OWL May Melee Champions - San Francisco Shock

OWL May Melee Champions – San Francisco Shock

This week the Overwatch League took a break from its typical schedule to host the May Melee tournament series. Consisting of a North American and Asian bracket, qualifying teams faced off in single-elimination matches in their brackets.

Teams competed for placing prizes up to $40,000 for 1st place, as well as $5000 bonuses per tournament match victory. With the OWL regular season undergoing many challenges, the League hoped that the May Melee tournaments would provide a much-needed boost for the rest of the season’s matches. In many ways, the tournament was largely successful in attracting a wide audience over the course of several thrilling matchups.

SF Shock – The May Melee Champions

OWL May Melee North America

The North American May Melee champions are the San Francisco Shock! A team favoured by many to advance far in the tournament, they more than lived up to expectations. One of the most dominant teams of the season, the Shock defeated the Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant, and the Florida Mayhem to claim the championship. Playing at the championship level, all players on the Shock performed their role to the fullest extent. But in deciding match outcome, a key player can be influential in dictating the outcome of a series, and we’re naming him our Player Of The Week!

Viol2t – Week 16’s Player Of The Week

In this case, Minki “Viol2t” Park was that key player. A flex support for the Shock, Viol2t healed for nearly 200k across the entire tournament. On top of this staggering amount, he also contributed to 210 eliminations with 58k hero damage dealt. Playing almost exclusively Baptiste, Viol2t was the dual-threat anchor that the Shock needed. Aside from his support antics enabling his team to prolong and win teamfights, Viol2t also showed his willingness to singlehandedly tear apart the opposition, as exhibited by this play in the Overwatch League May Melee highlight reel. Combining critical healing with outsized damaged allowed Viol2t to lead the Shock to tournament victory.

The Mayhem Surprise

While the #1 seeded Shock were largely expected to perform well, not many expected the Florida Mayhem to be their opponents in the Grand Finals. The Mayhem got off to a rocky start at the start of the season, a late winning streak in the month of May caused them to be seeded in the #2 position. Despite this, many favoured the Philadelphia Fusion to be the Shock’s eventual opponents in the later rounds of the tournaments. Ultimately, the Fusion would not get this chance, falling 3-1 to the Mayhem in the semifinals.

Although the Mayhem were unable to beat the Shock, they kept the series close, winning 2 games in the final best of 7 set. Upsetting the Fusion and challenging the Shock in Grand Finals was a huge showing for the Mayhem, given the heavy favouring towards other teams in their division. After their surprisingly strong performance, expect the Florida Mayhem to be a strong Overwatch bet in upcoming league matches.

May Melee Asian Division

In the Asian division of the bracket, the Shanghai Dragons are the May Melee champions! Shanghai, who were largely uncontested for being the best team in the region, faced an intense challenge from the Seoul Dynasty in the Grand Finals match. The series extended all the way to game 7, with the Dragons ultimately closing out the set victoriously.

Looking Ahead

As of right now, the schedule for upcoming weeks of OWL action is uncertain. The League announced a brief hiatus in matches, with games resuming on June 13th. This gives players a few weeks of downtime to rest and prepare for the second half of the OWL season. Make sure to check back here when play resumes in a few short weeks to see who we pick for our Overwatch League Player of the Week!