Week 10 Preview & Predictions – OWL 2020

Week 10 Preview & Predictions – OWL 2020

The Overwatch League is coming off a week wherein the absence of Mei and McCree, Torbjorn became the main DPS character of choice. With that option now on the table, the choices for which bulky DPS players to run have gotten more interesting, now that the short Swedish guy with turrets can now show up at any time. The hero bans for Week 10 are Reaper, Sombra, D.va, and Ana, so consider teams that can run a good Orisa-Sigma composition a safe OW Bet.

OWL 2020 Week 10 Schedule

Hangzhou Spark vs. Shanghai Dragons

Vancouver Titans vs. Guangzhou Charge

Philadelphia Fusion vs. Paris Eternal

Houston Outlaws vs. Boston Uprising

Washington Justice vs. Dallas Fuel

Chengdu Hunters vs. Vancouver Titans

Shanghai Dragons vs. Guangzhou Charge

Houston Outlaws vs. Toronto Defiant

Philadelphia Fusion vs. Atlanta Reign

San Francisco Shock vs. Los Angeles Gladiators

Matches To Watch Out For

The Vancouver Titans play their first matches since week 1 this weekend, with games lined up against two Chinese teams. It will be interesting to see how their teamwork still meshes up, mainly if Fissure is still a team player. With Ana banned this week, Ryujehong will be out of one of his signature heroes, but his Zenyatta and Moira should still be top-notch.

Torbjorn somehow emerged as a desirable pick for his beefiness, crowd-control ultimate, and turret and counts as a seventh player. With that in mind, teams may try the Gold-rank approved strategy of Torbjorn-Mei, like the struggling Houston Outlaws or Washington Justice, or the cheeky Atlanta Reign.

Elsewhere, the Philadelphia Fusion- Atlanta Reign match should be one of the most closely contested games between two top teams. And the Philadelphia and Paris match should be quite the rematch from earlier in the year.

With all that said, let’s see who the OWL Week 10 Betting Odds are favouring this week!