OWL Player of the Week - Week 21 - Yaki

OWL Player of the Week – Week 21 – Yaki

Welcome back to the Overwatch League: Player of the Week Series for Week 21! This week featured a packed schedule, with several matches between teams throughout the League divisions. The Guangzhou Charge achieved 2 wins this weekend, while the Washington Justice had more mixed results. Additionally, the San Francisco Shock surprisingly swept the Philadelphia Fusion with apparent ease. Last week, the Player of the Week went to a veteran DPS player from the Houston Outlaws. This week, the award goes to a player who was instrumental in helping the Florida Mayhem defeat the Outlaws, Yaki.

Yaki MVP OWL 2020 Week 21 Stats

Player of the Week – Yaki

The Overwatch League Player of Week for Week 21 is Jun-Ki “Yaki” Kim. Acquired by the Mayhem in 2019, he proved why the Mayhem value him so highly as a dive DPS player. Playing Genji and Tracer, Yaki racked up 117 eliminations, 52 final blows, and 57k hero damage dealt in their set against the Outlaws. With many teams opting to run dive compositions over the weekend, Yaki showed he was a perfect fit for the task.

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Genji’s Meta

In what seemed to be reminiscent of one of Overwatch’s earlier metas, many teams over the weekend ran teams with very dive-heavy heroes, such as Genji and Tracer. These heroes specialize in targeting enemy support and DPS heroes and eliminating them with high mobility and burst damage. To compensate for this, many teams opt to stack positive buffs on Genji, who then proceeds to use his ultimate ability, Dragonblade.

For the Genji player, this interaction is nothing short of critical. Investing multiple ultimate abilities into a single hero is both a powerful and risky tactic. If the Genji fails to get a significant number of eliminations, the team receives a heavy setback. Luckily for the Florida Mayhem, Yaki did not fold under these expectations. Over the 5 match series, Yaki sliced through the Outlaws again and again with his Dragonblade.

For Florida Mayhem fans, Yaki’s performance is a continuation of a strong run of success following the May Melee tournament. The OWL themselves noted this trend, calling it A Florida Mayhem Success Story, Two Years in the Making. Yaki features prominently in the article, and his performance on Echo is highlighted as well. His teammates are quick to praise him for his ability to master new heroes with intense dedication. If the Mayhem continues to have these standout performances, expect them to remain a strong Overwatch bet for the remainder of the season.

Looking Ahead

Next week, the Overwatch League will host another multi-round tournament. Named the OWL 2020 Summer Showdown, the tournament will take place from July 3rd-5th. Similar to the May Melee tournament, teams in both regions will compete in a series of matches to advance in bracket. Expect to see top NA teams like the Philadelphia Fusion, San Francisco Shock, and Florida Mayhem duel it out for the top spot. And as always, make sure to check back here next week for our choice for OWL Player of the Week!