OWL Player of the Week 13 DDing

OWL Player of the Week – Week 13 – DDing

Welcome back to our recap of Week 13 of the Overwatch League! There were some big changes happening in the OWL this week with the introduction of Overwatch’s newest hero, Echo. Teams across the league integrated Echo into their rosters, leading to some thrilling matches over the weekend. The Dallas Fuel and Shanghai Dragons extended their winning streaks, while the Seoul Dynasty were surprisingly unable to win a single map against their opponents. Last week, the OWL Player of the Week went to a veteran tank player with the San Francisco Shock. This week, the honour goes to a crafty DPS player on the Shanghai Dragons, DDing.

DDing – Player of the Week

The Overwatch League Player of the Week is Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang. A flex DPS player for the Shanghai Dragons, DDing scored 97 eliminations, 48 final blows, and 48k hero damage against the New York Excelsior. Typically, DDing does not play as a starting DPS for the Dragons. As a flex player, the Dragons have often used him as a Pharah specialist and only switched him in on maps beneficial to this hero. However, this dynamic has shifted greatly with the release of Echo.

OWL 2020 Shanghai Dragons

DDing’s Echo Impact

Echo’s biggest similarity to Pharah is her ability to fly and glide around her opponents. For DPS players who typically play grounded heroes, this mechanic may be difficult to fully utilize on release. But for DDing, this transition was likely much easier. Thanks to his experience with Pharah, he was easily able to navigate long sightlines to vertically outmanoeuvre his opponents. In addition to her great mobility, DDing used Echo’s ultimate to its fullest extent.

Echo possesses perhaps one of the most versatile ultimate abilities in the entire game of Overwatch. As her name suggests, she is able to transform into another hero in play and copy all of their abilities. For the person playing Echo, this ability represents a huge decision. Echo could opt to transform into an extra tank to break through enemy lines, or switch into more healing or damage.

On Echo, DDing showed great shot-calling and decision-making in using his ultimate. A perfect example of this happened in Map 1 against the Excelsior. In a closely contested teamfight, DDing transformed into an extra Reinhardt and landed a huge Earthshatter on his opponents. This play was huge in turning the tide of the fight, and earned him a spot in Overwatch’s Top 5 Echo Plays of the Week. DDing’s critical thinking and quick choices helped him fully utilize Echo’s explosive move set. With DDing leading the way, expect the Dragons to remain a strong Overwatch bet for quite some time.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, expect to see even more Echo play as teams seek to fully integrate her into their compositions. In terms of matches, the Shanghai Dynasty have a chance to continue their win streak while the Excelsior look for redemption. In addition, the Vancouver Titans have the opportunity to make a statement after their weak initial showing. There will also be appearances from the London Spitfire, Florida Mayhem, and Dallas Fuel among others. As always, check back with us next week for our pick for Overwatch League Player of the Week!