This week of the Overwatch League features an odd hero pool, as one of the DPS choices is filled by Echo, the newly released hero, along with Tracer, Moira, and Orisa. This means we should get to see Echo in proper pro play starting next week at least. We finally get to see Seoul and New York play some more matches after some long absences, against Chinese teams none the less. Elsewhere, we get to watch rivalry matches between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philadelphia, and Houston and Dallas.

Week 12 Matches

  1. Seoul Dynasty vs. Hangzhou Spark
  2. Guangzhou Charge vs. Shanghai Dragons
  3. New York Excelsior vs. Chengdu Hunters
  4. Atlanta Reign vs. Philadelphia Fusion
  5. San Francisco Shock vs. Los Angeles Valiant
  6. Hangzhou Spark vs. Chengdu Hunters
  7. Shanghai Dragons vs. Seoul Dynasty
  8. Guangzhou Charge vs. New York Excelsior
  9. Florida Mayhem vs. Boston Uprising
  10. Houston Outlaws vs. Dallas Fuel

Who To Look Out For

The New York Excelsior play their first matches since the Overwatch League went online, playing their games against some of the Chinese teams, the Chengdu Hunters and Guangzhou Charge. Aside from Philadelphia, the Excelsior has been able to breeze through the Atlantic teams they have played so far. The thing about New York is that we have not seen them adapt for the most recent hero pools, so we have kind of lost sense as to how this squad can adapt to the changing metas on a weekly basis. What we do know is that the team has been playing much more aggressively than the first two seasons and they still have much more flexibility than what most teams can boast.

Seoul also plays for the first time in nearly a month against Chinese teams as well, seeing if they can keep their undefeated start going. Moreseo than these two teams finally getting official matches in, it will be a good gauge as to how the Chinese teams compare to these two elite teams, as the four have mostly played each other in an isolated cycle away from the other Overwatch League teams. If they can get good results against Seoul and New York like they did against Vancouver, the Chinese teams should be looking good going forward. Stateside, the Atlanta vs. Philadelphia match looks like a tasty rematch from earlier this month, where Philadelphia was able to eke out a map 5 win. For once, a Torbjorn duel between the teams is almost expected by now.

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