ChoiHyoBin - OWL POW Week 12

OWL Player of the Week – Week 12 – ChoiHyoBin

This week, the Overwatch League neared its halfway point as teams competed head to head in Week 12. Although the format of the League has changed drastically since Week 1, teams continue to compete in online matches broadcasted worldwide. In this week’s matches, Shanghai continued to dominate the competition, even defeating the Seoul Dynasty in a dominant 3-0 fashion. The Dallas Fuel won a closely contested series against the Houston Outlaws, and the Philadelphia Fusion swept the Atlanta Reign. Last week, we gave the honor of OWL Player of the Week to a star player helping the Shanghai Dragons rise to dominance. This week, the honor goes to an outstanding tank player from the San Francisco Shock, ChoiHyoBin.

ChoiHyoBin – Player of the Week

The OWL Player of the Week is Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi. An off-tank player for the San Francisco Shock, ChoiHyoBin scored 73 eliminations, 31 final blows, and blocked 39k damage in their series against the Los Angeles Valiant. A veteran of the Overwatch League, ChoiHyoBin has been a mainstay of the Shock’s roster for more than a year. Playing the supporting tank role, he does not often see an opportunity to excel in a way that would put him in contention for Player of the Week.

But this week, ChoiHyoBin was able to post an impressive stat-line, despite only playing 3 games. He spent most of his time playing the heroes Sigma and D.Va. He used D.Va when the Shock opted for a more aggressive dive style team composition, but mainly played the more versatile Sigma. As we have seen in the past, Sigma is unique in his ability to deal large amounts of damage while fulfilling the role of a tank.

ChoiHyoBin’s Sigma Success

After his introduction, ChoiHyoBin rapidly proved himself as an expert with the rock-hurling hero. A key part of his success is his ability to extend team fights by staying alive long after many of his teammates have died. Using his shield and absorption ability, ChoiHyoBin extended his own life while minimizing enemy damage. His ability was key on Route 66, where he was able to stall out several enemy pushes almost singlehandedly.

OWL 2020 Pacific Conference West Division - San Francisco Shock

For the San Francisco Shock, ChoiHyoBin’s stellar performance is just another factor that has defined them as one of the most commanding teams of the OWL to date. With a roster as talented as the Shock’s, they don’t need to rely on a single players performance to succeed. Instead, any one of a number of players has the potential to outperform and lead the Shock to victory. This week, ChoiHyoBin was the player to answer the call and spearhead the San Francisco Shock.

Looking Ahead

Next week, the Philadelphia Fusion and Shanghai Dragons will look to continue their win streaks in their respective divisions. The Houston Outlaws try to upset the San Francisco Shock, and the Seoul Dynasty look to make a recovery. Lastly, the New York Excelsior look to remain a strong Overwatch Bet in their matchup against the Chengdu Hunters. And as always, check back here to see our pick for OWL Player of the Week!