OWL 2020 Previews: Atlantic Conference South Division

OWL 2020 Previews: Atlantic Conference South Division

The Overwatch League starts in about a month and with that, we have the second of our four divisional previews for the upcoming season. We started by covering the OWL Atlantic Conference North Division and this time, we take a look at the Atlantic Conference South Division, home to teams with high expectations like the Philadelphia Fusion and Atlanta Reign and league doormats like the Florida Mayhem and Houston Outlaws. Let’s see what they have to offer in 2020.

Atlanta Reign

Atlanta Reign OWL 2020 Atlantic Conference South Division Squad
Atlanta Reign OWL 2020 Squad:
Erster, Gator, Pokpo, Masaa, Dogman, babybay, frd, Hawk, Edison, SharP

Atlanta is easily the class of this division, maintaining the core of the players leading them to a sixth-place finish and early playoff upset over San Francisco. Erster, Pokpo, Babybay, Masaa, Dogman, frd, they’re all back and look to hit the ground running immediately. Of the team’s three additions, Sharp, coming from Team Envy, might be the only one with question marks due to the strength of all the other DPS-caliber talent available on the team. Hawk, the former main tank for Atlanta Academy, and Edison, a dynamic DPS player from GC Busan Wave, should provide reliable skill when Atlanta’s core is resting. Atlanta is the best in this division, and can possibly challenge San Francisco as the best in the Atlantic Conference South Division.

Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem OWL 2020 Atlantic Conference South Division Squad
Florida Mayhem OWL 2020 Squad:
Sayaplayer, Kris, BQB, Date, Byrem, Gargoyle, Karayan, Yaki, Gangnamjin

Florida finished near the bottom of the Overwatch League in both seasons so far, and the most exciting thing they have going into this season is a new Miami Vice-style color scheme. No matter what players from other teams brought in, the Mayhem disappoint and there is no reason to think differently now. Even if Sayaplayer has improved his aim or Fate has gotten over his 2019 funk, there is nothing to get excited for. They do have a new coaching staff, lead by former tank player Kuk. Many hope he can bring some order and results this team has lacked for so long, and hopefully, they will make a stand in the Atlantic Conference South Division.

Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws OWL 2020 Squad
Houston Outlaws OWL 2020 Squad:
LiNkzr, SPREE, Muma, Boink, Rawkus, Danteh, Hydration, blasé, Rapel, MekO, Jecse

Unlike the 2019 season, the 2020 season has Houston bust out a lot of new faces. In keeping with their western-centric roster, they added Blasé and Hydration as their DPS lineup for their projectile hero pool. Meanwhile, they added three Korean players, Meko, Jecse, and Rapel who all have worked to make impressive moments mostly for their teams and not individually. While all are welcome changes and should keep the Houston from letting matches slip away in the Atlantic Conference South Division league, the Outlaws do not look as though they can make it over the hump and be overly impressive in the regular season.

Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion OWL 2020 Squad
Philadelphia Fusion OWL 2020 Squad:
Carpe, Poko, SADO, Boombox, Eqo, Ivy, Fury, Alarm, FunnyAstro, ChipSa

The Fusion had one of the most controversial off-seasons of any Overwatch League team, but thanks to that, they look like a more powerful force. The team’s core of Carpe, EQO, Poko, Boombox, and Sado are still with the team and hope to get the ground running now that they have a favourable meta to go into. The team’s additions of Ivy, Fury, Alarm, and Funnyastro show that Philly is trying to finally replicate what they have been able to accomplish in the playoffs, in the regular season. And then there’s Chipsa, who will only get stage time for as long as Doomfist is a choice pick. This ten-player roster looks as reliable as Fusion rosters have been and should no doubt be in the top half of the Atlantic Conference South Division. This team could be considered as a safe Overwatch Bet for this division.

Washington Justice

Washington Justice OWL 2020 Squad
Washington Justice OWL 2020 Squad:
Corey, Stratus, ArK, ELLIVOTE, LullSiSH, rOar, TTuba, AimGod

Washington have only eight players signed to their roster, the league’s minimum. Of those eight, only Corey, Status, and Ark remain from the previous roster. The Justice were near the bottom for most of 2019 but were finally able to consistently take wins once their DPS players were freed from GOATS. Corey shone his brightest while helping Team USA win the Overwatch World Cup, so Washington’s strategies should focus around him and Stratus. Their five additions, Ellivote, Lullish, Ttuba, r0ar, and Aimgod had varying levels of greatness, but if the Justice do not announce any new players, they are going to be put through the grind, and they do not look like they can sustain long-term success.

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