OWL Player of the Week: Week 3 - Jecse

OWL Player of the Week: Week 3 – Jecse

In Week 3 at the OWL, 8 teams squared off in Washington DC in the Anthem Arena. The Philadelphia Fusion continued to show their dominance, and the Washington Justice tasted bitter defeat in an intense match with London Spitfire. Last week, a veteran DPS player captivated the audience and became our Player of the Week. This week, the honour goes to a support main who went above and beyond his role to carry his team – Jecse.

Seungsoo Jecse Lee – Player of the Week

Thanks to his stellar Lucio play, Seung-soo “Jecse” Lee is this week’s OWL Player of the Week. The Houston Outlaws struggled heavily this week. They had a competitive match versus the Boston Uprising, but were blown out by the New York Excelsior. Without Jesce on Lucio, the Houston Outlaws would have likely fared much worse.

When he wasn’t providing healing and speed to his teammates, Jecse often chased down opposing players and picked up crucial eliminations in 1v1 scenarios. He even picked up an insane 4-player melee killstreak, proving he could fill the role of both support and DPS when needed.

Houston Outlaws Jecse takes our Player of the Week in Week 3

Jecse’s Fleta Deadlift

As a result of his antics on Lucio, Jecse boasted an impressive stat line. He racked up 126 eliminations and 44 final blows while also supporting his teammates with 67.5k healing done. But even more impressive is his achievement of the “fleta deadlift”. Named after fellow OWL player Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim, the Overwatch League came up with this statistic last season. In short, this statistic tracks how much a player participates in the overall amount of team kills in a match. If a player completed a 100% deadlift, that player would have participated in every kill that his team got during a match.

In their match against the Boston Uprising, Jecse pulled off a 75% deadlift on the map Oasis, the second-highest percentage for the Outlaws this season. While deadlifts aren’t terribly uncommon among DPS players, it is much less common among support players, especially with such a high percentage. When the Outlaw DPS failed to step up, Jecse filled the role for them. For his outsized participation and highlight-reel plays on Lucio, we feel Jecse has more than earned his Player of the Week status.

rOar’s Incredible Play

It would be criminal to write this article without mentioning a certain play that took place this weekend. In game 5 between the London Spitfire and Washington Justice, the Justice team had one chance left to recapture the control point. In spectacular fashion, Chang-hoon “rOar” Gye landed an impossible 5-man Earthshatter with Reinhardt. This allowed the Justice to retake the point and potentially the entire set with only a few seconds left on the clock.

However, the Spitfire returned with a vengeance and retook the point, completing the reverse sweep. Although they couldn’t close out the game, the Justice forced the Spitfire to fight until the very last moment. Even if it ultimately came up short, rOar’s play was nothing short of miraculous.

OWL 2020 Week 4

Next week, the Overwatch League travels to Houston for more action-packed matches. The Philadelphia Fusion look to continue their win streak against the Boston Uprising, and the Atlanta Reign will play their first match of the season. With a 4-0 match record, the Fusion have already emerged as a convincing Overwatch bet for the coming weeks. As always, be sure to check here next week for a recap and crowning of the next OWL Player of the Week!

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