OWL Player of the Week: Week 2 - Carpe

OWL Player of the Week: Week 2 – Carpe


In Week 2 of the OWL 2020 season, teams travelled to Philadelphia for a showdown in the city of brotherly love. The Philadelphia Fusion, Houston Outlaws, and Washington Justice competed head-to-head during this week’s action. Last week, we named an upstart DPS player on the Dallas Fuel the first Overwatch Player of the Week. This week, we pass the torch to a veteran DPS player who dominated in both his team’s matches in Week 2.

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Carpe – Player of the Week

Carpe has been a mainstay of the Overwatch League since its inaugural season. Since his first matches, his reputation as an electric Widowmaker player has continued to grow, and for good reason. Alternating between McCree and Widowmaker, Carpe proved he is still a sharpshooter extraordinaire. He posted an impressive stat line, with 163 eliminations, 93 final blows, and roughly 81k hero damage across his two matches. Aside from his individual skill, the playstyle of the Philadelphia Fusion helped enable Carpe to pick apart the opposing teams.

In teamfights, Carpe chose to hang back and pick off enemies from afar. He was rarely present at the start of teamfights, instead of letting the Fusion tank unit start engagements. In the Fusion, this job falls to tank mains Poko and SADO to initiate battles and create opportunities for the Fusion damage to flourish. Thanks to their excellent D.Va and Reinhardt play respectively, Carpe had plenty of opportunities to shine.

In both of this week’s matches, Carpe’s widowmaker struck fear into the hearts of his opponents. By picking off enemy players and dodging repeated attempts by the enemy team to dive him, Carpe played the role of long-range sniper to perfection. When he wasn’t sniping his opponents from a distance, he opted instead to launch into the air with his grappling hook and rain down deadly shots from above. Over and over again, Carpe decimated his opponent’s backline with methodical precision.

The Big Picture Behind Carpe

Philadelphia Fusion Logo

Carpe’s outstanding play this weekend is proof of the strength of the Fusion’s team composition. Their strategy reflects a deep understanding of the strength of their players. By knowing the strengths and capabilities of their DPS players, the Fusion successfully created a strategy to maximize their impact. Without such a competent tank duo designed to create space, Carpe would have had a tougher time playing his role. If the Fusion can continue their strategic planning and execution, watch for them to be a strong Overwatch bet for upcoming weeks.

Next Week

Next week, the Washington Justice will be hosting the competition during Week 3. In Washington, the Boston Uprising will make their season debut against the Houston Outlaws. In addition to these teams, the Philadelphia Fusion, New York Excelsior, and Paris Eternal will also be facing off. Check back here next week to see who made the biggest impact in Week 3!

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