Overwatch League Summer Showdown

Overcoming Adversity

In a truly back-and-forth series of games, the Eternal defeated the 3rd seeded Philadelphia Fusion by a margin of 4 games to 3. After hours of tournament play advancing through the bracket, the Fusion were the toughest opponents for the Eternal yet. At several points along the way, it appeared as if the Fusion would triumph and finally defeat the Eternal. Memorable among them is this game-saving dragonblade by Fusion player Josue “Eqo” Corona.

Despite all the challenges, the Eternal hung to win the final prize after running through a gauntlet of top teams. Over the course of the Overwatch League Summer Showdown, every player on the Eternal contributed to crucial plays and teamfights that lead to the Eternal’s victory. One player who stood out above the rest is Joon “Fielder” Kwon, a flex support player for the Eternal. While full stats from the tournament aren’t yet available, Fielder played a range of support heroes including Ana, Zenyatta, and Baptiste.


But perhaps the most notable aspect of Fielder’s performance comes from the circumstances of his participation in this tournament. While the other members of the Eternal played together in one physical location, Fielder was unable to do so. Unable to obtain the necessary visa during times of lockdown, Fielder participated from his own residence. For Fielder, this meant playing at odd hours of the day with high levels of network delay.

Yet even with odd hours, lag, and a grueling schedule, Fielder consistently performed his demanding role to the highest degree. For overcoming circumstance through sheer determination, we name Fielder as Player of the Week for the OWL Summer Showdown. With players like Fielder leading the Paris Eternal, expect them to remain a strong Overwatch Bet in coming weeks.

Looking Ahead After The Overwatch League Summer Showdown

Similar to May Melee, OWL regular season matches will take a short break following the tournament. Regular League action is expected to return on July 17th. When the OWL returns, make sure to check back here for our choice for OWL Player of the Week!